My first attempt at the Tamers Verse! Or more specifically, rewriting it! Please tell me what you think, and enjoy~! ^-^


"Digimon - Tamers Rewritten! Shiarumon's Tale!"

A Pointless Dream

"Renamon, it's time to go."

"Hey, wait a minute. Can't we just talk?"

"Sure, I've got something to say. Don't ever try that again, little boys. Renamon and I work alone."

"Does that qualify as a conversation?"

"Rose! Are you working on homework?"


Frowning, I sighed, swiftly pulling out my textbook. "Yes mom."

A pause, "Alright…"

I waited a moment, then quickly opened my door and looked down the hallway. Nothing. She had gone back into her room. A small smirk graced my features. Immediately, I closed the door and sat back down. "I'll do my homework in a minute," I convinced myself. With a single tap, YouTube started up the video again. I rewound slightly so I could hear what I had been looking for.

"-Can't we just talk?"

"Sure, I've got something to say. Don't ever try that again, little boys. Renamon and I work alone."

"Does that qualify as a conversation?"

"…Gee, I guess it does."

A cute little tune sounded. I grinned.

"Humph! What a pathetic little gathering of fools."

I giggled childishly. 'Here we go!' I thought to myself.

"No self-respecting digimon would be a slave to a human. If they don't change, they're gonna pay, 'cause Impmon's plan is underway."

With another click, the video paused. I was squealing, much to my own embarrassment. Blushing, I quickly covered my mouth. A slight giggle escaped my lips.

What I was watching was an episode from a show I used to view regularly called 'Digimon Tamers'. The reason I was watching that episode at all was because of the character just shown—Impmon. The scene I had just played was of his first appearance in the anime. That's got to be at least the dozenth time I've seen it, today alone! As you've probably guessed, he's my favorite character. I've basically been fawning over the little guy… not that I'm in love him or anything! My face always constricts at the mere thought! No, I'm just a fan. I guess I just really like his character… Maybe it's because of his background story. Or the fact he's an anti-hero and an awesome Virus digimon at that. And yah, it's probably also because someone re-introduced me to Digimon. I've just passed my Wizzie (Wizardmon) faze.

I quietly shut my laptop and opened a drawer, taking out a neatly folded piece of paper. Unfolding it, a hand drawn picture of a cartoon character was revealed. It looked a lot like Impmon, though with obvious differences. First, the coloring's off. It's a light, purplish-pink in this drawing. You can guess its gender from that. Her eye color is the same as Impmon's, though, along with her body shape. Her tail is also similar, only slimmer and elongated with no spade tip. I should probably mention she's a few inches shorter than Impmon. She's wearing her signature bandanna, much like Impmon; except this one is colored royal blue, outlined in silver and gold. She; however, doesn't have gloves or the demonic smiley face like he does. She's in Impmon's classic position—turned to the side with a fist on her hip, a smirk alight on her face, one tooth poking out from behind her lip. You can imagine the rest on your own, but yes, she is supposed to look like a female version of Impmon.

Originally, while watching the first season, I had a design in mind for her comparable to Mew from Pokémon. You'll see why later.

What I was now looking at, is a picture of my OC digimon—Shiarumon. I decided to name its actual species Metaphmon, after Metamorphic, but I think Shiarumon sounds cooler, don't you? She's my OC for this series. Yes, I create a creature/human for most series I like. Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Generator Rex, Secret Saturdays, Star Wars, you name it! I mean, don't we all? Okay… maybe not, but still.

I took out my sketch book, filled with story ideas and crude sketches alike. First, a folded the paper and gently placed it on top. Following that, I flipped past my Impmon, Tamers, random junk, and even Pikachu and Mew drawings, then turned the page and removed one of the rough drafts I had been working on. This one was of a Digignome. I sighed again, grabbed a pencil, and began doodling on it, leaning back in the chair, my tongue sticking out. After about a half an hour, I had finished. Satisfied, I sat up. The Digignome I had just finished sketching was caught in midflight. 'I'll add in colors and fix the light effects later, but that's good enough for now.' I thought to myself. I've wanted to finish this one for a while now.

