The world ends on a Thursday.

It happens so suddenly, Midorima barely has the time to protest, to blink, to even breathe. He'd been on his way home from a rather uneventful practice session, Takao a constant talkative ball of unspent, excess energy by his side. It had been a fairly normal, routine kind of day - even Midorima's lucky item had been something as nondescript as a rock. Midorima's phone had been surprisingly silent as well, without a single message from the ever infuriating Kise who seemed to make it his personal mission in life to send a minimum of five annoying, confusing and/or incomprehensible messages before lunch break. There was even a time when Kise had sent something along the lines of "alskdjf;sadfjksdhldgh" to Midorima three times in the same week, punctuated ever so thoughtfully with the blonde's emoticon for the day. Midorima had never bothered replying to any such message - because seriously how did any sane person reply to "alskdjf;sadfjksdhldgh" - but still kept those tiny bits of nonsense on his phone and if anyone dared comment on the oddly sentimental gesture, he'd say something along the lines of those messages being too idiotic to even bother with deleting. So yes, everything was just as it should be and Midorima had been looking forward to the yakiniku Takao would be treating him to after losing one too many times at janken.

Midorima would be the first to admit that it had taken a while for him to get used to Takao, even longer to get used to the idea of dating Takao, but the other, though most of the time pushy as hell, had been patient and understanding when it came to Midorima's social ineptitude. Today would've been their second official dinner date, even if it may have not seemed that way to others since Midorima still drew the line quite fervently when it came to all manner of public displays of affection. Midorima had been enjoying himself, despite Takao chattering on excitedly about some idol group, when it happened.

A shrill screech, a blinding flash - and when Midorima opens his eyes, Takao and the familiar, peaceful neighborhood Midorima had grown up in were gone and in their place stood nothing but dilapidated buildings, burnt houses, barren landscapes stretching into the horizon on the backdrop of a setting red sun.

"What the…"

And just like that, the world as Midorima knew it, ended.