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Shut up!


"Huh?" said Roxas a man of twenty three as he opened his cerulean blue eyes lazily to turn to the time


"When will those two ever stop?!" he groaned and placed his head under a pillow.

You never care about me! When will you ever see me better than a…

"This is such a waste of time…I don't know why those two would just break up" he said as he tightened his grip on the pillow as if it was the only way to take away the annoying bickering coming from the other room.

A few moments have passed the noise ended with a slam of the door.

"Finally….I can get some…rest…." he turned again to the white digital clock at his bedside table.


"*groan*…I'm way too tired uh…" He said and taking deep breaths. It's been two straight weeks that these two have been fighting each other.

"How come there aren't even any complaints? ... Am I the only one who hears them?"

He stared at the ceiling for what seemed like hours and ended up in a deep slumber once again.


"Ugnh…" he groaned as he lazily reached for his alarm clock with desperate attempts of trying to turn it off…he opened his eyes to find the sound coming from his phone.

"Hello? Ugnh…" he said tiredly


"A…Axel? Ugnh…heavy night last night….."

"What the?! JUST GET YOUR ASS HERE! You can tell me later! Luckily Saix hasn't noticed you're not here yet!"

Roxas hung up and threw his phone back on his bedside table. He looked at the digital clock…


"Oh great…" he didn't feel like going to work. His head was pounding heavily as if he's having a brand new hangover. He wanted to doze off some more in his soft bed…his comfortable sheets…

His phone rang again.

"I'm up! I'm up!" he said as he forced himself to get out of bed.

He took a shower to wake himself up and ate some toast with some butter…or what's left of it or at least he thinks its butter. He wore his usual suit a with his black tie and his spiky blond hair that stays the same no matter how much effort he puts for it to remain down.

He made sure he had all of his things before he went out. He checked his keys, his brief case, his tie…"everything seems to be in order" he thought.

As he opened his door he looked at his neighbor's door. It read 301with silver linings. The door was a simple mint green like his. He was late anyway so he decided to talk to his neighbor about the quarrels he's been annoyed with for so long. He took a little peek and realized it was open. He wasn't usually like this. He isn't really the type to sneak in someone else's home but judging from what happened this morning he was curious as hell.

He opened the door slowly and a strong smell of alcohol engulfed him. "Geez…*cough*" he found some bottles of alcohol scattered across the room. He ignored the smell and began to search for his neighbor around the small condo. He passed by the living room that had a leather black sofa and a classy glass table in the middle that matched with a white furry carpet. In the middle of the living room was a flat screen television with tiny paopu fruit figurines and small scented candles.

He then passed by the kitchen where he saw a little name that said Naminé. "Naminé…that must be her name" the kitchen had a black marble counter and a medium sized refrigerator. The dishes were all undone and there was still some leftover food on the counter. "I didn't know my neighbor was a slob" he soon passed a little hallway that led to the bathroom. It was purely white and light blue. It was really clean minus the fact that there were scattered clothes on the floor.

Lastly he saw a little door, the only one he hasn't been to. "I'm guessing she's in here". He slowly opened the door and a stronger scent of alcohol reeked throughout the room. The room had a light blue theme to it. It had a flesh carpet and a small little table with a mirror. He noticed an easel facing the window near the white king sized bed. There he found an unconscious blonde girl holding on to a half finished bottle of alcohol. Beside her were three empty bottles and two more that were still sealed.

Roxas sighed "What a mess you are in" he approached the girl and carried her half way. Her face was red and she was warm. She was wearing a light blue jacket over a white tank top and some white short shorts.

"Let's get you to bed" he didn't know why he was doing this. It just felt like it was the right thing to do.

He was about to carry her bridal style until the girl moaned. She opened her eyes weakly and began to sit on his lap. This made him feel uncomfortable. "Uhm…Naminé right?" she let go of the half finished bottle of alcohol which caused it to spill all over the carpet. "That's gonna be a hard stain to remo—" she suddenly held his face with her two small hands as she got uncomfortably close to his face.

"V…Van…" she said faintly "I…I'm so glad…you came back…" then she suddenly enclosed the distance in their lips

Her lips were soft and tempting but he had to control himself "I'm not Van! Or whatever…" but before he could push her away she fainted in his arms. He was stunned and didn't know what to do but he immediately shrugged it off. He sighed once more and carried her bridal style and placed her gently on her bed. He noticed her eyes were swelling and her cheeks were wet. "They must've broken up". He could taste the bitter taste of alcohol on his lips and wiped it immediately with his handkerchief.

He looked around the room and sighed. He picked up the scattered bottles of alcohol and decided to throw them away. He cleaned the little condo for a little bit just to remove the stench of the alcohol. He couldn't help it…being clean was part of his nature. Once he made sure that the apartment was clean he made his way out the door and made sure the door was locked. Who knows what could've happened if he left the door open?

He was soon outside the building and looked for his white Lexus car. He found it resting on the corner of the parking lot just as he left it last night. He looked at his watch…


"Oh well…" he got in the driver's seat and threw his briefcase somewhere in the backseat. He turned on the ignition and went to his job. It took exactly 20 minutes for him to there plus five minutes if there was traffic…luckily there wasn't. He parked in front of the building that read Organization 13 and headed straight to the 15th floor.