Staring at it in awe, I dreamed of what it would be like if Digimon were real. Holding the notebook close, I sighed for perhaps the thousandth time. 'I wish I could go to the Tamer's 'verse… before the D-Reaper, before Beelzemon, before even Guilmon. Back to the beginning, where it all began…' What a dream come true that would be if I could participate in it all… just be there, oblivious to what might happen.

"Oh… how I wish…" I shook my head, coming back to reality. I breathed in slowly, gloomily, then exhaled, "Guess it's time for homework…" I muttered disappointedly, setting my sketchbook aside. That's all it was really, a distraction from real life; a dream.

After a moment of debate, I grudgingly took out my folder, not exactly excited. With well-practiced speed, I swiftly went onto school loop to check my assignments. I didn't notice that, in the corner of my screen, a small box had appeared and was downloading something. Even if I had noticed it at the time, I probably would have thought it trivial and dismissed it.

Finally getting on, (dang parental controls) I scanned my homework, inwardly groaning at the writing project I rediscovered. Grateful for the lack of work aside from that, I opened Word and prepared for the worst type of English homework ever—essays.

A pause that lasted for minutes where I sat there, motionless, staring at the screen as though willing words to appear. I was so focused that I didn't even blink. Of course, it didn't work, and I moaned as though in pain, leaning back in defeat. "…Why me?" I whimpered.

So what if I'm being dramatic? Don't tell me you like essays!

Having closed my eyes, I slowly opened them, preparing to stare some more with an ever blank mind, when I noticed the loading bar. Bored as I was I examined it. By now, it was just under half way—by the looks of it, around 42%. That's when I noticed that it wasn't in English. Weird symbols and characters lined it that seemed oddly familiar.

'Japanese? No, that doesn't seem right…' I sidetracked, contemplating what they could be, frustrated as I wondered why they looked familiar… and why something like this was loading onto my computer. I probably should have closed it when I had the chance, looking back on it now. Then again, what fun would that be?

I hovered my mouse over it curiously, surprisingly getting a message. First, it appeared in those same symbols, then blurred, morphing into English characters. I blinked, and then read it. Two words:


Wish granted



Deciding to look further into this, I highlighted one of the 'letters', and with speed I've never shown before on a test, copied, clicked, and finally pasted on Bing translator under 'Japanese to English', awaiting a response. I got zilch.

Prepared to try again, I moved my mouse to select another language, when it froze. Startled, I swept the mouse back and forth with no response. Then, my screen blurred, and turned black, then a light blue, complete with binary code scrawled across it.

'THE BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH! NOOOO!' I automatically—being the fan girl I am—screeched inside my mind despite the situation. I think I may have kicked the wall for added affect without realizing, because my mom knocked on the door, asking if I was okay.

After reassuring her I was fine, I inspected my computer, realizing it had not, in fact, turned into the dreaded blue screen 'of death', despite my assumption. It actually didn't cover the whole screen, leaving that usual bar on the bottom untouched. Even my mouse was present, now copying my swerving motions as it darted across the screen like a caged animal, trying to escape. All my icons had disappeared and obviously the background had changed, not to mention the mouse was blurry (I that noticed as soon as it had stopped moving) and the monitor had a major case of static. I wasn't sure whether to be worried, exasperated, or just plain pissed. Further examination came up with that the start button didn't work along with practically every other button there. The only working buttons were the minimized explorer windows, only two still open.

The first one was of the YouTube video. I couldn't start the video, though why I bothered, we may never know. Confused, I opened the second to find a Digimon site that I didn't recognize. Heck, I don't remember even opening it! Even weirder, was that the whole site was typed in the same set of markings as the loading bar and seemed to give off an ominous feeling. Almost… sinister…. But what am I talking about?

Speaking of the bar, said thing was at 54% now and climbing. How the heck did I miss that? 55, 56, 57… Damn it's fast!

Nervous now, I scrolled through the site, desperate for something to work on, hopefully explaining my computer's abnormal activity. As an experiment, I tried to open a tab when the site proved useless. Finally a stroke of GOOD luck! It worked!

Overjoyed, I attempted to type in 'Bing'. The luck was apparently short lived, as the screen came up as an error. I backed up and tried 'Google'. Same result. My eyes zipped to the loading bar after pressing the back button. '66%. I still have time.'

