Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: This is subtle. So subtle, it literally hurts. Of course, most people won't get the joke. Or the reason I made this.

Popo and Nana were playing pong on their small TV inside an igloo as Popo groaned, with Nana winning every match of pong.

"Argh, damn it!" Popo groaned as he glared at Nana. "How come you always beat me?"

"Because... there's a way certain players know how to play." Nana responded as she stretched her arms out, just for you big guy. "Besides, you ever think what the pong paddles feel?"

"Pretty useless, considering there's nothing to base a story on about it." Popo remarked, as he then closed his eyes and imagined what would it be like for the pong paddles to feel...

Cue scene change. It was nothing but darkness. Pure pitch darkness. And in the center was a lone white computer, with the left white paddle typing on it. The right paddle approached the left paddle, curious.

"Left, what are you doing?" The right paddle asked in a feminine tone.

The left paddle continued typing, replying in a masculine tone, "Deleting stories."

The right paddle simply stood there, surprised. "It's four o' clock in the morning. Why on earth are you deleting stories?"

"Because I lost control of my life." The left paddle replied as he sighed.

The right paddle continued standing there, floating a bit up and down. "Oh... well, what kind of stories are you deleting?"

"Well... Non-story." The left paddle remarked.

The right paddle stopped moving as she was confused. "Non... stories?"

The left paddle turned his attention to the right paddle. "Yeah. You know, lists, notes, polls, announcement, and etc..."

The right paddle looked at the computer screen, noticing a particular fanfic just removed. She gasped as she turned back to the left paddle. "But, that story you just deleted was an actual story!"

"It's been removed because it violated the guideline detailed on the upload page." The left paddle remarked in a stoic tone.

The right paddle was angered. "But it was an actual story! You just can't go deleting someone's fanfic they put effort in left and right just because you didn't personally like it!"

"Actually, I can." The left paddle snarkly replied.

The right paddle was disgusted. "Ugh! Just who are you?"

The left paddle chuckled quietly. "I'm... a fanfic Administrator."

And then there was awkward silence. Meanwhile, miles away in the pure pitch black, a single white dot was crying, seeing her story getting deleted on her own white computer.

Watch this get deleted. Just watch.