This is just something I thought up when I was eating disgusting jelly beans. Enjoy.

It was just another day of boredom. Tsubasa and Yu were just sitting on the couch watching TV.

"I'm so bored! There's nothing to do!" Yu complained .

"Are you hungry Yu?"


"Well I've got a little game to play," Tsubasa smirked and got a small box from the fridge. On the box was a picture of jelly beans and a flash font that read, 'BEAN BOOZLED'.

"How is this a game?" Yu questioned.

"You'll find out." Tsubasa opened up the box and handed him and Yu a jelly bean of each flavour.

"Alright, lets eat the red jelly bean. The flavour is either strawberry jam or centipede," said Tsubasa hoping to get the strawberry jam. As soon as Yu crunched on the jelly bean he spat it out straight away.

" Yuck! Yuck! Yuck! I got centipede! Ew!" Yu shouted as he sprinted to the sink to wash his mouth.

"I got strawberry jam," Tsubasa teased while trying not to laugh. They move on to the next jelly bean.

"Ok the white one, either coconut or baby wipes," Tsubasa said thinking that it wouldn't be to bad. Yu once again ran to the sink.

"What did you get Yu?"

"Baby wipes!"

" Coconut for me. Lets try the booger or juicy pear… I got pear.

"Booger. Gross how can people eat this stuff?" Again Yu ran to the sink.

"Moving on to the mouldy cheese or caramel corn." When they both bit the jelly bean they sprinted to the sink washing their mouths.

"That is the most disgusting thing I have ever tasted!" Yelled Tsubasa.

"I know!" After they washed away the taste of the mouldy cheese they moved on.

"Ok, the next one is either dog food or chocolate pudding."

"I hope I get chocolate pudding. What about you Tsubasa?"

"Totally!" Tsubasa ate his ( Tsubasa had chocolate pudding) when he realised Yu was at the sink and the dog food jelly bean reeked and the smell of dog food burned his nose.

"Lets try the rotten egg or buttered popcorn… I got buttered popcorn."

"Yuck, me too," said Yu running to the sink again.

"Ok toothpaste or berry blue… I got toothpaste, what did you get Yu?

"I got toothpaste as well. Wow, I'm eating toothpaste right now. It's pretty good."

"Next is pencil shavings or top banana… I'm eating pencil shavings right now but it doesn't taste too bad."

" I got pencil shavings too." They then took the black jellybean which was either licorice or skunk spray and they both got licorice.

"Ok the one we've all been waiting for is either barf or peach… I got peach." Suddenly Yu Sprinted to the toilet and threw up.

"Hey Yu, I'm guessing it was peach," giggled Tsubasa.

"It's not funny Tsubasa, I hate barf jelly beans," Yu shouted while in the toilet. That night Yu kept waking up and running to the toilet and throwing up and Tsubasa had to deal with it.

Hope you all liked it!