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Terriermon, Henry, Rika, and Renamon! Shiaru: "Why me?"

Last Time, on Digimon Tamers!

Takato, a schoolboy who loves Digimon encountered a strange occurrence, and happened to bring the Digimon he imagined, Guilmon, into the real world.


"I am the one who created you."

Chapter 2!

"You're my Friend! Introducing Terriermon" -

Oi vey, Shiaru, what now?

Red sparks of electricity flickered in the dark ditch, ominous shadows surrounding the duo, further enhancing the mood. The poor boy—Takato—whimpered in fright, trying to back away from the creature he had been ecstatic to see merely minutes ago.

Guilmon stepped forward, razor-sharp, metal claws clanking against the iron ground of the apparent construction site. Takato, in response, raised his arms to weakly shield himself, fear evident in both his voice and actions. Teeth clenched, he gasped out, "H-hey, I-I'm not a Digimon!"

"Errm…" The creature, Guilmon, made a noise that sounded like a stomach growling, but to contradict this, he was blinking curiously. Almost as though how a child might. He took a congested sniff, eyes closed so he could better smell the strange creature before him. Takato trembled, fully expecting to be attacked. …What the boy didn't expect was what happened next.

"Uh?" The Digimon's mouth parted in a jovial smile, eyes twinkling with playful intent as he leaned closer, rubbing his snout against the shivering boy's cheek.

Takato slowly removed his hands, revealing Guilmon's face nearly pressed up against him; large, yellow eyes, black patterns, rough red skin, and all. The boy hesitated, not sure what to make of this.

"Uh?" The digimon repeated, smiling. Takato gaped, staring at the young raptor some more as he, little by little, relaxed. "Hehm."

Slowly, Takato's lips curved into a smile, soon brightening to that of a wide grin, eyes reflecting his joy as he practically squeaked in delight, "You know who I am, right? You have to! Since I'm the one who created you…" He reached his hand out, "Right, Guilmon?" The Mon leaned forward, meeting him halfway in the hug as Takato wrapped his arms around him, delighted.

"Gueleh!" The two broke out laughing, Takato's eyes still shining, partly in disbelief, partly in pure, undisturbed joy.

A dog barked somewhere, accompanied by a car horn honking in the mostly quiet neighborhood.

Getting, no response, I frowned, muttering, "Must not be home… weird 'cause it shouldn't be closing time yet…" I hesitated, than sighed, turning to go.

With an annoyed humph, I jumped down the steps to the bakery, looking around. '…Where am I? I still don't recognize the place…'


I looked up to see nightfall was coming, the sun tinting the sky bright pink on the horizon, and decided to go find somewhere to spend the night. I stopped in my tracks, hearing a familiar voice.

"Guilmon, shh!"

With a gasp, I swung my head to the side, seeing a young boy around my age. He had ruffled, light brown hair with matching, shining eyes, and tanned skin with a kind smile. Well, normally kind. Right now he was frowning, exasperated, but still obviously overjoyed. I should probably mention he wore a blue sweatshirt with two black strings forming 'X's along with a white undershirt, yellow sweatbands, greyish-brown shorts that go to just past his knees, long socks, and bright green, goofy shoes that looked to be made for a cartoon character, laces just barely tied. He was missing the ever-present goggles all true leaders were known to wear, but I'd know that look anywhere.

"T-Takato!" I gasped, doing a double take and nearly tripping over the step behind me. I quickly righted myself, shocked. Thankfully, he didn't seem to hear or notice me, and nor did the box next to him. Wait, box? No, I'm not going crazy, a box really was following him—clumsily, I might add, tripping every few feet. A long tail constantly tapping the ground behind it to an imaginary beat, giving away what—or should I say who—was under it; not that I needed the hint.

This little discovery didn't calm me in anyway, 'But how? He's a TV show character!'

Without thinking, I scrambled away, hiding in an alley as he produced a key, walking inside; his 'box' giggling as it followed. The door closed, but I didn't move, staring at the closed door for a few minutes.

After a little while, realization seemed to strike me and my eyes widened, in shock. Then...

"YAH! AW, HECK YA, THA TAMERS! WOOT, I'M WITH THE TAMERS! I JUST SAW A FREAGIN' DIGIMON! A-AND TAKATO! WOOOOOO! I wonder if Impmon's here? EEEEE! I can't believe it, I honestly can't believe it! I'M IN THE TAMER WORLD!"

Needless to say, I immediately went into fan mode. I was lucky no one was around… eheheh… that'd be embarrassing.

I was laughing hysterically, eyes wide to the max and mouth curled into a beaming smile. That's probably the best way to describe me as of now, still jumping up and down and continuing with my outburst, though it's not even close to describing how happy I was and am.

About 5 minutes later, I realized how big of a fool I had to be making of myself and stopped, shaking, filled to the brim with excitement. I couldn't believe it… I just met Takato! But how is that possible? Digimon is a TV show!

"Grrr…. RAF!"

I flinched, turning before I could get my answer. 'O-ooh…Ho crap! That's one big dog!' And indeed it was; it was nearly twice my size! It was some kind of Saint Bernard, but how?

I gulped, backing up, "N-nice Doggy… g-good doggy… want a bone?" This was definitely no Charlie.

The dog eyed me as though I were a piece of meat. With that thought in mind, I turned tail and ran; probably not my smartest move. When I turned to see if it was following me, I jumped because it was so close I could see the whites of its eyes.

