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Summary : Magic is something that you have to pay in certain price. For Arthur, it would cost him his life, but he knew he has to protect his city and his 'family'. Eventual USUK and other pairings. Not sure yet.

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Clash of the Titans

The wind started to pick up as the two figures stood in front of each other. Ivan Braginski held his gun up to Arthur's face as the rain fell down from the sky. The two figures stood there, not moving an inch from their place. A small smile formed on Arthur's lips as he looked into those violet eyes.

"This is really had to end up like this, isn't it Ivan?" asked Arthur Kirkland softly.

"Unfortunately yes, my comrade," said Ivan. That innocent smile never left his face. "Too bad, Arthur."

"You know I can't use my magic anymore," said Arthur calmly.

"I do know. That's I'm pointing my gun at you. There's no way I could beat your magic, Arthur. But it's too late, isn't it?"

"It is," said Arthur.

"You're a fool, Arthur. If you just give up the city, you would never be beatened like this, da?" said Ivan. "I wonder why you do that. What's the importance of this hell hole anyway?"

"The same reason why you want to take over this city."

"This place is too small for both of us."

"One of us has to be dead."

"I hate that it has to end up like this, Arthur."

Arthur didn't say anything as he lowered his arms. There was no used to stay alive this time. There was no way. This is the end. He already cheated death for countless times. He couldn't even believe that he was still alive.

Unfortunately he hadn't say good-bye to Alfred.

Well, that was too bad.

Anyway, this was it.

Good-bye, my dear Alfred…

He closed his eyes slowly as he saw the gloved finger on the trigger and pulled it. This was his last moment.

He saw the smiling face and those sky-blue eyes under the dirty-blond hair. Arthur smiled.


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