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It has been months since the pink flower blossomed in the land of the rising sun. The flower that made the country known to tourist clamouring for nice, sweet, and breathtaking scenery, has yet to start another season of its life and people would again wait for another spring just to see its beauty once more. But of course, for the students passing by the same route where the trees blossom might only see this as something normal. The sun was high up in the sky that sunny afternoon in Tokyo. It was this time around when students are dismissed by their teachers. Those who joined a club shall attend their club activities while those who didn't might as well go home or go anywhere they like. Ah! The dramatic journey of youth!

And it was this time around that the school should have minimal noise, since they are not in the same building at the same time and they would not chatter with their classmates loudly, plus the teacher's reprimanding voice. That should be something that everyone should expect but sadly, that will only remain as something ideal.

The tennis courts were crowded with a great number of girls from different year levels and add at least two hundred members of the tennis club of Hyotei Gakuen cheering for their regulars, then that would make it the noisiest part of the school. A snap resounded in the place, silencing everyone, regardless of what their role is in that place or what year level they are in. Their attention was caught by a purple haired teen, with a mole beneath his right eye, having a fair complexion, owning a pair of black velvet orbs, standing in the middle of the court.

"Be awed by my prowess!" His elegant smirk made the girls squeal loudly while the men wearing a jersey of the tennis club cheered loudly. And yet, another round of noise was heard.

"Atobe-sama!" Some of the girls shouted as they compete for the view of the said man.

"Not this again." A long brown haired teen said from the other side of Atobe's court as he put his racket on his shoulder. A sigh escaped his once again. "It's been a year since they kept on crowding just to watch us play." He added with a much more irritated tone.

"We can't help it, since it's Atobe. You should get used to this, Shishido." A tall second year with a kansai accent replied. He has a shoulder length blue hair and wears a pair of round glasses, making him look like a genius, and true enough, he is a genius. "We still have our second year and our third year, so bear with them." He added as he straightened his glasses.

"That's right, Ryou!" A red head said from behind. "It's not like we have a choice."

"But will this be fine, senpai?" A snow blonde haired first year said from behind. He had a very soft voice and a polite demeanour.

"Ahn? What's this? If you are really determined to win, disturbances such as these should not get into you." The purple head, who was the center of attraction moments ago, said. "And it looks like Sakaki-sensei got rid of them." He stated to the group. "Na, Kabaji?"

"Usu!" Responded the first year behind him.


The three demons of Rikkai Dai Fuzoku were idle since they were supervising the training of some regulars and the new members.

"You over there! Your speed is decreasing!" A strict yet gentle feminine-like voice reprimanded a first year doing laps.

"Yukimura-buchou is as strict as ever." A messy black haired first year said as he stopped by the fence, marking the end of his laps.

"But, I think Seiichi should also be strict to you as he is to them." The seaweed head blinked a couple of times and gasped at what he heard. The girl across the fence just called Yukimura by his first name!

"You addressed buchou with his first name!" He exclaimed as he pointed an index finger at the girl who blinked in confusion at him. "Could it be that you're his girlfriend?!" He asked in which the girl chuckled. "That's right, when I challenged them I saw you with buchou, and you two would walk together when you go home, I'm not sure about going to school either, but that's the traditional way of…" He then stared at the girl dumbfounded. It was as if words were deprived from him. How could his buchou choose an ordinarily looking girl?

The girl's black hair freely cascaded. A part of her bangs was being held by a red clip. She possessed a fair complexion, heck she looked like Japanese and someone possessing foreign blood at the same time. She wore the Rikkai Dai uniform neatly. He saw her smile and she may not pass his buchou's standards. Come to think of it, what are his buchou's standards? Oh, maybe it's the eyes… those eyes with the color of blood, passion and determination that made his buchou fell for her.

"Is something wrong?" She has a low pitched voice for a female. Irritation was evident in her features now as she stared at the first year. She raised a brow at the sight of the black haired male examining her.

"No, nothing, it's just that, you are buchou's girlfriend, right?" A laugh erupted from the girl's throat.

Girlfriend, huh? I guess it's not really evident. The girl thought as she stared at the teen amusedly. "If you put it that way, I guess." She answered much to the younger male's astonishment.

"Heh?! Is it true?" He asked. "You did not even deny it? Come to think of it, who would?"

"Oi! Kirihara! Get back here, your training isn't over yet!" A man wearing a blue cap shouted across the court. Just hearing the voice of his vice captain sent chills down his spine.

"This is bad, Sanada fuku-buchou is angry!" Kirihara exclaimed and went towards the capped male. He completely forgot all about the girl for the time being.

