Appreciate the Small Things

The stars were always there, always constant. Never changing, they never left. They always accompanied him. They were always there, no matter wherever they went. He could always find solace in the stars.

He'd learned to appreciate everything, because of, well, the obvious, but he loved the stars most of all. Of course, his friends knew that. His friends...

He owed them.

He watched the fireworks light up the sky.

Red. Blue. Purple. Orange. Yellow.

The booms and pops and cracks and sizzles echoed, around the cliffs, the plains, the mountains, his mind. It was a good echoing. It didn't bother him.

He reached a hand up, viewing the colours through his fingers. For a moment, he was there, in the sky, with the fireworks. They were close enough to touch, to enjoy. The flashes before his eyes, the echoing in his ears. He was soaring, high above the little problems, this world.

He was flying.

He had learned to appreciate the small things. His friends, fireworks, a tent or a fire or a favour. They could all take him away from where he was now, take him to some place different, warm and inviting and calm and happy. It didn't matter where he was now, because the small things could take him somewhere else, if only for a moment.

And he lived for those moments.

And he wouldn't change a thing.

I haven't seen Third Star. I'm planning to watch it very soon. I've seen the trailer, I've seen about two minutes of a tribute video that I stopped watching halfway through when it got to a certain spoilery part, I've seen the fireworks scene/resulting tent fire. That's all. I don't even know the character names, asides from James. But. The fireworks scene is chock-full of emotion, and I love that scene [love the movie already, even though I haven't seen it], and so, hopefully, after about four to six minutes total of put together clips for trailers and etc, I've managed to capture a little tiny bit of James.

Reviews are encouraged! I'd love to know if I've managed his mind on my small knowledge of the fandom. Thank you!

By the way, if you review, tell me NOTHING about the movie. xD Unless you're talking about the fireworks scene. No spoilers, please.