Chapter 5

Grace and Grant just left after Jack, Adrian and Ben left, with Adrian in labor. Boy did she ever need to get drunk.

Leaning over towards Grant as he drives towards the party, she reaches over and rubs his leg. "Thank you Grant, for being here for me."

"You know that I have always loved you Grace, and I hope you can see that I am the one here for you know." He smiles over at her as he drives towards the party.

Grace turns the station on the radio and starts moving in her seat. "You are going to dance with me tonight?"

"You know I'm not a dancer and I only do it for you." Grant gives a deep throat laugh.

"Well I think we should celebrate. There are two new babies in the world." She strokes his arm,

"So we should celebrate every time there is a baby born, boy we are going to be busy." He laughs

They pull up in front of a huge house, the party has already started. There are people all over the place. They park and grace leans over and kisses Grant a deep hungry kiss, then pushes him back and says "Let's go and get this party started." Grant just shacks his head and gets out and wraps an arm around Graces waist and head into the party.

"Hey Grant its great you could make it. Everything is in the kitchen whatever you want." Smiling over at Grace, "And now the party can start our dancing queen is here." He pats Grace on the ass as he goes by.

Grace lets out a yelp and a laughs. Grabbing Grants hand they head towards the kitchen, Grace eyes all the alcohol. "Can you make me something sexy?"

"I thought you were already sexy, but I can probably make you drunk." Eyeing her with shaded eyes, he begins to mix the drinks.

"That's fine with me," she tastes a little of this and that as she waits for him to mix a drink.

He hands her a tall glass no ice and watches her as she downs it in a few quick swigs and he reaches over for the pitcher he just made and fills her glass again. Grace has been drinking heavy and fast for the last couple of months, Grant was concerned for her, but he tried keeping a close eye on her so what happened before wouldn't happen again. He loves Grace with all his heart and hopes when she finally realizes it he will be the one she chooses forever.

She puts her drink down on the counter and wraps her arms around Grants neck and rubs her whole body against his. He can feel her hard nipples through her thin shirt. Bending his head down and takes her mouth hard and urgent. Grabbing the pitcher and a glass they head towards the stairs. Grant rushes her into the Master Bedroom putting the stuff down on the dresser he locks the door. Grace has laid down on the bed after kicking her shoes off. Grant takes his shoes off and removes his shirt as he keeps his eyes focused on her. Unfastening his pants he tugs them off. Glancing down for moment thinking he should get the condoms out of his pants, but maybe he could keep her if she was to get pregnant. He pushes the pants back away from the bed with his foot and joins Grace on the bed.

After a while Grant and Grace go back down stairs, Graces hair is messed from the sex they just had. Grant takes her by the waist and starts dancing with her. Hoping he has done the right thing.