What an interesting kid! The girl thought as she watched Kirihara being scolded by Sanada. From behind her, a hand patted her shoulder two times. She shoved the hand away from her shoulder before turning to the person who patted her. "Bunta-kun, would you stop trying to poke me in my face? It's really irritating."

The red head had a rather disappointing look on his face as he formed a balloon with his gum. "Ave-chan is no fun at all."He said as he put his hands behind his head. He popped another balloon made from his gum. "I hope you weren't bullying Kirihara Akaya a while ago."

"Bunta!" The bald dark skinned teen reprimanded the red head. Both of them wore Rikkai Dai tennis jerseys and for the girl, they looked like bees.

"What's with that Jackal? It's true, she is a devil." A shiver ran down his spine as he sensed an intimidating aura.

"I'm still here, you know. I can hear you! And wait, are you sure you are allowed to slack off?" Avery balled her fists but she didn't plan on doing anything the devil comment, since she was used to it.

"We just finished our training." Jackal informed her.

"Ne, Ave, after practice would you like to come with me to the station? I've heard this limited edition cheesecake is out and today's the final day." Bunta said with full of excitement. Avery raised a brow at the boy's enthusiasm. "I'll treat you!" He added and a smile formed upon the red eyed girl's lips.

"I'm fine with it! Tomorrow's a weekend anyway." Avery put her hands behind her back, clasping them together as she watched Bunta jump with excitement.

Club activities ended. Kirihara finished his routines and the members went back to the locker rooms to change to their school uniforms. Then at that instant, when Kirihara was about to go home, he saw his buchou and the girl from a while ago chatting as they stood by the gates waiting for the other regulars.

"It's true then!" Kirihara exclaimed as he pointed at the jet black haired girl who chuckled at the guy's ignorance. The blue haired teen beside Avery blinked as his mouth slightly gaped open. "You are Yukimura buchou's girlfriend!"

A laugh erupted from the girl. Yukimura gave a worried smile at Kirihara who blinked in confusion. "Oi, what's so funny?!"

"Seiichi, I think I'm starting to like this brat." Avery said after she got over her laughter. "He still hasn't figured it out yet. Such an easy prey." She grinned as she looked at Yukimura who gave her a worried smile.

"So you were playing with him a while ago, huh?" Yukimura then turned to Kirihara. "I'm sorry for whatever trouble Ave caused you."

"I didn't do anything to him, Seiichi, how mean!" The girl puffed her cheeks and crossed her arms in front of her chest. "If I were in Italy, I'd be meaner." She mumbled hoping Yukimura didn't hear it.

Oh how the poor first year looked very confused as of the moment. He looked at Yukimura and then to Avery with his mouth gaped open.

"Kirihara-kun," Yukimura decided to put his kohai out of his misery. "This is Asusagawa Avery. She's my cousin."

"It'd be better if he discovered things himself, Seiichi." The girl commented much to Kirihara's anger. "What an idiot!" She added before Yukimura could even say anything in her defence.

"What did you say you sissy little girl?!" Kirihara pointed a finger at Avery as he shouted.

"Don't call me little if you're not taller than me. And besides, I'm not the one who fled away from the tennis courts crying on the first day of classes." Avery stuck her tongue out.

"You little-"

"Ho? Want to start a fight?"

Sanada arrived just in time to stop the starting chaotic argument between senpai and kohai. Considering Kirihara's rash and somewhat impolite attitude and Avery's way of taking back what was done to her, a more devastating effect would occur than that in World War II might take place.


Atobe sat by the window of his black town car. A sigh of relief escaped his lips when he was finally able to finish that omiai (lit. means marriage interview) his parents asked him to go to. Not that he hated the girl, but she just doesn't fit his standards. Ah, the cons of being the heir of the Atobe Plutocracy! He looked at his watch and noted that there was still less than an hour before he could finally go home and relax. Just an hour to go and-

The car stopped in front of the station. "Young master, I'm sorry but there seemed to be a problem."The driver said much to Atobe's frustration. He looked in front and saw fogs, perhaps, clouding the view from outside. "If you please go outside for a while. I'll contact Michael to send car for you." He politely said.

Atobe nodded and kept his calm composure. He went out of the car that had overheated. The driver started fixing the engine while Atobe waited inside the station, sitting on a bench. His attention was caught by the seemingly long line across him. He looked for the reason of that line, knowing too well that it was not for the train, and found out that it was a line for a sweet shop. He shrugged the thought off and stared at a distant space.

From a bench nearby, Atobe saw a jet black haired girl sat, wearing a Rikkai Daigaku Fuzoku uniform. She sighed as she stared at the long line of the sweet shops. She leaned her cheek on the palm of her hand and heaved another sigh. Her bag leaned against her side and she paid no attention to the weight.

