Note: I do not own Supernatural or any of its characters. Takes place during Changing Channels.

To say that Dean Winchester was screwed would be putting it mildly. Dean doubted that there was a word for how well and truly fucked he was right now. It wasn't that the situation actually aroused him, Dean told himself. He definitely wasn't into being the bottom and, even if he had been, he definitely wasn't gay. But… after all that 'research' with the brunette, it was taking a little while for his body to stop thinking of interpreting things. Yeah, that was it. No that being pinned up against the wall by the Trickster and unable to do a damn thing about it was actually turning him on.

But, as the Trickster glanced down at Dean's arousal , Dean knew that the demigod didn't think of things that way. For a moment, Dean was worried that the Trickster was going to say something, but with a quick wink, the glare was back in place and the Trickster turned back to Sam, the conversation resuming.