A Drabble I once wrote and published on a different site, where my neglected Stories rest in peace~

The only thing left.

A letter, telling her goodbyes.

Weilding a promis to tell him a long kept secret as soon as she'd be back.

Holding the small piece of paper tightly in a firm grip, his long silky dark blue hair flowing in the wind, as he scanned the horizon, the landscape, and his thought for her.

He really wished for her to come back, although he knew she wouldn't.

It's been over 2 Years now. Without her, the only exorcist being able to cope with him, and at the same time being the only exorcist being able to make him feel alive.

Little did he know...

The promis which she kept hidden in her heart for all this time.

Never it was said. Though both of them felt it.

They loved each another from the bottom of their hearts.

Feeling like each fullfilled the live of the other.

Never it was said.

The words of truth and eternal trust.

The words of Love