Without You

The sense of dread is felt in the Morgan residence. Ethan is on the sofa with his head in his hands. Benny is trying to comfort him as Jane brings in a few drinks from the kitchen.

"Well, good thing mom and dad went out of town earlier tonight." Jane says as she walks out of the room.

"I'm sure Sarah is fine, Ethan." Benny tells Ethan in a reassuring tone.

"I mean we headed out together, at then the explosion, then." Ethan says as he is panicking.

"Well look at it this way, Grandma is fine now, and she can help us out." Benny says with a smile.

"Yeah, destroying that letter from Stern seemed to do that trick." Ethan said.

Benny's grandma Evelyn heads into the room. Seeing a distraught Ethan, she is trying to figure out the best way to say what she is about to say.

"Sarah is very strong," Evelyn tells Ethan as she sits down between him and Benny. She then adds with a smile "Of course you know this, that's one of the many reasons you fell for her so easily."

"I don't think you're helping, Grandma." Benny says.

"Oh, now, shush Benny." Evelyn says then turns to Ethan and states "When I was Ethan's age, I met Benny's grandfather. It was not all roses with us at the start. We came from different worlds, not unlike Sarah and yourself." Evelyn then adds "You just have to believe, Ethan. Lead Sarah home."

Benny then interrupts "What if Jesse kidnapped her." Ethan get's a concerned look on his face as he looks at Evelyn.

Evelyn says "Now Benny, let's not go jumping to conclusion." Evelyn then adds "Now, Ethan. Do you have anything of Sarah's that you could use to see if you can get in touch with her? Your gift has grown recently and we should use that to your advantage"

Benny chimes in "Of course he does, Grandma; he has carried her school picture around with him for over a year."

Ethan smacks Benny on the shoulder, not very hard, and Benny says "Ouch, what was that for."

Evelyn then says "That may just work, see what happens when you put your mind to something, Benny?"

Benny adds "I know right."

Ethan just shakes his head and responds "We can give it a shot, but I don't know. I love Sarah so much. With all this pressure, I don't know if I can do it."

Evelyn simply says "Just believe, Ethan."

Ethan opens his wallet and takes out Sarah's sophomore picture. The last school photo she had took before she was turned into a vampire back over a year ago. That was taken before he had met her. The smile on Sarah's face, always gave him a feeling of yearning, that his life wasn't complete without her in it. He was a happy teen of course with a lifelong best friend in Benny, loving parents, and an annoying but loyal little sister in Jane. But, Sarah just gives him a feeling he has never experienced and an experience he never wants to live without. The void he feels right now in his chest without Sarah by his side is killing him. He feels a charge in his body; Ethan appears in a dark space, a bunch of Vampires in what seems to be a Vampire type limbo, a place of forgetfulness, where the condemned go, a purgatory of sorts. Ethan start's calling out for Sarah, no sign of her. Then suddenly, he finds Sarah, looking frightened. Sarah see's him and goes to hug him but she goes through him.

"Sarah, I'm here." Ethan blurts out.

"Then why can't I touch you." Sarah says with a sigh.

Ethan explains "I'm connected with you in a vision. Trying to find where you were."

"How are you doing this, Ethan" Sarah says.

"Well, ah, I sort have been carrying around the school picture you gave me last year after we became friends." Ethan says with a shy smile.

"Oh, Really?" Sarah says with a little smile.

"Yeah, but we have more serious stuff to talk about now, like how to get you home with me." Ethan says.

"What is this place" Sarah asks Ethan.

Ethan adds "It seems like some kind of vampire purgatory. Seems that maybe the Lucifractor sends Vampire's here."

"Woah." Sarah says with a worried look then adds "It feels like this is the end."

Ethan then says "No, no. I can't. I won't let it be. I can't live without you. Sarah. What Benny's grandma said? How I care about you? I not only care about you, I love you. I have since I first saw you; I knew we had a connection. And since we met over a year ago, it has only become greater. I don't care if you are a vampire. I don't care that we may be from two different worlds. I don't care that the odds may be stacked against us. As long as we are side by side, no one can keep us down"

Ethan can't believe it, he had finally told Sarah how he felt about her. What she means to him. He was afraid to look at Sarah now, what comes next. He felt waiting on her answer when asking her on a date was hard; this wait was torture in comparison.

Sarah says quietly "You do? Everything you just said? It's true?"

Ethan responded "Yeah, I only said what I did about our date in the hallway at school because I was nervous and thought that's what you wanted to hear. I didn't think it was that bad. It was well a first date. I hoped would be the first of a lifetime filled with them."

Sarah then said "I was half kidding, and when you said what you did, it killed me. I mean I felt a hurt I had never felt before and strangely while I may have been falling for you prior, that cemented it for me."

Ethan got a little smile and said "Really?"

Sarah responded "I mean, you know, yeah. And seeing the fear in your eyes when you thought I was going to die, and me finding out how I was the most important person for you to keep safe." And with a chuckle and a smile Sarah added "Even over Benny."

Ethan then answered playfully with a smile "Yeah, he isn't as pretty as you."

Sarah responds "But in seriousness, all that played a role. As Evelyn said, I care about you. I have always considered you one of my best friends even if sometimes I didn't show it like I should have. And when she said that, I knew it was more than just a best friendship I felt for you. Our first date set it all in motion. So while it may not have went smoothly, the way I felt when you asked me out, the way it made me feel, then everything sense that moment, I want to be with you, Ethan."

Ethan responds excitedly "I want to be your boyfriend, Sarah. I want you to be my girlfriend. I want us to be a couple."

Sarah then says with a smile "Were we not already a couple when you asked me out?" and then she chuckles and adds "But, it's cute how you want to be so formal asking me and all, yes, I will be your girlfriend."

Ethan is ecstatic and yells "YES!" and gives a fist pump.

Sarah says "I love you, Ethan."

And with that the darkness starts to brighten, both Ethan and Sarah are looking at each other wondering what's going on then suddenly they appear in the living room. Ethan and Sarah get up and they hug each other, then Ethan and Sarah do what Ethan has been waiting what seems like a lifetime for, a kiss. Their lips meet and the velocity of which Ethan and Sarah slam there tongues into each other's mouth let loose a feverish and impassioned feeling neither had ever experienced in there life. It was lustful, fierce, fiery, and sizzling. It was all of the above. Sarah and Ethan then parted their lips and the looks on there face desired more but that would have to be experienced later.

Benny then asks "Ok, now what just happened? How are you here? Wow, I'm confused"

Sarah says "It's a long story. I'm still not sure how I'm here." And then she adds with a Smile afterwards to Ethan "But I'm glad."

"Grandma, go get some milk and cookies. Why Ethan explains it to us." Benny says.

Evelyn heads to the kitchen and looks back at the three teens. Sarah, Ethan, and Benny. How much all three have grown in the last year. What a great team they are. She can't help but smile at the fact that Ethan and Sarah are a couple. She looks at Benny and wonders how he will handle that. She smiles and exits into the kitchen.