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Adventure Academy

Chapter 6

While the academy students had some problems that were above average for most teenagers, the school itself faced a more significant threat. Over the past six months rumors have swirled in the hero community of they're being a supervillain academy being built in southwest Washington State. According to spy photos the abandoned city of Evercoast has been seeing some unique activity, cordoned off by the National Guard in the wake of a massive earthquake. Residents have been hesitant if not outright forbidden to return with armed sentries forming a parameter around the city. Though unusual the heroes did nothing as local government took control. However for the next six months the city was completely empty save for the guards who maintained a twenty-four hour vigil. Eventually the Justice League grew suspicious as did the Avengers and sought further questions from those in charge but were denied entrance or clarity of the situation at every turn. The official story was that buildings were compromised in the quake and could collapse at any moment, which was demonstrated as one of the buildings fell in the middle of town infront of the assembled teams solidifying their cover story. Or so they thought, if anything the sudden collapse of the building only made Batman and Iron Man all the more suspicious. Neither of who believed in such coincidence and were forced to leave. That same night Iron Man activated one of their agents.

With Hank Pym retired from heroics, Iron Man tapped his immediate successor. A former electronics expert named Scott Lang who had taken on the Ant-Man identity in Pym's absence. A former thief Lang did his time in prison and was allowed by Pym to continue on as his successor while Pym focused on running the school. Now a reserve member of the Avengers, he was given orders by Iron Man to infiltrate the city and to find out what's really going on in Evercoast. As a second stringer Scott found himself as the butt of several jokes regarding his name and powers, but would shake it off when came mission time. Wearing Pym's old costume, the Ant-Man suit was a red full bodied uniform with a large black rounded triangle with three broad stripes that went around his shoulders and down his abdomen resembling an ant's head, with a large silver belt, black gloves, boots and trunks and a large silver helmet with short steel antennas and a wrap around mouth plate supported by two pipes and a cybernetic insect trans-corder.

Receiving his orders from the team, Ant-Man stood among the assembled Avengers in a secret teleportation room within the school itself and was joined by his daughter Cassie who was seeing him off. A young student at the academy, Cassie Lang was the 16-year-old superhero in training known as Stature wearing a red and black bodysuit similar to her father's minus the helmet and trunks, with long blonde hair and a black domino mask. Cassie hugged her father not knowing if the mission will be a success as the pair shared a few words before stepping back.

"Be careful dad." She said hugging him.

"Yeah, you too. Be good honey." He replied kissing her forehead and messing her hair slightly before stepping back while Cassie adjusted her ponytail.

"Good luck Ant-Man." Iron Man told him. The hero nodded and was teleported out.

Arriving outside the city a short time later. Ant-Man hit the button on his right hip as the symbol on his chest flashed yellow and his body turned black, bathed in golden Pym Particle bubbles as he shrunk down to an inch high and hitched a ride on a flying arthropod. Flying high over the guards Ant-Man entered the city undetected. At first glance there was nothing all that unusual about it save for the scarcity of its residents. Fog had settled in throughout the city making it hard for Ant-Man to get his bearings, there was an eerie calm, one he was not used to. There was no noise of any kind, as though the city had become a tomb unto itself. The hero flitted through the fog trying to make out more of the abandoned metropolis. Hardly any light save for the moon made navigation of the bough very difficult. But then something stood out, amongst the myriad of abandoned skyscrapers a large cliff stood on the eastern side of the city. Ant-Man guided the bug towards the cliff and then through the veil of fog he found something. Nestled in its cleft was what appeared to be a large building filling out the gap beneath the enormous cliff. A futuristic building with a sheet of windows on all three sides, and looked like something that had been built fairly recently.

Ant-Man touched the right side of his helmet and recorded an image of the mysterious building for the Avengers to see back at the academy.

"What is that?" Hawkeye asked.

"Maybe what we're looking for. Ant-Man swing in closer if you can." Iron Man ordered.

"You got it." he said and flew in towards the building.

"Be careful." Iron Man told him.

Ant-Man flew in under the reach of a wall mounted security camera and set down on the tiny ledge of a window's cross frame, there was a tiny crack in the bottom corner of the window and punched the chip away before squeezing his way through and the ant followed after him flipping from the ledge and landing on his partner's back as they investigated.

"Talk to me Lang, what do you see?" Iron Man asked as they viewed what he saw on the monitor.

"Not a whole lot. Kind of looks the same as any other building one that's built into a cliff but a building nonetheless. I'm not sure what this was for, but it seems abandoned, just like the rest of the city." he replied as he continued to scan the area.

"Well keep your eyes open." Iron Man said from the control room.

"Don't have to tell me twice. I'm pressing onward." He told the team as they waited anxiously in the control center.

He continued to survey the area unaware of a pink haired individual standing on a street corner outside and was heading in. Flying around a corner and down the hall the minuscule hero could find nothing out of the ordinary as they flitted about in a cloak of darkness, however a piercing beacon of light could be seen at the next corridor and raced towards it. But the light just as quickly went out before he could reach it and flew blindly around the corner crashing his steed into someone's shoulder after a few aimless moments. The ant was repelled back by the cloth nearly knocking its rider off as Ant-Man steadied himself and looked up and made out a man that appeared to be cloaked in white. He was an older man though he was too large for Ant-Man to get in all his features dressed in what appeared to be some kind of ministerial robes with what may have been a swept back hairstyle though the dark made it difficult to include his full form.

