Chapter 2: Part 2: Spy

Sniper and Spy were long term friends. Very opposite, but worked together well. Spy was casually leaning on the rock, twirling his butterfly knife in his fingers. The french man watched as Sniper aimed at a hesitant blu team engineer.
"Bonjour."Spy smirked, folding his butterfly knife; slipping into his shoe. He turned his view to the engineer, who Sniper was carefully observing. The Engie fell to the ground in a slump. Blood splattered on the wall behind him.
"Well done Sniper. Though I could've done it better myself." Spy brushed off some dust that lay on his suit.
"Mate, if only you did. However, you didn't." Sniper chortled, keeping his eye on the scope. Clearly annoyed, Spy faintly jabbed Sniper in the side with the handle of his butterfly knife.
"You do know that I could've done the job just as well as you did." Spy groaned.
"Like I said, previously, you didn't."Sniper kiddingly smashed his fist into Spies shoulder as a comeback. Soon enough, the petty fist fight turned into a friendly- yet competitive- brawl.
"Oi! Don't start jabbin' me with that toothpick." Now that spy was starting to use his butterfly knife, the australian put his rifle down, instead protecting himself with his kukri. He'd been jabbed with spy's butterfly knife more that he needed. He didn't need another accidental scar.
Sniper and Spy's occasional brawl was brought to a halt by Soldier. "Aye! What are you? I don't need useless recruits! Get out there and fight. STOP WASTING TIME MAGGOTS." Untangling from their ever-so-manly brawl, Sniper packed his kukri and picked up his rifle. Spy apologized, cloaked and roamed away to REDs territory to sap sentries and dispensers.
"NO MORE OFF-TOPIC BRAWLS. IF I SEE ANYMORE, I'LL FEED YOU TO THE REDs MYSELF! You useless-" By this time, Soldier had realized he was talking to no-one. He sighed, swung his rocket launcher and muttered away to himself.

* * * (Spy P.O.V)

So I'm making my way into REDs bases. To be positively honest, I don't really know what I'm doing here. I still don't know. I could've decided to stay back in that tiny, crowded apartment in Paris. Right now I could've been watching the picturesque sunset from my favorite cafe, taste the bitter wine that I grew along-side of and fall into a deep slumber in the comfort of silent movies projecting in the background. I was hired for this project. I still don't understand why I said yes. Then again, what did I have to lose? My Family? Nope. Have none. My Sweetheart? Nope. She used me. My life? I have no life. Either I'm lonely or caged in this prison I call a fortress. However, there was a singular soul I particularly didn't want to abandon. Sniper. He was basically the only friend I had. Actually, not basically. He was the only friend I had, and today he was probably going to die in his own pool of blood. That is, if he gets hit by one of the members of the RED team. Lets hope not.

As I re-cloak myself, I dodge charging RED members. It's horribly tempting to go ahead and spontaneously gore them in the back with my butterfly knife. However, I keep my adrenaline low and keep creeping around the classes so I don't bump into them and glow a faint shade of BLU. When I finally pass the sea of red, I hide behind a familiar busted hideout. I always hid there to disguise myself. It was much like a tradition; like a special place I always came to, to do a specific job.
Though today wasn't the day to hide here. I was startled by the presence of a member. Even though I couldn't see who it was and really didn't care in this point in time (oh hell yes I did), I presumed a class of the enemies.
I sigh heavily, cover my head and await an uncomfortable re-spawn.
I stop covering my head. Instead, I turn around wondering why I'm not in the medical bay yet. To my surprise, behind me was demo man. He was painfully wounded and most likely in excruciating pain.
"Demo- what are you doing here?"
Demo raised his eyebrow at me. I face palmed and queasily smiled, almost letting my cigar drop out of my mouth.
"Uh, of course. You vhere trying to be smart. That was stupid of me. So, I see that didn't worhk."
"The judgmental spy I know so well. Just get me outa here, yeah?"Whispered Demo with a slight smirk. I reached down for his bloody hand to help him up. Soon enough, my glove no longer looked high quality or expensive.
Only then did I realize that I was still in the BLU suit. I had forgotten to disguise.
"Hurree up you cyclops! moi is not disguised!" I muttered at the scottish bloke. He was much heavier than me and with the add on of his wounded side, the weight I had to carry increased.
"Shush frenchie. That wasn't so smart of you either!"I frowned at him but didn't admit it. By this time we were half way out of the busted hideout when Demo shrieked like a bloody siren.
"Bless your soul, Pyro behind you!"
I became so hesitant I didn't know what to do. Our spy suits were highly flammable so I was going to ignite in flames one way or another.
"Non. No need to burst me into flames...dear RED pyro. I'm sure we can- wow. Thank you connasse."
Before I knew it, I could feel the burn of red and orange flames climb over my body. They were painfully sharp and spread with the help of my suit. I desperately climbed out of the hideout window to dodge the Pyro, just when I heard a sudden gory explosion. Forgetting demo was still in the hideout, he had used the last of his energy to sticky bomb Pyro away, letting him burst into pieces.
Now for the real problem, I was still on fire. Absentmindedly I started running in my burning suit to the nearest health pack, before I got air blasted by another pyro. I was almost unconscious my the time I landed the health pack. This was not going to look good on my record. As stupid as I am, I ran back to the hideout to get demo out of there. By this time we had attracted a load of attention, and people were after us. I would kill to have a medic around here.
"Are you dead mon ami?"
'If I was, would I be talking' right now?"

Before I did anything else, I kept my mouth shut. Both us didn't want to end up uncomfortably re-spawning. So here we are, a spy and a demo-man slowly charging through a tunnel-cave; also, followed by a couple of RED classes. The ones specifically I didn't observe.

"Medic".The scottish fellow yelled. If I could've backstabbed him, I would already have. He was making a ton of noise and blaming me for not getting out of the RED base quicker. This would be the first and last time I saved a teammate from trouble. As harsh as that sounds, it was to be my word.

"Medic!"I shriek to the crazed German doctor. To my luck, he turns around, leaving his -now- utterly confused heavy behind.
"Vhere have you bein?" He asks as he runs along-side, healing us with his Medi gun.
"In zhe RED base." I reply with enthusiasm. By now the flames have gone, like a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. Medic interrupts me.
"Gah! We should have told you! Re-spawn has faltered! Me and engineer vhere trying to fix it in battle, but it did not vherk!""
I've heard of Sentries faltering, dispensers being sapped, Medi guns being lost, but never have I heard of re-spawn faltering.
"Zis is disastrous!" I exclaim, taking a drag from my withered cigar.
'What are we going to do? What are you suggesting we d-'

Once again only to be interrupted by Medic. I frown at him, only to see his eyes widen in terror.
"Herr" I glance behind me, only to see a rocket coming straight at my back...