Atobe diverted his gaze to another direction. The railings of the stairs might be lucky to be grazed by his attention.

A group of teenage boys, loose shirt, low waist pants and dyed hair passed by the area near the benches. At this time around, Avery stared at the ground as she swayed her feet back and forth. She stopped swaying her feet and leaned forward as a frown adorned her lips. What's taking Bunta-kun? I want to go home!

One of the teenage boys threw a paper wrapper in a random direction, landing in front of Avery who groaned at the sight. Her lips twitched in irritation. Some of the men purposely pushed her bag off the bench much to her annoyance. She picked her bag and stood up, facing the opposite direction only to stop when she noticed that she was surrounded by a those teenage boys who looked older than they should have been. A sigh escaped her lips.

"I'm sorry, I didn't see you there, I thought you were the biodegradable trash can." Atobe's attention was caught by the little commotion a group of thugs were causing. "Rikkai Daigaku Fuzoku, huh?" He continued as he eyed Avery. The girl remained silent as her red orbs pierced through each of them. "What's with that look? We just want to be friends with you, Miss Private School."

"Ne, Private School-san, how about treating us today and we'll let you go." Another sigh escaped Avery. Atobe stood up when one of them grabbed her wrist, not even letting it go. He just doesn't stand those groups of men harassing people.

"Look around you, I suggest that you follow us. Everyone is afraid to help you-" The guy holding Avery's wrist was cut off when his vision swayed and the next thing he knew, he landed on his comrade, both stumbling and landing on the trash can.

"Why you little!" The other threw a punch towards Avery. She knelt down and the man who was supposed to punch her punched his subordinate who was knocked unconscious on the ground.

"Ara? I thought there were two people left." Avery said when she rose up, holding the wrapper that was thrown in front of her. The remaining man hurled himself towards Avery who side stepped. The man stumbled forward. Avery pushed him towards the trash can and threw the wrapper to them afterwards. She turned to the men whom she just encountered and gave them a glare. "Strong persons mustn't bully the weak." Avery muttered. She looked up only to see a bewildered purple haired teen staring at her. His notable feature was his tear mole. Her mouth slightly gaped open at the sight of him staring at her.

Atobe's black velvet orbs met with those bloody red orbs. For a moment, it was as if time froze and they were the only people present. Some unspoken connection was in between them and it was as if they were conversing without actually saying a word.

"Oi, Ave-chan!" A familiar voice called from behind. She turned to face the owner of the voice with a smile on her face. She rushed towards him and dragging him out of the station. "What the-?! Don't just drag me, what's wrong?"

Atobe observed the girl from where he was. Looks could be deceiving, so they say. Marui Bunta of Rikkai Dai was with her.

"Nothing, what took you so long, I want to go home already." Atobe heard the girl whined. Marui complained about how long the line is.

The driver then arrived. "My apologies, young master. Michael arrived to fetch you." Atobe looked one last time at the girl's descending back and turned to the driver.

"I understand." Atobe simply replied.

In the midst of their conversation, Avery stole a glance back at Atobe.

That was their first encounter. Who would've thought that something good actually happened that day to him?


A week has passed since the event in the train station. When Yukimura heard of what had happened and confided Marui, the red head blinked in confusion.

During lunch break, Avery would eat with Yukimura, Sanada and Yanagi and sometimes the rest of the team. Somehow, she just doesn't have the appetite. She stared at the sea of birch trees covering the landscape, her food completely untouched. She held her fork with one hand while the other was supporting her cheek. "Ave-chan!" The girl turned her attention to the owner of the voice.

"Why did you not tell me that a group of men bullied you that time?" Marui said puffing his cheeks. Avery turned to Yukimura who gave her a yes, I told him look and she grimaced. She turned to Marui and smiled.

"I was not harmed. Nothing bad happened to me." Avery responded stabbing her fork to a piece of broccoli and taking it to her mouth.

"But they were bullied." Yukimura chuckled, though he was not amused at what Marui said since he wasn't putting into consideration his cousin's safety, the statement just went right.

"Bunta!" Jackal reprimanded him. He turned to Avery with an apologetic expression on his face. "I'm sorry about that Asusagawa."

"How mean!" Avery exclaimed puffing her cheeks. "And here I thought you're angry at him, Seiichi!" She pointed her index finger at Marui who stuck his tongue out.


The color of the sky that afternoon was like a blood's color. Two men stood at the tennis courts, panting. Some outsider challenged the emperor of Rikkai Dai. Somehow, both managed to reach the tie break, and was about to continue, that until Yukimura arrived to stop the match.