He soon made it to the break room and saw his friend observing a certain blonde girl in the office and placed his briefcase on the metal table which caused his friend to jump in surprise "Hey Axel"

"Roxas! Man! You scared me there…wait WHAT THE HELL MAN! YOU'RE LATE AGAIN!"

He laughed at his red haired friend "No need to tell me that…" he slammed his head on the metal table…literally

"Mind telling me why exactly?" Axel took a sip of his coffee taking his attention back to the girl inside the office

He took his friend's coffee and Axel looked at him with a smirk "Same old reasons…" then he took a sip from it "…but I think they broke up"

Axel soon got interested in their conversation and turned to face him "Who? That hot neighbor of yours?" he said with a grin

"You could call her hot but she's not my type" he was about to take another sip but stopped "….then again I went in her apartment this morning" then he drank all of the coffee in one big gulp

Axel was surprised by hi blond friend's actions "Dude! What the hell! You didn't…you know?"

Roxas immediately got what he was saying and choked on his drink. He spat some of it at Axel. "Axel! *cough* no effing way! I'm not like you dude!" he said wiping off the coffee from his mouth

Axel stood up and wiped the coffee in a desperate attempt "Gross man! You got it on my new suit!" he wiped himself with tissue "If Larxene sees me like this she'll—" he bumped into an all too familiar blonde

"I'll what?" said a girl with blonde hair with antenna like strands sticking out of her hair

Axel then began to panic. "I'll…I'll….uhm….you'll…erm…what will she do erm Roxas?"

Roxas chuckled and waved at the blonde girl "Hey there Larxene"

"Morning Roxas…seems like you're late again…I'll be sure to tell Xion about this" she said as she laughed evilly and walked out of the break room

Roxas sighed and turned to his flustered friend "Dude I have no idea why you're head over heels with that woman (bitch)"

"Don't say that! Just because you have never fallen in love…" replied his friend as he watched Larxene go into the secretary's office by the president's office.

He grabbed his briefcase and decided to walk into his office "I've had a few in the past but that was way back…never really enjoyed it anyway…and besides I only have one girl in my mind"

Axel rolled his eyes and followed him immediately "Is it little miss secretary again?"

"M…Maybe but that's not my point dude…erm…" He kept on walking and walking and went to the far east of the hallway where he found his office.

Axel crossed his arms and stood at the door "Yeah…. Sure whatever…" until he caught sight of something on his friend's shoulder "Roxas! Stay there"

Roxas looked at him suspiciously and glared at him "What is it now?"

Axel approached his friend and found a single strand of blonde hair on his shoulder "Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. I thought you weren't interested Roxas?"

"What the—" he looked at the strand of hair that Axel began to hold up "I have no idea how that got there" he held up his hands in defeat

Axel then closed the door to his friend's office "Dude spill it what the hell happened this morning?"

Roxas took a deep breath "All right…I went into her apartment, found her unconscious, and then she kissed me then—" he was interrupted by Axel

"Woah woah woah woah woah…she….KISSED YOU?!"

He recalled the moment "Yeah…she called me Van and then she kissed me…I even tasted some alcohol on my lips…it was gross"

"Dude…you might actually have a chance with this girl! Trust me!"

"I told you I have an eye out for our secretary all right?" he said as he began to push his friend out the door

"I still like blondie and not because she's hot! I have this weird feeling she's the one for you dude!"

Roxas shook his head "You know I don't believe in stuff like that"

"Really now? Then why'd you take the time to go in her apartment?"

Roxas just rolled his eyes and continued to push him out "Just get out Axel"

Then in a matter of seconds a raven haired girl passed by carrying a cup of coffee "Good morning guys!" she then looked at them intently "*giggle* isn't it a little too early for the two of you to goof around?"

Roxas blushed "X…Xion! G…Good morning"

"I brought your coffee Roxas" she said with a smile and a faint blush

"Th….Thanks…" he took the coffee hesitantly

Axel rolled his eyes "Well I'd hate to ruin the moment but Roxas and I have a little talk now if you don't mind Xion?"

Xion just looked at Axel with slight confusion and walked away "See you Roxas"

"S…See you Xion!" he said giving a shy smile and a weak wave

Axel raised his eyebrow and gave him a look

"What?" he said innocently and drank his coffee

Axel face palmed himself "You're hopeless…"

"I like her okay?" he looked in the direction where Xion went

If only he knew what I knew about Xion… thought Axel

Naminé woke up in a sudden jolt as the sunrise had hit her eyes. Her head was pounding violently and she didn't feel like standing up. She was on the floor…and tried to grab on to something to drink like water but she grabbed something soft. She felt a pillow? …and her blanket….

She suddenly sat up "Huh? What happened?" she began to stand up "I know I fell asleep on the floor and…" the more she tried to remember the heavier the pounding of her head became….

She then began to look around her house "Why is…everything so…clean?" the scattered bottles in the living room were gone, the pillows were arranged neatly, the dishes were done and then her once gloomy apartment became bright and shiny. She ignored it though because her main goal right now is to find some water, but then she saw a sticky note on the fridge.

Naminé right?

I am really annoyed with the annoying bickering you and your boyfriend have every 3:00 in the morning

I saw you unconscious on the floor and I felt sorry so I decided to clean up your house for you

Sincerely, your neighbor at room 302


She was confused by the little message she saw on the fridge, she continued to browse the sticky note "Roxas?"

She then thought about her neighbor…"What the hell was he doing in my house?!"

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