A/N First in a series! Series of oneshots about Artemis and Holly-progressing from the end of the Atlantis Complex to the end of The Last Guardian. Feedback is much appreciated. Yes, they will be this short sometimes.

Holly stared at the face of her comscreen long after Artemis had signed off. He seemed so... different.
Well, of course.
Granted, he had had-problems, lately-Holly shuddered as she remembered the conference in the Arctic, and the realization that he had the Complex- but it was as if the confident genius she had known had dissipated, leaving a frightened, semi-delusional teenager.
Not someone she had ever imagined Artemis being.
Just thinking about who she imagined Artemis truly was was confusing. Sometimes calculating, sometimes soft-hearted-sometimes just plain evil.
Holly didn't understand the warm, slightly nervous butterflies that arose in the pit of her stomach when she thought about him, either.

Fear, likely.