"Hey Avril, why did ya join BLU?"

Avril looked up from her copy of Le Petit Prince and removed her cigarette from her mouth.

"I'm a Spy," she said. "What else would I be doing?" She stuck her cigarette onto a groove in her ashtray and went back to her book. Amy blinked in confusion.

"That's it?" She asked.

"Oui, zat's it."

"But everyone else gave me a real reason," Amy almost whined.

"Well, I am not 'everyone else.'" Avril said with a chuckle. She turned a page in her book, and Amy tilted her head to look at the cover.

"Le Petit Prince?" She said slowly, mispronouncing every word. Avril cringed at hearing her native tongue butchered, and glared up at Amy.

"It's Le Petit Prince," she said, carefully saying each word as if it were a prayer. "It means 'Ze Little Prince.'"

"Oh! I have that book. Guy out in the desert meets a little kid and draws him a sheep, right?" Amy said.

Avril looked up in surprise.

"Oui," she said. "I didn't know you 'ad zis book."

"Mama got it for me when I was little. I left it at home cuz I didn't wanna risk messing it up." Amy's eyes held a soft sadness at the memory of her mother. "She would read it ta me until I could read it for myself." Amy heaved a sigh. "I miss her."

Avril looked up as Amy slid onto the couch next to her. They hadn't really been fighting that long, a month if she was right, but obviously Amy and her mother were very close. Amy leaned on Avril and gave a pitiful sigh.

"Save me from the gloomies, Avril," she said. Avril set her book down and looked at Amy with a bemused expression. After a minute or so, Amy peeked up at Avril. Avril grinned and chuckled to herself. Amy was such a child sometimes.

"And what can save you from ze gloomies?" She asked.

"You telling me why you joined," Amy said simply. "Come on, I bet you'll feel better if you talk about it. If ya don't I'm just gonna hound ya til ya go crazy."

Avril took a moment to think on it. True, no one on the team knew why she was here, and even her own family didn't know. It had been burning at her ever since she joined, and perhaps, perhaps Amy was right in that talking would help her feel better. She heaved another sigh.

"I am here because of the RED Spy," she said. Amy perked up in interest.

"Why? He your brother? Husband? Lover?"

"Rival," Avril bit out. She picked her cigarette back up and took a puff. "Did you know zat zere is a school of sorts for spies?"

"Nah, I didn't."

"In France before ze war zere was an organization of spies zat took in recruits, taught zem ze art of espionage, and zen eizer employed zem or sent zem to affiliates. Ze RED Spy and I were taught by zem. He and I were ze top two, competing for first. For our final mission, well, I can't give you details, but needless to say he accomplished more zan me. Do you know why, Amy?" Avril looked over at Amy who shrugged.

"BECAUSE ZAT FILS DE PUTE SABOTAGED MY CLOAKING DEVICE!" Amy scrambled back as the coffee table suddenly went flying. Avril angrily began to pace. "I was ready for the top position! I 'ad it in ze palm of my hand! But zen 'e sabotaged me. 'E made me look like an idiot. 'E didn't deserve zat position.

Wiz 'is mansion and wealthy family. What about ze poor little girl who 'ad to scrub floors in a tattered dress until 'er knuckles split and bled?" She continued her tirade in French and Amy slowly snuck away.


"Hey Sarah, why did ya join BLU?"

Sarah looked up from her gardening and smiled at Amy. Her smile faltered when she saw that Amy looked a little tense.

"You alright?" She asked. Amy gave a nervous chuckle.

"I kinda made Avril mad," she said. Sarah nodded slowly and went back to spreading fertilizer.

"You want to know why I joined BLU?" she said. Amy nodded.

"I joined because it was the perfect job for me," Sarah said dreamily. "The job of spreading warmth and light unto my fellow man."

"I thought ya job was ta set people on fire," Amy said in confusion.

"Exactly," said Sarah. "Warmth and light. They are the two most important things in life."

"I thought that was friends and family."

"Friends and family are important, but warmth and light are more important. Warmth protects you and light illuminates your path in life."

"And that's what happens when ya burn people?" Amy was getting more and more confused. Talking to Sarah didn't make a lick of sense, and only served to make Amy's head hurt.

"Wait, so ya burn people, and then that protects them and illuminates their path?"

"Fire cleanses them of their wrong doings and then lights the way to their new life," Sarah said simply. Amy slowly nodded. She wasn't going to get anything coherent out of Sarah on this subject.

"Yeah," she said, "um…I'm gonna go now. Nice talking to you." Sarah waved as Amy left the garden.


"Hey Anya, why did ya join BLU?"

Anya looked up from stirring a pot of stew and then looked down at Amy.

