This is very first sad and scary fic ever, contains gay content you have been warned...DON'T LIKE DON'T READ

Pairings: Doc/Sheriff, Fillmore/Sarge, Flo/Ramone and Jeff/Lewis

Rated: K+

Date: June 20

I thought of this idea yesterday when I listened to the song"My Dream is Gone by Mikaila and that's what gave my the idea

I Hope you enjoy this, also I would like to thank my friend on UTube"LisetteizAwesome" I asked him if I could use his storyline and he said yes...thanks LisetteizAwesome

The cars gathered around Flo's oil shop because Fillmore had some great news about his long time relationship with Sarge
"Sarge is pregnant and I'm going to be a father" Fillmore said nudging his boyfriend's tire and everyone's eyes went wide because males can't make babies with other males but Flo and Sally supported them fully then the1950's show car went up to Sarge and asked
"Is it true Sarge?

Sarge could only nod because he wasn't as much of a hippy like his lover was

Lizzy and Sally giggled in excitement

"Oh my gosh!" Sally said, confusing Fillmore and making him stare at her

"What Sally meant is that we're happy for you guys" Flo explained smiling

"Thanks." Sarge replied with a smile

"We're all very happy for you two." Jeff said

"Yeah, man." Lewis said beside his boyfriend

"Thank you all for the support and since I've known you all for a very long time, I would like you all to come to my hut, where Sarge is having the baby" the bus said, happily inviting them all

"Wow... Thanks Fillmore" Sally said surprised adding to give more emotion to the reaction

"Fillmore smiled at them before driving off with Sarge while the others went back to their previous actions before the announcement

"Flo continued giving her husband a paint job as well as Jeff and Lewis went back to making out but Sheriff sighed and drove around the road before decided to go to the Hudson Hornet Racing Museum which used to be Doc's office before his death

He drove up to the door, opened it, went inside and looked around

While looking around, he bypassed the photo of Doc so he backed up and looked at the photo, at the bottom it read:

"Friend + Former Racer
January 26, 1925 – September 26, 2008
Floating like a Cadillac, Sting like a beaver"

then 10 seconds passed and a tear began to form in his right eye

"I miss you..." He said before the tear was rolling down to his cheek

In heaven, Doc was racing with Rod "Torque" Redline but the1951 car didn't know him but Rod knew who he was and became fast friend with him

They continued to race and as the corner was comeing up, Rod knew what to do (turn right to go left)

When both Doc and Rod were finished, they decided to drive on the road of heaven and soon they started to discover mirrors of the ones they cared about

For Rod it was Finn and Holly then for Doc it was Fillmore, Red, Flo, Lizzy, Lightning, Sally, Sarge, Ramone and Mater.

He looked at every one of them as he slowly drove by but what caught his eye was the portal that showed Sheriff and stopped right there, staring with a frown

Doc saw the pain in his eyes, remembering how much he loved Sheriff and felt guilty for leaving him without a goodbye and decided to go talk to the lord of the gods, Zeus

"Rod became worried about Doc and told him to talk with him about it, started telling him about his relationship with Sheriff.

He described how much he loved him and the guilt he feels from leaving him while their future still lingers

Rod advised Doc to go see the leader of the gods but before leaving, Doc thanked him

Despite being good friends with Zeus, Doc was nervous about talking with him cause he was very powerful

Zeus greeted Doc when he approched him, but noticed something bothering him until Doc asked him if he could go down to Earth to see someone

"Taking it as a joke Zeus, started laughing at his request thinking that he was crazy but Doc was sadden and angered at Zeus

He yelled at him, explaining that he wasn't joking, shocking Zeus to see the car's reaction as the he pleaded to go down to earth

After thinking it over, Zeus finally agreed and launched one of his lightning bolts at Doc, but not just any bolt, the bolt of forever life

"I'm coming...Sheriff." Doc thought closing his eyes before he turned into a ball of light and began making his way down to Earth

Meanwhile, after staring at the photo for 25 minutes, Sheriff decided to look around once more before leaving but as he got to the door, he heard something rumbling and turned around to see the photo of his boyfriend shaking so he drove up to the photo and stared at a light foming from the center of it until soon, the light became a lightning bolt that shot out towards a pile of Doc's old stuff.

The bolt made a crashing sound that frightened Sheriff into hiding behind a old tire

Suddenly the light became blinding, making Sheriff shut his eyes. He heard the sound of an engine running and tried to the best of his ability to see though the blinding light

From the lightning bolt came a blue car with silver on the sides and the name"The Fabulous Hudson Hornet"

"Doc?" Sheriff asked, still blinded by the light

What did I tell ya..huh...well...hope you enjoyed this

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Is Doc really alive or is it all in Sheriff's imagination, find out in the next chapter