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Kagome leaned against the half wall that protected her from the fall of the top of the roof. She was starting to miss her family when she heard the door open. She turned her head and saw a man with short blond hair and bright blue eyes walk out. His body was hidden under a khaki trench coat and he seemed startled to see her.

Kagome just looked at him as he straightened his slouched stance and watched his eyes become alerted. Realizing that he must have seen her as a threat, Kagome turned around and put her hands half way up, as if surrendering. "Whoa there, buddy. I'm a new Avengers agent. I'm Kagome." She said as she watched the man before her relax a bit.

"I'm Steve Rodgers, also known as Captain America. It's a pleasure to meet you Miss. Kagome." Steve said as Kagome smiled lightly at him. "No need to be formal with me." Kagome said softly as she watched his eyes drift from her eyes to her hair. "Do you have any questions about my appearance?" Kagome asked as she watched his cheeks darken. "Your hair… I've never seen gray hair on a young woman before."

Kagome's eye-brow twitched lightly as she tried not to feel insulted by his comment. "Silver hair is rare, even in my race." Kagome corrected him as his cheeks darkened even more. Kagome did have to admit, he was cute when he blushed.

"My apologies for my mistake, I do have another question." Steve asked as Kagome leaved against the wall, doing her trademark arm crossing and nodded her head for him to continue. "Your eyes… There so green, the glow. Is that also rare?" Steve asked as Kagome felt her cheeks become warm with his observation.

"Yes, only the older brother and I have silver hair in our race. My younger brother and I have this particular shade of green, which is even rarer." Kagome explained as she felt her homesickness coming back. She was really missing her family.