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Hushpuppy24: Well, I've decided to write a sequel for this story~! ^^ Thanks to all the reviewers that have been there from the very beginning and those who caught on at the end~! You were all great~! ^^ The sequel is going to be called 'Jealousy and Turmoil.' I guess the title kind of gives out what's in the content...but here's a little sneak peak of the sequel.

** This is not the beginning of chapter one. Its just bits of the story from chapters one and two. **

Jealousy and Turmoil


After three long years, Téa was finally going home. 'I'm so excited!' Téa yelled in her mind. 'I'm finally going to see Seto and my friends again!' She looked at her hand where her ring and bracelet were and a small smile appeared on her face. 'I'll be back soon...' She thought.


Téa was now standing in the streets of Domino. She walked around the small neighborhood near her house, dragging her suitcase with wheels behind her. The place hasn't changed much, except the park now was a bigger jungle gym for little kids to play in, and a few more houses have been built. Téa soon found herself right across the street from the library. She was about to cross when she spotted a familiar figure standing outside the library. Short brown hair and what seems to be blue eyes. Tall yet muscular, wearing a blue trench coat and tear colored shirt.


Téa couldn't believe her eyes at what she saw next. Tears welled up in her eyes and slowly began to make their way down her cheeks. She started to run, dragging her stuff behind her. She didn't care where she ran to, she just wanted to get away from it. She didn't know why, but every time she was upset, she'd find herself in front of the Turtle Game Shop...and that was exactly where she was at the moment!

She ran through the glass doors and let go of her suitcase, as a mini chime rang by the door, notifying that the door had opened. Téa continued to run...up the stairs and into Yugi's room, slamming the door shut behind her and collapsing on the bed.


Downstairs, Yugi and his grandfather looked in amazement and shock. Yugi went up the stairs and towards his room, slowly opening the door to witness a brown haired girl crying.

Hushpuppy24: Well that was a little bit of the story... Hope you people will still read it... ^^ *Laughs nervously...* Sequel should be up soon...just got to type it~! ^^ The first chapter at least...but I got school in the morning of the 27th...-_-|| So please wait...Oh! And I was in a rhyming mood a while ago so I wrote this poem about Kaiba's feelings for Téa after she left. It's called 'From the Heart.' Until later then~! ^^