"Sweetie, stop it!" River giggled.

"Mmm…make me." Her husband murmured, his voice muffled as his trailed kisses up her neck.

"Hmmm…never." She purred, finally giving into his advances. As the Doctor's lips traced her collarbone, she groaned lightly at his touch. Her back arched and her slim fingers enveloped his hair, egging him on more. From her collar, his lips adventured up her neck, and nipped gently at her right ear. She giggled once more at the sensation, but his tender touch was suddenly cut short. She opened her eyes and found the Doctor leaning over her with an amused expression on his face.

"What?" she said.

"I love it when you do that." He smiled.

"Do what?" She was genuinely confused, but she couldn't help return his smile.

"Laugh like that," he replied. He then lowered his head, touching his lips to hers, and kissed her deeply.

Suddenly, the Doctor parted his lips from hers.

"Did you feel that?" He said, his eyes filled with wonder. River looked puzzled. Her husband turned his attention to her protruding midsection, round with nearly eight months of pregnancy. "I felt her kick."

He shifted down the bed, and spread his hands wide on top of River's belly. He thumbed the thin silk nightgown material covering her skin, and slowly he slid it up, marveling at the curvature of her body. River said nothing; she just smiled, watching her beloved husband's amazement at the life that grew within her.

He placed his cheek against her stomach, and with one hand, stroked her skin tenderly, searching for the touch of his unborn child again.

"Here," River said, guiding his hand to place she knew the baby's feet rested. Almost immediately, they felt the small force of tiny feet pushing against River's abdomen. The Doctor beamed and laughed with glee at the sensation. He kissed the spot where he had felt his daughter move and whispered, "Hello…".

The Doctor looked at River. Her eyes were lit up, bursting with love and happiness; a perfect counterpart to the smile that graced her lips. A single tear of joy glistened down her cheek, and the Doctor wiped it away with the brush of his thumb.

"River Song," he said, his voice filled with emotion, "I love you."

"I love you too, sweetie." She nearly cried.

Once again, his lips claimed hers. They lingered there until sleep overcame them; but his arms never strayed from her stomach, sensing every miraculous movement their little girl made from within her mother.