Author: Infinite Fate

Note: Hi there, this actually my first time of writing an English fanfic. It's not my mother tongue. So please bear with me. R&R, I really need your opinions for my improvement in writing.

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Garden of Time

Year 0064, New Calendar.

Fate was bored, really really bored… Her mother was being busy at the moment with all those "researches" with Linith helping her. And Arf….she was just being Arf, sleeping peacefully and ignored the fact that the blonde had nothing to do.

She had done her practices, but Linith wasn't here to teach her the next lesson. So, she was free for the entire day. Sometimes, she wondered, what made her mother, Precia, so focus on her researches that she didn't have time to be with her daughter.

As serious as it sounded, there was only a solution for her. Reading.

So there she was, alone in a library, trying to find a book to spend her day.

Fate scratched her cheek. It seemed like she had read those books already. She sighed. "I cant believe it. Finding a book is this hard!?" She thought while leaning against the shelf.

But then, she saw something. An old book hidden behind a high tower of work paper. Fate carefully picked it up, examining closely. The book was so old that all of its paper had turned yellow, the cover was wrapped in brown leather with a winged symbol. The symbol itself looked familiar, like The magic circle she made when using her power. And there was no title. Only a small sentences written in an ancient language which she couldn't read. Okay, may be she could read a little.

"I-In the lie, lays the truth. With the power within, open the gate of…" She frowned slightly "Of….fate?"

"This sounds interesting indeed." Fate smiled. Finally, she had found something to read.

Fate sat down on the ground, winced slightly when she thought of Linith's reaction of seeing her sitting improperly like this. Shaking her head, Fate put away her worry and started open the book.

In the first page, instead of the winged symbol like the cover, it was a lightning surrounded by a lots of stars and sparkles, looked very beautiful.

"The person who wrote this must be an artist himself."

Fate immediately found herself being taken by the story inside.

Once upon a time, even before the creation of Mid Childa itself, existed a land called Eden. There lived the most beautiful and powerful creatures named Angels. The angels were very kind and generous and their leader was the almighty, King Shin. Well, King Shin were known for his justice and intelligence which made the people of Eden respected him. And his wife, queen Melanie was a gorgeous lady who loved by all. Together, they had three children, Prince Kyn was the oldest, the second was Princess Mia, and the last, Princess Namida.

Why did they name the last princess, Namida? Because when the princess was born, she didn't cry like the other kids, but then she heard the sound of lightnings struck outside the castle, she started to sob, and there was even a story told that her tears looked like crystals.

The Princess grew up, became a fine young lady with pretty smiles and strong-willed character. One day, she met a beautiful person and immediately fell in love with her.

"Wait a minute…That person was a girl!?"

Little did she know, her loved one came from the enemy country. Sheol was a place of darkness and night. The creatures ruled that country were the Devil, a wicked and cruel kind. Their ruler, queen Prelin, was the most cruel, she had tried to take down Eden several times but always failed. So then, she sent her daughter, "Prince" Faye, to the kingdom of Angels to kill the King. Loving her mother too much, Faye agreed. Like destiny, she met Namida and fell in love with her. Faye was torn between the love for her mother and Namida. In the end, she decided to confess the truth, unfortunately, Prelin had sensed her daughter's hesitation. She sent the monsters to put an end to King Shin and take Faye back. The monsters killed The King, and showed the true nature of Faye as the prince of Sheol.

Being blinded by the rage and sorrow of losing her father, Namida accused Faye of using her to take down her father. Faye, who was stunned by the turn of event, trying to clear herself, but the princess was in so much despair, in a moment of anger, she did the most regretful action of her life.

"Why!? Why Faye!? Why did you betray me!?"

"Please. Namida, believe me. I didn't intend to d-.."

"No, you shut up!"

Namida dre-…

"Fate! Where are you!?"

"I'm in the library Linith!"

"Come to the traning field, I'll teach you to control your element."

"Alright, I'm coming.."

Closing the book regretfully, Fate stood up. It seemed like her mother had finished her work and told Linith to go back. She really really wanted to know what happened next in the story. What would Namida do? Listened to Faye's explain or continued her revenge?

"Such a cliffhanger…"

Fate sighed, putting the book back its original place and exited the room. Today, she would try to do her best, mother would be very proud if she knew Fate had mastered her element…At least, that was what she thought..

Non-administrated world number 97, Earth

Year 0064, New Calendar.

At midnight, when everyone were sleeping peacefully in their beds, Takamachi Nanoha woke up. This could be considered as a strange event because she slept very well. There must be some reasons for this.

Nanoha furrowed. She had a math test the next day and here she was, sitting in the kitchen, drinking some water. All because of those weird flashbacks that made her have insomnia.

In those flashbacks, she saw a happy kingdom with kind and friendly people. But then a war started, everything turned into a nightmare. Monsters killed people, the collapses of buildings, pain-filled screams and cries. So real that she thought herself was actually in that kingdom.

The last images were about a white haired girl and a blonde girl, who were smiling at each other, eyes filled with love.

"Strange… What are those flashbacks?"

The clock made a faint sound, signaling the time, 1 AM.

"Great…I will fail tomorrow test for sure…"

Nanoha got up and returned to her room. Lying on her bed, she wished those things wouldn't bother her anymore.

The circle of fate is about to begin…

There is no way for you to escape this despair.

Your sin will remain until you pay your debt.

That is the time, you two will meet again..