"Why does leetle scout want to know?" She asked, adding in spices.

"I'm askin' everyone. You were the next one for me ta bump inta," explained Amy, sniffing the stew. It smelled really good.

"I go where doktor goes," said Anya with a shurg. "Is that simple."

"So if Elsa went to Russia you would with her?"


"What if she went to Antarctica?"


"The top of an active volcano?"


"The bottom of the sea?"


"But why? Is she your freakin' handler or something?" Amy asked. Anya laughed at that and began adding some onions to the stew.

"We are good team," she said. "makes sense for me to follow Doktor. Besides, me and Doktor are good friends. Have known each other for long time."

Amy pulled up a stool and sat down, watching Anya gather up the pieces of meat on the counter.

"Where did you guys meet, anyway?" She asked. "I mean, ya two don't seem like ya would just bump inta each other on the street or in a shop."

"We met during war," said Anya. "Was fighting leetle men when I met her."

"Wait, Elsa was a Nazi?" Amy said in surprise. Anya glared down at her, and Amy felt as if she had been hit with a ton of snow. Anya snorted and went back to her stew.

"Do not ever call Doktor Nazi," she said. "Doktor was not Nazi."

"Then why was she in the war?" Amy asked.

"Is for Doktor to tell you. I saved Doktor from death and helped her get better. Doktor help me in return. She teach me things and heal me when hurt. She become good friend of mine. When she left for America, I went with her. Then BLU came for her and offer job. Doktor say that she only accept if I come with her. So they offer me job too."

A silence came after that. The only sound was the bubbling of the stew as Amy thought over what Anya had said.

"Do you ever wonder where you would be if you weren't with Elsa?" Amy asked. Anya chuckled.

"Would be dead without Doktor, and Doktor would be dead without me," she said. "Do not regret going with her." Amy sat for a while longer before she waved a goodbye and left.


"Hey Shannon, why did ya join BLU?"

Shannon looked up from her chemicals and set a test tube on a rack.

"So ya finally made your way here. Avril told me what ya were up to when I found her stomping around the rec room like a header. So, ya wanna know why I'm here," she said. Amy nodded.

"I'm here because me eejit of a brother made me. See, me brother's in the business of makin' car bombs for the ones who need 'em. There had once been a war goin' on in the great fields of Ireland, and even though it had already been fought, there was still some unrest goin' on so me brother started up his secret business, and he wanted me ta have no part in it. Of course, that wasn't gonna stop me. I read all of his notes on making bombs and started sellin' me own off to the side. BLU got wind of me, and when they came lookin' for me, me whole business was outed and me brother ate me head off. So as punishment, he sent me here ta fight those RED gobdaws. So now I'm stuck in this horse shite of a country and fighting a war wear me skills are wasted and all me customers are out there buying from someone else. Ya know how hard I'm gonna hafta work ta get me reputation back when I go home?"

"Really hard?" Amy asked. Shannon nodded.

"I may not ever get it back," she said. "All cuz me brother sent me here."

"Why did you come here, though?" Amy asked. "How did your brother make you?"

"He threatened to rat me out ta the coppers. I told him I would rat him out too, but then he moved his shop, and I didn't know where. So I had no choice but ta come." Shannon sighed. "I guess he just wanted me ta be safe, but I'm not a baby anymore."

"Geez, that sucks," said Amy. Shannon nodded and picked her test tube back up.

"Aye, now hump off, I need ta get this done."

Amy left and walked down the hall to the showers. She grinned and pulled a tape recorder out of her pocket, making sure to hit the stop button. She looked at herself in the mirror and watched as she vanished in a puff of red smoke and reappeared wearing a red mask.

Marcel, the RED Spy, chuckled to himself in a satisfied manner as he once again pocketed the recorder. All the hard work had paid off. He hadn't learned anything that could really be of use, but his employer had demanded that he go find out how Blutarch had gotten these women on his team. Marcel reached down and peeled the tight blue nightgown off of his figure and smoothed out his white shirt and pinstriped pants. He had remembered that Klaus could identify him by smell, and had stolen Amy's nightgown from the dirty clothes pile to hide his scent. He made his way to the corner where a pile of towels lay. He dropped the gown and moved the top towel to reveal the still unconscious Amy.

Oh, he had done quite a good job in infiltrating the base, having taken all the necessary precautions. He had made sure to shower thoroughly before hand, stolen Amy's gown, left his cigarettes back at the base, and acted the part perfectly. He cloaked and walked out of the showers. No doubt there would be a reward for accomplishing this mission.

He hadn't expected it to be so easy.

He also hadn't expected Klaus to be watering a tree outside when he exited the base.