So, basically, I've gotten the assassins creed games, and well am currently fangirling over them. So because of that little factor, you get the random ideas that pop into my head, I dunno know but to me it doesn't seem like a fair trade.


Summary: In which Desmond hates Thursdays and is forced out of bed and to stay with Shaun for entire afternoon. Can't a bartender get a break?

Desmond was sleeping in even later than usual, Lucy noticed, she was slightly worried about him but figured he was just sleeping, the previous Animus session had been rather long.

Shaun, of course, had also noticed and had begun questioning his sleeping habits.

"He does know we are on a schedule, right?" that was undoubtedly Shaun; Rebecca had stopped trading barbs with him a while ago if only because she was getting impatient as well.

Lucy sighed and stood up "alright, I'll go and get him" as long as it would get her away from Shaun's continual complaining.

She knocked lightly on the door before entering and found Desmond sitting in bed and tapping his fingers on his leg, he looked up when she entered, a small smile flittering across his lips that she found herself instinctively copying.

"Why aren't you getting ready for another Animus session" there was a slight air of concern in her voice Desmond was inherently aware of.

"Well, I need to check something first" the word well was slightly longer then necessary and the whole sentence was spoken in the light tones that he uses when he joking.

"What?" because she's curious now, the smiles dropped of her face. What did he need to check? Why hadn't he checked it already? Did it have something to do with the Bleeding effect? Was he hallucinating? Having trouble separating realities or timelines?

"What day is it?" her breathe catches in her throat, if he's having trouble remembering the date, then can they afford to keep up the Animus sessions as they have been?

"16th of October, 2012, remember Desmond, is this because of the Bleeding effect? Are you having visions? Do you re..." The words pouring of her tongue are stopped by the amused look that splits across Desmond's face.

"No, no and probably no, I meant like Tuesday, Monday, Friday, that sort of thing" he can't help but note that she's adorable when she freaks out.

"Oh" she self-consciously tucks a thread of hair behind her ear "it's umm... Thursday. Why?"

"Just curious" is his only response before he lays beck on the bed and sticks his face under the pillow. For a few moments all she can do is stare.

'What?' she thinks, trying to work out why Desmond is trying to get back to sleep.

"Desmond, why are you sleeping?" Now he's just confusing her. There is no logical explanation for him to do that, unless he's sleepy, in which case there is but it still doesn't make much sense.

"Cause it's a Thursday and Thursdays suck for me, never could get the hang of 'em" is the slightly muffled and very annoying reply. Lucy blinks, and then blinks again and then a third time just to be sure. Did he say he was knocking off a day because he didn't like Thursdays.

"What?" this time she does say it out loud and Desmond pulls his head out from under the pillow to look at her.

"I said, that Thursdays suck and I refuse to do anything other than sleep during them cause I really can't be bothered dealing with how much fail they are" The way Desmond says it seems that in his mind he just cleared everything up. In Lucy's mind however it has got to be the weirdest thing he's ever said.

"What?" it's louder this time as if she still can't believe what he just said and volume will clear it all up.

"Thursdays suck" is the short reply and Desmond's stuck his head under the pillow in a way that reminds her of a child, an 'I can't see you, so you can't see me' type thing and it's strangely adorable if downright annoying.

"Well that's great but we have work to do and the quicker we start the quicker the day will be over" she holds open the door, slight impatience entering her voice, as she watches Desmond to see if he's actually going to get up. He doesn't move. She sighs and decides she'll offer him one last chance before he gets dragged out of there.

"Desmond get up, we need to get this done, even if Thursdays suck" She's practically pleading with him now.

For a moment Desmond is silent and Lucy prepares to grab his leg and pull him out of there, when he speaks.

"Lucy, I don't think you understand to pure failure which is the Thursdays I've been awake for" he paused "and by that I mean it's generally just safer to stay in bed"

Lucy groans in frustration and grabs his legs, immediately Desmond starts scrabbling for the bed post. As soon as he found his grip on it he started swearing, complaining and trying to get Lucy off him.

This lasted for thirty minutes before Lucy was able to pull the very annoyed Desmond from his room. Of course as soon as he was out of arms reach of his safe haven he gave up and trudged next to her.

"What took you guys so long?" Rebecca hardly even looked up from her computer as she asked the question.

Lucy was about to respond when Desmond interrupted "It's a Thursday" the way he said it you'd think the world was coming to an end.

Lucy noticed both Rebecca and Shaun staring at Desmond like he was crazy. Well listening to his statements he probably was but that was beside the point, they had to this quickly, before Abstergo found them and Desmond's random hatred of Thursdays was not helping anything.

"And why exactly do you hate Thursdays, Is it perhaps the day you relised you were insane?" It seemed like Shaun couldn't be in the same room as Desmond for five seconds without insulting him.

