Grace: Needs to move on.

(Goes along with; Adrian: What to do?)

Chapter 1

Grace is in the Guest house at her mom's house where she moved after leaving Adrian's. She is trying to decide what she should do since her and Jack is no longer together and he is with Adrian.

Grace is plotting a scam to try and get even with Adrian, but she can't hurt her since she has announced she is pregnant. Grace is steaming and can't let anything go. Tom and Jacob come in.

"Grace just get over it. You did not want to give Jack sex, so he found it elsewhere." Tom states in his matter of fact tone.

"Grace there are a lot of other guys in the world, it doesn't revolve around Jack." Jacob is trying to convince Grace to go out with someone else. "You know Jesse is set in his religion and is a good guy why not except his date."

"I DON"T NEED YOU TWO IN MY LIFE!" Grace sits in the chair with her arms and legs crossed. "Did you forget that Jesse slept with Madison, she's such a slut."

"But that was only one time cause they were drinking. God forgives and you are supposed to be a Christian." Tom shrugs and looks at Jacob for help.

"You wanted to concentrate on your studies and get back on track for a career in Medicine. Maybe you should go out with Grant again or finally give Jason a try, he really likes you." He sits on the table in front of Grace. "We just care about you Grace and don't like to see you hurting."

"Well I wouldn't be hurting if Jack could….Aaaagrrrr, I just can't think about it anymore." Standing up Grace grabs her purse and keys. "I need to get out of here and clear my head."

She slams the door behind her and she runs off.

"Well we got the place to our selves, you want to watch T.V.?" Tom gets the remote and turns on the TV.

"Tom don't you think we should go back to the house?" Jacob tries to reason.

"No." Tom continues sitting there watching the TV. Jacob sits on the chair Grace left and waits for Tom.