With a stroke of absolute, random genius, I thought back to the fact that the only screens opened where Digimon based and typed in 'Digimon Wiki'. To my surprise, the familiar site popped open, completely bypassing the usual Bing route.

I'm not entirely sure what possessed me, but I entered the first two letters of my previous fad's name, Wi, into the search box. Maybe I needed some kind of source of hope. Maybe not… All I know is that I typed that in. Glancing at the loading bar, my eyes widened. 85%! Wasn't it just in its 60s?

Something told me I did NOT want that bar to reach 100%.

Typing like the wind, I finished the name …izardmon. My fingers slid across the keyboard, making an odd crackling noise from the keys shifting. They stopped over and rammed the desired command: ENTER

I waited impatiently for the anticipated window while it loaded. Spontaneously, my eyes locked onto the loading bar for the fourth time. It had stopped on 91%. Beyond grateful that it had slowed, though still not sure why, my gaze returned to the site. Realizing it had finished loading, I glimpsed the familiar wizard before passing him and reading the page, hoping there was a method to my madness. Seeing nothing, I scrolled back to the top and looked at the bar. 93%. I wasn't going to make it before it finished.

I stared at the wizard, practically praying for inspiration, when I noticed something. That something happened to be the script on his cloak.


Two and two came together. The answer was supposed to be 4, but who knows what I came up with, because I recognized the code as what was on that site and what dotted the loading bar. 'Digicode, but why?'

Normally, I would be ecstatic; thinking I somehow downloaded an awesome new game. On the contrary, I switched to detective mode, cross-examining, double, and triple checking the facts. I no longer cared about the bar, focusing on my only clue. I typed 'digicode' into the search bar and read my results. I studied the digital alphabet, learning it as best I could in the short time provided. Then I switched to the mysterious site, doing my best to translate. All I got was the same sentence over and over again ' - Error! Virus…' before my monitor made an ominous fizzling noise. My eyes widened and I unconsciously placed my hands on the desk, one landing on my sketchbook, the other moving to the computer.

"No!" I hissed, turning just in time to watch the bar tick from 99 to 100%. I was too late, and I think I just made a crucial mistake. What a way to start the day.

At first, nothing happened and I blinked. Managing a smile, I let out a pent-up sigh of relief I wasn't aware that I had been holding. I relaxed too soon. Nothing ever goes my way, does it?

Next thing I knew, the bar terminated, replaced by a message in the same digiscript. Ensuing that, a multicolored, swirling mass appeared on my monitor. Entranced, I stared at it, not noticing as it came out of the screen and surrounded me and parts of the room. I got a tingling sensation in my hands, but couldn't tear my eyes away from the laptop to check. The sensation traveled up my arms and throughout my body, beginning to sting, and yet, I still ignored it, taking in the sight before me. I got a glimpse of what appeared to be binary code in the cluttering colors, and a bright light at the end.

"…Since when is my computer screen 3D...?" I murmured, not thinking. After about 30 seconds, my eyes widened, "Wait, 3D?" Managing to rip my eyes away from the screen, I gasped, finally noticing what had at first been a subtle hint. Now, a blue-green area surrounded me. Boxes of colors popped out at me while random numbers and letters floated past. A '%' struck my face and I actually felt it! Hm, percent sign. I think this is just mocking me now. I looked down and saw I was sitting on my chair still, but floating in midair! The floor had just disappeared, leaving my feet dangling!

I winced, the sensation stronger than ever, agonizing now. I turned to look at my hands which were feeling the worst of it. My eyes widened, seeing pinkish spheres surrounding them. A bright light was traveling from the spheres and being distributed all over my body, seeming to sink into my skin. One thought stuck in my brain throughout the madness, 'OH MY G-D! I'm PINK!'

It's amazing how much you can notice in 30 seconds.

I looked back up at the screen, the rest of my body frozen, and not just out of fear. It was actually paralyzed due to the pain. I was in so much agony that I was screaming silently in my mind, but couldn't move my mouth to copy the action.

The light seemed to be getting closer and I felt like I was being lifted out of the chair. A split second later, I hit the monitor and passed out.

Later that day, my mom came to check on me. All she found were two words flashing across the computer screen.


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Takato's life has taken a turn for the better, or so he thinks. How will he manage this one? And who is this mysterious new digimon Impmon keeps talking about? Yes, I said Impmon.

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