Atobe retrieved his things and headed out of the school premises. He arrived at the park where he instructed his driver to get him. His ever elegant smirk was visible on his as he tried to reminisce on the game that he had… he needed to improve his skills. He still has a long way to go, he wasn't contented in what he has and he still needs-

"You dare ruin my shirt, huh?" A blonde adult gripped on a poor little girl's wrist.

"I'm sorry, Kin-san!" The girl exclaimed but it was futile. She can't get out of this situation and no one could help her out.

"Your apologies cannot clean this expensive shirt of mine!" Atobe rolled his eyes at the man's statement. They are fussing over about something that can easily be replaced. Some people are just cheap minded sometimes. The girl let out a cry as the Kin's grip tightened.

A loud mocking chuckle erupted from Atobe's throat. "Commoners just can't get over their expensive shirts, huh?" He said as a smirk formed upon his lips. The girl looked at him with a worried expression. The blonde, tanned skin man might have a reputation in this place but he is the king and no one shall look down on him.

From behind the group, a pair of red eyes was watching the events unfold. A smile came upon her lips as the purple haired challenger of some particular person came into the scene. "Interesting…" She muttered with a glint of amusement in her eyes.

"What did you say, you little brat?" The blonde man towered Atobe but he wasn't intimidated. Kin let go of the girl who ran away from the area. "Are you challenging me?" He leaned forward, meeting his pair of blue eyes with that of Atobe's black ones.

"It's not ore-sama who is challenging you, but you challenging ore-sama." Atobe smirked. If it weren't for what happened in the courts, he wouldn't be minding this low life but he needed to take his frustration off.

"Seems like you play my sport, too." Kin said. "How about we play a match?"

"Sounds good…" Atobe responded as his smirk widened.


The color of the setting sun bask the tennis court nearby the park. A girl with a pair of red eyes intently stared at the man with blonde hair panting as he fell on his knees to the ground. She stayed behind the fences of the court and watched the match between the purple haired man and the blonde man unfolded. She gave a disgusted look at the blonde who proved to be nothing but talk.

"Such power!" The blonde panted. "Impossible…" He added as he closed his eyes with nothing to do but to accept his defeat.

Atobe went out the fenced area and turned to the only spectator of the match. He walked towards the girl with a smirk on his face. "Did you enjoy that boring match? Were you that girl's friend?" He asked with his tone of authority.

"A while ago, did you do it to save the girl or did you do it so that you can let your frustration out?" The girl asked bluntly much to Atobe's shock. He quickly regained his composure, however.

"I must say, you are quite a reader. What's your name?" Atobe asked.

It was the girl's turn to smirk. "When you want to know someone's name, you should tell them your name first and then ask for their name. That's the proper way of introducing yourself, right?" A pair of black velvet orbs met with a pair of bloody red orbs.

Atobe was facing a girl with a nerve to tell him something like that. His smirk widened. "You're quite a girl to say that to ore-sama." The girl chuckled at his statement.

"People tell me that a lot." She responded.

"Avery!" A gentle voice called from behind the jet black haired girl. She groaned in irritation when she knew that she was defeated in this game she started with the man in front of her. "It's time for us to go home." She turned around, paying no more attention to Atobe. Sanada and Yukimura were behind, waiting for her.

"Understood!" Avery said as she put her hands behind her neck. Great! Now he knows my name! She thought, trying her best to remain as calm as possible. She walked pass the two only to stop when she noticed that no one was following her.

Avery ran back to Yukimura and Sanada. Her brows furrowed at the sight of Sanada who was having a staring contest with Atobe. She blinked and smirked when it came to her. Both were still affected by what had happened moments ago. This will be fun. Avery thought.

"Did something happen?" Yukimura's brows furrowed, telling Avery that whatever she had on mind to stop it. She crossed her arms in front of her chest and puffed her cheeks. "Who is he anyway?" She asked her cousin who looked at her with his mouth slightly gaped open.

"That person is Atobe Keigo. The well known National player in Hyotei Gakuen, Ave." The girl eyed the man with purple hair whose gaze was still fixed with the two well known tennis players in the area.

Atobe Keigo, huh? Avery thought with a passive look on her face.

Who would have thought that slacking off somewhere would make her life more complicated as it was? Meeting Atobe Keigo and knowing his name might be a privilege for some girls but for her, it was something she wasn't proud or ashamed of. It was something in the middle. She didn't care… and she never will.

However, that was when both learned the name of the person that caught their interest. It was carved in their fate that the two shall meet and even with unseen threads, whatever the color might it be; when people meet a certain connection is formed. May it be something good or bad, love or hatred, war or peace, there will always be a connection among people.

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