The little old lady parked the Chevrolet truck that had been her husband's outside the cemetery. She climbed out and leaned in to reach the picnic basket and chair she had bought with her. Then she made her way towards her husband's grave.

She set the chair down next to the slab of rock covering the dirt, under which her husband was buried. She leaned down to pick up a red rose from the basket and moved to lay it near the head stone where she touched the name engraved there, Jesse Oliver Aarons Jr. She sighed and straightened herself up and walked around to the seat and sat down, her old legs tired from the little walking she had down, but that was the way it was when you got old.

She reached down to the picnic basket again and pulled out two champagne glasses followed by the bottle. She placed the champagne glasses on the slab of rock and then popped the cork and poured both glasses. She picked up a glass and sipped talking to Jess about all the things that were happening, and their happy memories.

'Remember the day we created Terabithia? That's one of my favourite; you were so careful and confused. You thought I was crazy, but you went along with it anyways. And the day that you gave me P.T. he was a lovely dog. Sammy won her race last week; she beat everyone in the girl's category and everyone in the open category. She's definitely inherited our running ability'. Leslie's eyes were alight with the spark she had always had, that creative and mischievous spark.

'Maybelle called me the other day, she's invited me over. I wonder if we'll play super extreme Barbies', Leslie paused to laugh, 'remember that day we went to the Grand Canyon? We felt like just going for a drive, and then we end up a few states away, and the children panicking just because we were old. I often wonder what that word means, the only times I can remember feeling old was when I couldn't run anymore, that time I fell over in the kitchen, and it took me near five minutes to get up, and when you passed. Otherwise, I feel quite young still. Oh I miss you Jess'.

She talked and talked until she fell asleep. And in that moment, Leslie and Jess were reunited once more. Leslie was found later that day, when other mourners came to say goodbye to loved ones. They found her with a blissful and beautiful smile on her face.