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Fowl Manor, Ireland

"Arty, come down here, please."

"Yes moth- mum. I'm coming."

Silence. Angeline Fowl waited for her son at the foot of the stairs. One minute. Five minutes. Seven minutes.

"ARTY!" Angeline shouted sternly up the stairs.

"Come out of your study room this instant. Or else I'll get Butler to knock that door down!"

Back in his study, Artemis Fowl the Second was typing on his laptop computer a mile a minute peacefully. That is, until his mother asked (yelled, whatever) him to go down. Nether less, Artemis simply turn on the music (classic, of course) in his head.

"Finished." Artemis leaned back into his chair and examined his work. Two thousand pounds just went to the Charity for the Poor Centre from a greedy and dishonest heart specialist.

Artemis glanced at his watch. And almost jumped out of his chair. His mother had been waiting for him for ten minutes! He quickly rushed downstairs as fast as his limbs could go. When he finally reached his mother, she was furious.

"I'm sorry, mother, I -" he started to invent some acceptable excuse for his mother, but Angeline cut in and yelled at him: "Don't make excuses, Arty. I was planning to tell you something, but I changed my mind. Never mind, you'll learn it soon enough."

"Wait, what -"

"And don't call me mother!"

Just then, Artemis's fairy communicator buzzed.

"Hello, who is it," he asked glumly. This must be what his mother was going to tell him about.

"Hi, Arty!" Holly's cheerful voice made Artemis feel a little better for ignoring his mother.

"Hello, Holly. What favor do you need me to do this time?"

"Artemis, can't I call you just to say hello?" Holly said with a sigh.

"Yes, you could. Why did you call me, then? You couldn't just call to say hello."

"Yes, you're right. But with that big brain of yours, you'll be figuring it out in no time at all. So, see you at school tomorrow! Bye!" Then holly shut off the communicator before Artemis could reply. Artemis didn't care; after all, he had only one thing on his mind now: See you at school.

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