So here's my deal:

I came up with a story where BLU fires its current team and hires an all-female team. Why? Well, it's mostly an experiment to see if changing their tactics and fighters will provide them with more victories. Now, I had a whole story planned out, but I'm not too good at big stories, so I decided to turn it into a series of drabbles. Hopefully, this will be easier for me. Also, for now there will be no Demo because I can't write him worth anything. Sorry, Demo fans. I will put him in later when I understand him better. Enjoy!

Names of BLU team:

Medic: Elsa

Scout: Amy

Spy: Avril

Pyro: Sarah

Sniper: Sue

Soldier: Diana

Engineer: Rose

Heavy: Anya

Elsa was reading at the table as an Edith Piaf sang from an old record player in the corner. Amy was staring at it almost intently and Elsa glanced up to see her tongue moving along her teeth. Elsa set her book down and leaned in close to hear Amy make odd 'pluh' sounds.

"Amy, vhat are you doing?" Elsa asked. Amy looked over at her and frowned.

"I can't roll my tongue," she said. She went back to making the weird noises as Elsa'a brows furrowed in confusion.

"You cannot vhat?" She asked. Amy rolled her eyes and gestured at the record player.

"I can't roll my tongue like she can," she said. Elsa suddenly understood.

"Oh," she said. "You mean zat you cannot trill your r's." She pursed her lips and made a purring sound with her tongue. Amy nodded.

"Yeah, that. I can't do that," she tried again, but could only make the 'pluh' sound.

Sue walked in to hear Elsa purring at the table.

"Swallow a cat, Elsa?" She asked. Elsa rolled her eyes.

"Amy is trying to trill her r's," she explained. "I am demonstrating."

"Like this?" Sue made the same noise as Elsa. Amy groaned.

"Ya can do it too? How can ya do it, but not me?" She pouted like a child denied a toy.

"I learned it back when I used to sing," Sue explained. She repeated the sound and smiled smugly when Amy's pout grew. "What brought this on, anyway?"

"That lady on the record," Amy said. "What's her name?"

"Zat would be ze great Edith Piaf," Avril said as she walked in. "I 'eard 'er singing and 'ad to come listen. I do enjoy zis song."

"I hate it," Sue said. Avril looked at Sue as if she had just said that she hated the Pope.


"I had to sing it so many bloody times back in my day that I got sick of it. I liked all my opera songs better."

"It still amazes me that a woman like you was once an opera singer," Avril shook her head. Sue shrugged.

"Shouldn't be judging people like that, Avril," she said. Avril opened her mouth to say something, but Amy was trying again and caught Avril's attention.

"What are you trying to do, Amy?"

"I'm tryin' to roll my tongue, but I can't." Elsa and Sue purred with their tongues, and Avril joined in. Amy looked at Avril in envy and stood up.

"That's it!" She said. "Yous guys can just have a tongue rolling party or somethin'. I'm goin' joggin'."

"Amy, come back," Elsa said as she got up to follow the Scout. Avril closed her eyes and silently sang along with the record…until Sue snatched it up and ran off, an angry Frenchwoman behind her.