Hello guys! Long time, no see! I'm sorry I've been AWOL. School started in August and it has mot of my attention. Plus, the Teen Wolf fandom has pulled me into their grip and I refuse it let me go! So without further delay, here's my new series!

"So, you're telling me, there is another one of you?" Harvey said, surprisingly calm even though he sat up in their bed in supernatural speed. Mike would have chuckled if he didn't take offense to the statement. Mike raised his eyebrow, which then turned into a face of mocked offense.

"Why, Harvey, how dare you say it like that?" he screeched. Harvey scowled and Mike laughed as best he could at eight in the morning. It would seem like a reasonable time to get up to Harvey, but to Mike, it was like the ass o' clock of appropriate waking hours. "Look the only things we really have in common is that we have eidetic memory, the same blood type, and amazing boyfriends." Mike tried to soften the blow by kissing Harvey's chest, not willing to lift up just to peck him on the lips or even the cheek.

"And why do you need to go to Santa Barbara? What is the reason that they can't come to New York? "Harvey asked, dragging Mike into his lap. He kissed his neck and looked at the blonde. He never liked traveling and damned sure hate vacations. Airplanes and airports weren't worth the trouble that they caused.

"I haven't seen them in 17 years and Shawn, Gus, and I have been tight since we were kids. Shawn cannot stay still on a plane for his own life. We think he has ADHD or something. Plus, Jessica is forcing us to go on vacation and I think the warm, sunny, and calm Santa Barbara is much better compared to the crowded, fog filled, and gloomy New York." Mike added, kissing Harvey. He did not want another snarky comment come out of that mouth. He was going to Santa Barbara, even if he had to board the plane alone.

"Who the hell is Gus?" Harvey said, reluctantly pulling away from Mike.

"He's a childhood friend. The friend that was in that picture I have in my office." Mike responded. Harvey nodded in understanding. He had seen that infamous picture in Mike's office when he would try and pull the young man out of there when he'd go on those late night work binges. That was the last happy moment Mike had before his parents were killed and he was sent to Grammy's in New York.

"So, can we go?" Mike asked, putting on his best puppy eyes. The ones he knew Harvey couldn't resist. Harvey jus sighed.

"Fine, just let me call Donna so we can get tickets."

"Oh, I already took the liberty of doing that and calling my uncle." Mike informed Harvey, smiling and hooking his arms around Harvey's neck. Said man raised his eyebrow and looked at his boyfriend in disbelief.

"Oh, so you knew that I was going to say yes?"

"Oh, Harvey, there is one thing that I can promise you for sure. And that is that I know how to get what I want." Mike whispered, seductively as he brought his lips to Harvey's. In a matter of second's Harvey was happily rewarded control over the kiss and he flipped Mike over onto his back. Mike let out a little laugh before gasping.

"There is another one of you?" Lassiter uttered, shock washing over him. They were having breakfast with Gus and Juliet, talking about a relative coming by.

"I take offense in that, Lassipoo. And to answer your question, yes there is a younger, more controlled version of me." Shawn deadpanned, eating a piece of pineapple. Gus perked up when he knew who Shawn was referring to.

"Mike's coming back to Santa Barbara?! I haven't seen that kid in 17 years! When is he supposed to get here?" Gus babbled. Juliet looked confused and Lassiter was virtually relieved that this Mike guy was calmer than his husband.

"Yeah, he's coming to visit and he's bringing his boyfriend. They are staying at a vacation house that their firm owns near the beach." The brunette informed. This made Juliet's confusion skyrocket and Lassiter nearly sigh way too loud. He was not good with meeting people or sharing his home with guests. Especially if said guest are any family and their associates of Shawn Spencer Lassiter.

"Wait, who is Mike?" Juliet finally spoke up around a bite of bacon.

"He's Shawn's younger cousin. He lives in New York and is a lawyer. We were inseparable as children. Well, until Mike's parents were killed in a car accident. He was sent to his grandmother's at the request of his parents when he turned 9." Gus informed Juliet who nodded and finished her waffles. Gus then reached and stole some of Shawn's butter. That earned him a glare from this best friend. He just shrugged and put it on his pancakes.

"He's psychic like me." Shawn added, playing footsies with a non-consenting Carlton.

"Shawn, we all know you aren't psychic, so why keep up the act?" Carlton asked, sipping his coffee. The man just shrugged and called for the check and a to-go plate.

"Detective Carlton Lassiter." A rough voice said through the phone.

"Hi, can I speak to Shawn Spencer?" another voice asked. Lassiter passed the phone to the man that was watching Hawaii 5-0 and went back to filling police reports.

"Shawn Spencer, what tickles your pickle?" Shawn answered, shoveling up some Fritos and shoving another handful into his mouth, to the disgust of his working husband.

"That's gross, Shawn, but it's good to see that you haven't really changed that much since I last saw you." The very familiar voice responded. Shawn shot up and bit his tongue from howling.

"Well, isn't it little ol' Mikey. I've missed you man, when are you getting here?" Shawn asked, smiling and looking at Lassiter. To see Shawn smile was one of the best things in the world to him. He couldn't help by returning his own. He stood up, closed the file, and waked to stand behind his husband and kiss the nape of his neck.

"We're in the car right now. I can't wait to see you again." Mike smiled, grabbing onto Harvey's free hand. Harvey smiled back and kissed his knuckle. Mike smiled brighter and kissed his boyfriend's hand.

"Yeah, well don't get too comfortable because come tomorrow, Harvey is no longer safe from me. I will grill him!" Shawn said, trying to sound serious, despite the fact that Carlton was peppering kisses on his neck.

"Shawn, no. Okay, you promised not to do that and I don't want you to scare him off."

"Michael Ross, it hurts me that you think that I am so scary that it will frighten your lawyer boyfriend and he'll hop the next plan back to the Big Apple."

"Well, it shouldn't hurt because that's exactly what I see happening if you don't back off of him." Mike responded, laughing at the look on Harvey's face. He look disgruntled and like he was regretting giving into this after Mike pulled the "sex card." Mike just winked and that made Harvey whimper in frustration, which lead to Mike nearly laughing in Shawn's ear.

"Well, we are at the beach house and I'm beat. I will call you tomorrow and we could all meet for lunch if you'd like."

"Sure, give us time to catch up."

"Okay, I gotta go. Tell Lassiter goodnight for me and I can't wait to meet him."

"Okay. Likewise for Harvey."