Ant-Man and his steed floated in midair for a few seconds and slowly the figures of other beings emerged from the shadows, one included a man in what appeared to be some kind of body armor as he could make out the fainting glint of armor on his chest and what appeared to be a steel helmet with a hint of bronze that was barely visible to the naked eye. Another shadowy form appeared to be a young woman with some faint traces of blonde hair and from the edges of her silhouette appeared to have on a white jacket with a low cut corset like top and tight fitting pants all the same color as her jacket. The forth member had a more enigmatic form dressed in vestiges of purple he had a regal flare with what appeared to be fur lining the shoulders of his costume, a violet full faced mask and some kind of headband or slight crown as he faced the others. And finally a small frail old man half their size with a large baldhead, small body and circular glasses with an exposed upper bite. The fifth and final member of the group made his stomach churn as the sound of hydraulic appendances and a heavy but direct gait came towards them, with burning red eyes, a crimson stream of light coming from its mouth and a metallic frame came towards them. The fifth member of this mysterious group was an android wrapped in a silver shell with an egg shaped head and a face resembling a skull with four prong fangs, antennas for ears, and a reverberating scarlet wave in its agape, never operating maw as it came to the fore.

One of the greatest and most lethal adversaries the Avengers have ever faced alongside a cadre of other supervillains. A robotic monster that was one of his predecessor's worst nightmares come to life Ultron. A sociopathic android with plans to rule the world, and one of Dr. Pym's greatest mistakes. The other assembled villains were however no less monstrous than he and included the likes of Deathstroke the Terminator: an international terrorist for hire and enemy of Batman and the Justice League. Brother Blood a charismatic cult leader with a talent for brainwashing young minds. Emma Frost a mutant telepath, enemy of the X-Men and White Queen of the aristocratic secret society known as the Hellfire Club. Baron Zemo a German war criminal, leader of the terrorist organization HYDRA and one of Captain America's most persistent foes. And Dr. Thaddeus Bodog Sivana an elderly mad scientist and the archenemy of Captain Marvel. At the academy the Avengers stood around the monitor in complete shock, as did their spy.

"What are they doing here?" Ant-Man wondered softly.

At first it appeared that Ultron had gathered the assembled villains only for him to step aside and give credence to Zemo as he stepped forward. Villains and hero alike raise an eyebrow at this gesture, as it appeared he was the true mastermind of this plot.

"Slade Wilson, Dr. Thaddeus Sivana, Emma Frost, and Sebastian Blood. I have gathered you here to offer a proposition." The baron spoke.

"You four are the some of the most ruthless villains on the planet. Cold, calculating, willing to do whatever it takes to achieve your goals. As some of you may already know Captain America's erstwhile sidekick Bucky Barnes is alive in the present day. Since the tragedy in Stamford they have built a school to help train the next generation of superheroes." He said pacing the floor infront of them with his hands folded behind his back and turned to face them.

"Since they are so keen on teaching these children how to avoid casualties…I think it is time we give them a proper challenge." Zemo said. A smirk appeared on the villain's faces except for Deathstroke.

"And what exactly do you propose?" he asked stepping forward.

"And why is Ultron a part of this conspiracy?" Brother Blood added. Zemo merely chuckled as he placed a hand on the android's shoulder that stood there blankly.

"As I'm sure many of you know, this android has been destroyed more times than any of us can count. Always upgrading itself after every defeat. However when the Avengers last vanquished him I retrieved his body and removed his essence. He is now a mindless robot as my personal oracle." He answered grabbing the White Queen's attention.

"So you're going to use him to recruit mutants?" she asked accusingly as Zemo let out a soft chuckle.

"Not quite my dear, using Ultron's programs I intend to locate every young supervillain on the planet and raise an army against Pym's precious superhero high school. And you shall be my instructors to help raise the next generation of evil." Zemo said clutching his fist.

Hidden in the shadows the miniscule Ant-Man continued to hover hanging on their every word having just confirmed the villain school's existence with Zemo as it's head and reported his findings to his fellow Avengers. It was all starting to fit together, except for one detail the National Guardsmen. Were they in league with Zemo? Or did they even know they were here? Were there tunnels and access ways for them to bypass the guards? Or did they pay them off? And were they real guardsmen? He decided he needed a closer look and used his helmet to communicate with his fellow ants and ordering them to survey the area while he continued to monitor the villains. A quick aerial sweep of the city would soon confirm that there was other villains hidden throughout as Scott transmitted the new intelligence back to the Avengers.

"So what do you say mien friends? Help me raise a generation of young villains to tear down the heroes. And the rewards of it will be infinite." Zemo said holding the holographic projector in his hand. His contemparies stood silent for a moment until the White Queen picked up on the interloper's presence.

"I'm afraid this meeting wasn't as private as you thought Zemo." She warned him.

But the Baron knew exactly who was she talking about, whirled around and brought his saber down on top of Ant-Man's location. The hero fell off as his steed was cleaved in two nearly losing his right leg in the process as he fell to the floor in minuscule size.

"I had a feeling we were being watched." He said as he walked over to Ant-Man's location who was crawling back on his hands and rear.

The hero panted nervously touching the button on his hip, but the belt wasn't responding and wouldn't allow him to return to normal size while the Avengers looked on in horror. In desperation Ant-Man blasted Zemo with tiny yellow energy bursts that felt little more than bee stings to him and tried summoning a swarm of ants to help stave him off, but the insects wouldn't come fast enough as the last thing he saw was Zemo's foot crushing him and the feed to his helmet went out. The Avengers were stunned as Scott's daughter Cassie cried in Dr. Pym's arms. Iron Man rested his hands over the council, as the rest of his teammates were sullen at Lang's passing.

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