She Is The Sunlight

Ethan arrives at Sarah's and she opens the door. Sarah lived only a few blocks down the street from Ethan. It's a very cozy home, very modern looking.

"Hey," Sarah says to Ethan as she opens here door with a smile. "Come in," Sarah adds.

Ethan walks in the door and gives Sarah a kiss and says "I missed you," then adds an "I love you," Sarah smiles and says "I love you,"

Ethan looks around "So, where are you're parents and aunt?" he asks.

"Well, they went out a few hours ago." Sarah says then adds with a chuckle "They know you are over here if that's what your wondering." Ethan proceeds to blush.

Sarah says with another chuckle "Relax babe," as Sarah sits Ethan down and starts kissing his neck "You are so tense," Sarah says as she continues to kiss Ethan's neck "Is that better," Sarah asks Ethan.

"Yeah, that was very nice." Ethan says.

"You know, Ethan." Sarah says. Then she adds "I don't know if I made it clear to you over the phone but I do want you so bad," Sarah then adds with a smile "I just want it to be perfect."

Ethan smiles and says "It will be," then Ethan adds "We will be together," and Ethan continues "Trust me,"

"Ethan, you have my trust and love for eternity." Sarah says to Ethan as they share a passionate kiss.

Sarah takes Ethan by the hand and leads him to her bedroom as they continue to kiss passionately while savoring each second. Sarah then turns on some soft music, Sarah and Ethan then get comfortable on Sarah's bed and they undress each other while continuing to kiss sensually….while this is going on…

Back at Benny's grandmas house the three teens Benny, Rory, and Erica are all still sitting down. Benny decides he has had enough and get's up. Rory and Erica are all ears.

"Look, we need to go find Ethan," Benny said then added "We have to warn him about Grandma's feeling,"

"Seriously," Erica said then added "Just for a feeling?" while giving Benny a crazy look.

Benny responds and tells Erica "Last time she had a feeling the outcome wasn't very pretty," then Benny says "Erica, forget about the argument you had with Sarah," and then he adds "This takes precedence,"

Erica responds "You are right," then ads "Get a hold of Ethan, Benny." Then continues "I'll get a hold of Sarah,"

Meanwhile back at Sarah's, Ethan and Sarah's phones start ringing. Sarah and Ethan are so entrenched with what they are doing and in the moment they are oblivious to the phones.

Now back the Grandma Weir estate.

"Sarah wouldn't pick up," Erica yells to Benny and Rory. Benny then responds with "I had the same issue," Rory then chimes in "Well, I just called Ethan's home number and Ross said he was at Sarah's"

"They probably just have the phones off," Erica says then adds "Let's head over."

Erica grabs Benny and fly's off out the door to Sarah's. Rory is not far behind and very quickly they are outside Sarah's place and it's very dark inside. Erica wastes no time knocking and just opens the door. Erica, Benny, and Rory take turns yelling "Sarah," "Ethan," over and over and received no answer. The three teens then hear something fall over down the hall in what sounded like Sarah's room, and Benny, Erica, and Rory are fearing the worst, that something happened to one or both Ethan and Sarah, and that Grandma Weirs bad feeling was happening. They rush into Sarah's room to discover…