"Thursdays are horrible always have been and I've never been able to get the hang of them" was the response as Desmond slunk over to the Animus.

Everyone stared at Desmond.

Desmond stared back.

"On the other hand Tuesdays have always been pretty good" and with that he promptly plonked himself in the Animus.

There were several more seconds of staring before everyone got to work.

Besides being swamped with slightly more beggars and Minstrels than usual in Ezio's memories that part of the day passed pretty well. So it had to be expected that the afternoon would pass horribly.

It started with Desmond getting out of the Animus and ended with both Desmond and Shaun covered in paint and ink.

Of course there is a whole story about how it got to there and also a lesson which the girls learned, very quickly.

Desmond, as usual, was a little bleary after getting out of the Animus and so had mercifully been left out of the food run, unfortunately Shaun had decided he would be staying back as well. Within seconds of Rebecca and Lucy leaving he and Shaun had been trading verbal blows. After five minutes or so they lapsed into silence. A minute after that there was conversation, it went something like this.

"So why do you hate Thursdays in any case" that one came from Shaun, who had hardly moved from his work area.

"well simple every largely horrible event has happened on a Thursday, It makes me feel for Arthur Dent, must of happened to him all the time" the response was obviously Desmond, who had decided he would sit up in the corner of the room, his only reason for doing so being that he couldn't think of a reason not to.

There was a quick look of recognition on Shaun's face and then he sort of gave Desmond a look which meant 'I honestly didn't think you could read'

Desmond in return gave him a look that said 'there's a lot of things I suspect you doubt I could do but I'm actually really good at' but communication through staring only really goes so far so it came out more like 'I'm staring at you right now'

"You've read the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy?" Shaun sounded slightly surprised.

"Yeah, very good series. Hilarious the entire way through. And full of important information about life as well" Desmond was nodding slightly as he spoke.

"I'm sorry, information about life?" Now Shaun just sounded confused and British, but he always sounded British so Desmond didn't pay much attention to that part.

"Yeah, you know all that stuff about towels" Desmond cleared his throat and in the best imitation of a slightly robotic, extremely passive and slightly feminine voice (he sort of sounded more like GlaDOS then anything) began speaking "the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy has a few things to say on the subject of towels. A towel it says is the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitchhiker can have, partly it has great practical value"

Shaun did an odd sort of laughing but not quite grin/smirk think with his mouth that Desmond took as approval and gave an unusually polite response. "Yes well, I see what you mean, I have taken it upon myself to always know where my towel is"

This was followed by a sudden look of recognition dancing across Desmond's eyes and him jumping down from his perch to go grab something.

The only indication of what was going on that Shaun got was a hurried sentence from Desmond.

"Gonnagoandgrabsomethingihadt hisawsomeideaonceandibetican writeitdown" of course it really just sounded like gibberish so Shaun had no idea what was going on.

Desmond returned moments later with paint, markers and paper. Shaun never did find out where he got them from and still speculates about it today.

"Right I had an idea for how the improbability drive would work, you wanna see?" Desmond didn't even wait for an answer and began drawing up what it looked like, after he had finished the designs he started painting them, unfortunately he had decided to take up another perch for this, said perch being not too far from Shaun. A minute later he was done and showing Shaun (who honestly suspected something idiotic) his finished design and Shaun was rather impressed, while a lot of the ideas were impossible, at least for now, it would in theory work. Well apart from a few flaws which were quickly noted and fixed by Shaun.

Several minutes later both the boys were working on another possible design for the improbability drive and up to their necks in paint and ink, when Rebecca and Lucy arrived.

"See, if we can figure a way to control each individual molecule and then run that through a randomiser it'll jump to a completely random location" that was from Desmond and it appeared neither of them had noticed the girls arrival.

"Yes but your ignoring the whole improbability side of things, it needs to track location based on that" Desmond nodded in response to Shaun and began sketching ideas for that.

"What are you doing?" that was Lucy. Rebecca it seemed was in shock, Shaun was getting along with someone, how was that even possible?

"We are bonding over towels" Was Desmond's description of the event and once again made the small group question his sanity.

"We're drawing up designs for improbability drives and how they would work in reality" came Shaun's slightly less confusing response.

Rebecca stared for a moment before sitting down to work with Baby', Lucy sighed and went over to her work area. Unfortunately she knocked a rather heavy file onto the ground. Unfortunately the whole building was a bit shaky. Unfortunately Desmond had left some of the paint up on his perch.

It doesn't take a genius to figure out what happened next.

Shaun was very annoyed when the paint got over his clothes and spent several minutes alternating between insulting Desmond and fretting about it. When Desmond finally got a word in he informed Shaun that the paint would wash out. This calmed him down slightly and he spent the next few moments checking everything for paint marks.

Needless to say, the girls learnt their lesson and never left Desmond and Shaun alone together again.

They also banned paint, under the circumstances a very wise idea.