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Chapter 1


* RING * The final bell rang for the day as the students of Domino High began to pack and leave their classrooms. A girl with brown hair and blue eyes slowly packed away her things and left the classroom along with the others. She walked down the hall while gazing out the windows.

'It sure is nice weather today. Too bad I'm stuck doing homework.' She let out a sigh and lowered her head. Just then, she bumped into something, or rather someone near the front entrance of the school.

"Watch where you're going Téa," a deep voice said.

"Sorry, I wasn't looking. Are you ok?" She looked up and saw her classmate standing right in front of her. It was Seto Kaiba. He was dressed in his navy blue trench coat, with his briefcase in his left hand.

"Yea I'm fine, just watch where you're going next time." With those words, he left Téa standing alone and disappeared down the hallway.

"Why does he always do that?" Téa said confusedly.

"Who always does what?" A tall blonde boy suddenly screamed in Téa's ear. Téa's heart skipped a beat as her feet caused her to leap into the air. She turned her head to see who it was, but having a feeling it was Joey already.

"Joey Wheeler! Never ever scream in my ear again!" Téa shouted as fire blazed in her eyes.

"Man, that face is scary!" Joey quickly hid behind a short boy with marooned colored hair and blonde bangs.

The boy turned to Joey and said, "You'll get used to it Joey. Besides, if you never got her mad in the first place, you wouldn't have to see that weird looking..."

"WEIRD LOOKING?! Yugi! How could you say that?!" Téa exclaimed, feeling a bit hurt knowing that Yugi thinks she's weird looking. 'Weird looking my foot! How could Yugi say such a thing? He's supposed to be my best friend!'

"Téa, I meant you look different when you're mad. Honest. Anyways, you wanna come hang with us at Grandpa's shop today? He just got a new shipment of duel monsters cards and I thought we might all go over there and check them out!" Yugi suggested.

"No, sorry. I can't. I've got a ton of homework from my teacher today. She's got us doing some new fractions or something..." She said with a frown. "I'll try to catch up to you guys if I finish early. First I gotta get to the library to do some research."

"All right, then we'll probably see you later. Joey and I better go get Tristan, or else he might've gone looking for us again." Yugi said eagerly. As he and Joey made their way down to the other end of the hall, Téa exited the school and made her way to the public library.


The streets were near empty, so it didn't take Téa long before she reached the library. She enjoyed the walk and even picked up a very pretty pink blossom from a fallen tree to keep for herself!

When she got to the library, out of all the people she would've met, there stood Seto Kaiba with his brother Mokuba. Mokuba spotted Téa and started running towards her. "TÉA!" Mokuba shouted.

The librarian looked in their direction and whispered, "Shhhhh."

"Ooops," Mokuba blushed. "So what are you doing here Téa? Wouldn't you usually be with Yugi and the others?"

"Pft, Yugi Motou. How I despise him." Came a voice from behind Mokuba.

"Huh?" Téa looked behind Mokuba and saw Seto coming closer as well. "Well Kaiba, not ALL people hate Yugi. Some of us might actually like him." Téa said as she tried to defend Yugi's honor. She turned back to Mokuba and explained. "Well, like your brother, I also have advance math and English, so I have to come here to get some research done for my project."

"Oh," Mokuba said. "Sounds hard."

"It wouldn't be if they were as intelligent as I," Kaiba said in a snobby voice.

"Seto Kaiba, I..." She stopped and calmed herself down. "I'd rather not argue now, I have better things to do. I'll talk to you later Mokuba." With that, she left the Kaiba brothers and searched for notes on her project.

Seto watched as she left and turned back to Mokuba, "C'mon Mokuba. Unlike some people, I've finished my project already. Let's just get your book and leave."

"Ok big brother." Mokuba said. He quickly grabbed a book and left with Seto to get home.


A few hours went by and soon, it was 7pm. Téa looked at her watch. "Whoa! I've gotta get going or else it'll be really dark out soon." She raced to the checkout counter when something shiny caught her eye. She picked up the piece of plastic. 'Property of Seto Kaiba' it read. It was the Kaiba Corp. card key! 'Hmmm' she thought to herself. 'Maybe I could hold this for ransom from Kaiba.' Téa grinned evilly and pocketed the card. (Of course we all know Téa isn't really going to do that ^.^ She's too nice. Heh!) She quickly snapped out of her thinking and bolted out the library door.

She hurried down the streets. The lights were dim and not many cars drove by. She had an uneasy feeling that something was about to go wrong. She turned the corner and suddenly bumped into someone at top speed. "OUCH!" She ricocheted off the other person and landed on the ground.

"Lil' ladies shouldn't go runnin' around an' bumpin' into otha' people. Especially people like me an' I'll show ya why." Said an angered voice. "What'cha gonna do with'er boss?" Said another voice. "What we always do..." The man said with a smirk. Téa's eyes widened as the man came closer.


Back at the Kaiba brother's home, Seto busily searched for his card key to the entrance of the Kaiba Corporation. "Where could it be?!" He demanded. "It must be here somewhere! I didn't open my wallet the whole day today except for wh.... Oh crap! I must've dropped it at the library when I was taking out my library card!" He smacked himself on the head as he raced out the door. "I'll be back later Mokuba!" He yelled back as he left his mansion.

Unknown to Seto, Mokuba was fast asleep from a hard day's work. "Chocolate...potato chips..." He muttered in his sleep as drool slowly dripped onto his pillow.


Seto raced down the streets heading to the direction of the library when a scream echoed from ahead. Seto stalled for a while thinking if he should help or not. 'It's none of my business. They can probably take care of it on their own.' He continued to run again just as the scream was heard again.

"HELP!" cried the voice.

'Wasn't that.... could it be? Was that Téa?' Seto thought to himself. The cry for help echoed again.


The voice suddenly stopped.

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