"Sh-!" I stopped myself, gulping as I turned to see a wall in front of me… dead end! I shut my eyes tightly, and almost as though on instinct, I felt some strange appendix on my back stretch. Suddenly, I couldn't feel the ground below me anymore. Hesitantly opening an eye, I gasped, seeing the dog bellow me, jumping up and down with slavering jaws, trying to close them around my feet. I raised them as the insane dog came a little too close for comfort.

Pale I tried to back away, the appendix from before beating as I went higher somehow, now easily out of reach of the Saint Bernard. I relaxed slightly, for some reason not fazed by how high up I was.

Nervous and confused, I turned slightly to see over my shoulder to find out what the heck was keeping me aloft. I gaped, nearly falling out of the sky then and there as a wave of nausea flew over me. I had wings! Bright pink wings! 'B-but how?!'

I paled drastically, determined to find a mirror as I sloppily changed my course, beating as hard as I could to flap my new wings, but it didn't seem to be working this time. I hovered in midair like one of those Loony Tune characters before suddenly dropping, wings disappearing behind me. I blacked out.

"…Cululu? Are you a Digimon?"

"W…wha?" I groaned, opening my eyes with a wince. I felt like I just fell out of the sky! Oh, right…

As my vision began to clear, a blurry, white blob formed in front of me. After a few seconds, it shifted into a recognizable form. "Culu?"

"Gah!" I scrambled backwards, "What the hell?! Calumon!"

"Oh!" The named creature jumped backwards, wings expanding, "How do you know Culumon's name, culu?" It innocently tilted its head, curious.

I gaped. Right in front of me was the little creampuff from the anime himself—Culumon! Wait, no… it was Calumon, right? For some reason I had a hard time remembering. Something told me his name was Culumon but I could swear it was Calu. And since when does he say 'Culu'?

"Ugh…!" I groaned as I got a piercing headache, vision blurring again.

"Oh! Are you okay, culu? Ooo, ooo, what do I do, culu?!"

I blacked out again.

After a few more minutes, I opened my eyes, taking a moment to focus once again on Calumon…Culumon… gah!

Both of him looked confused and worried, tilting their heads, sorry, his ears more, once again retracted, "Are you okay, cululu? You fell asleep…"

Guess it wasn't a dream.

I swallowed, "C-Culumon?"

He brightened, "Yay! You can talk, culu!"

I frowned, "O-of course… what… what's going on? Where am I?"

Culumon tilted his head, "Culumon thinks it's in the digital world, but Culumon not sure. Culumon thought you might know, culu?"

I stared. 'Digital World?' Either I was still asleep, strapped into a straightjacket in some white room, or this was real. I'm hoping for either choice one or three.

"Cululu? Oh, don't fall asleep again!" He panicked, ears springing out again.

I quickly shook my head, "I-I'm okay… I think. Um, Culumon-"


"-are you real?"

"Huh?" He blinked his large, green eyes. "What do you mean, culu?"

"U-um, never mind…" I blushed lightly at my stupid question. If this was a dream he wouldn't tell me he was a fake, "So… since you don't know where we are," I struggled to rise and he hopped back a step. Funny thing was, he seemed to be about my height, but unless he just got a major growth spurt, that was impossible. "Do you know how we got here?"

He looked up as though in thought, "Well, Culumon came through a big hole with a lot of foggy stuff and it was really bright out and loud. Culumon felt funny. Then a giant, metal digimon flew past," He pouted cutely, "What a meanie, culu!"

I sweatdropped, "Before that?"

"Um…" He looked at me with those adorable eyes, bringing his snowy white hand to his chin, black fingers standing out, purple and white ears folding. He went up on his pale purple tippy toes and pouted more, "A mean digimon chased me here through a funny greeny-bluey area! He wasn't nice at all, and his game wasn't fun either, culu! Then a bigger digimon came along and…" He blinked, "…Culumon forgets."

I nearly anime-fell, "Oi… And me? Where did you find me?"

"Right here!" He chirped, "You were asleep still, but when Culumon hopped over, you woke up! …Then you fell asleep again…" He pouted for the third time, crossing his small arms, "Why do you keep falling asleep, culu?"

"I'm just tired, Culumon," I sighed, leaning back against the wall behind us. We appeared to be on some kind of bridge.

He closed his eyes into upside-down 'U's, beaming at me, "Okay then! What digimon are you, culu? Culumon wants to know!"

I hesitated, "Culumon, I'm not a digimon. I'm a human."

"Human? Huh, you look like a digimon…" He mumbled, confused as he tilted his head, "Culu…"

I frowned instead, "Culumon, how do I look like a digimon?" He beamed, hopping forward and landing on my back, earning a small yelp from me, "C-Culumon!"

"Culu, culu, your tail and wings!"

He giggled, pulling on something behind me and I squeaked, "S-stop that!"

"Why?" He giggled again, rolling off me and landing with a 'plop' in front of me, ever with that adorable smile, "Cululu~!"

I glared at him and he wilted, looking down. I grimaced, feeling bad, "I-I'm sorry Culumon…" My eyes suddenly widened, "Wait, what did you say I had?!"

"A tail and wings, culu…" He murmured, scared.

I winced, than my eyes widened, hopping up on top of the wall and looking down into the water below. A few seconds later, I screamed.




Forgot to mention, I'm going to be using he/she to describe digimon… just seems inappropriate to say 'it'. Whether or not they truly have genders is yet to be seen. ;)

Oh, and sorry if the translation's cruddy, blame Hulu, lol ^-^

Okay, so that's part 1 of this chappie for ya... hope you like! And I'm planning on posting the next part soon. So… Whatcha think? Did I make Calumon to cute? Is Guilmon to idiotic? Am I a huge dork? Feedback guys, R & R! =D