A/N this is my first fan fiction please tell me what you think and if you have any ideas for the story let me know thanks =D

Chapter 1: Newbies

"Star come on we are going to be late if we don't hurry," I tell my best friend.

It was our first day at Ouran High School, an elite school for the super-rich, which we were, my mom being a super famous fashion designer and my dad being a wonderful actor, and Star's mom being miss billionaire, which I never asked how she got that way.

"I'm coming but it doesn't help that you are basically running," Star says as she finally catches up. "Remind me why we decided to walk instead of taking the limo."

"Because you silly girl it's great exercise and it's a beautiful day out." I say as we walk through the doors.

I had been waiting for this day ever sense my mom first told me that I was going to Ouran because we live in the United States so it meant going to school in another country so me and Star got our own place for just the two of us for the school semester but on any vacation days our parents expect us back.

As I am lost in my own world I realize the bell to be in class had rang so we ran to our homeroom where the teacher had already started reading the announcements.

"And don't forget students no phones in class. Ah there are our new students, you guys are late." The teacher says as we enter the classroom.

"I am truly sorry sir, Shantal here wanted to walk to school so we were late." Star said. She was always better at talking to teachers then I was. She is the book worm who spends all her time reading and studying where as I want to enjoy my high school years so I was miss popular everyone wanted to be my friend and I wasn't really into reading.

"Class this is Shantal and Star our new students from America. Um Hikaru and Kaoru do you mind showing these two around."

And at that point I had no idea my whole life was about to change.