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Is It You?

Chapter 1

Claire's P.O.V.

I was heading to Mineral Town. My brother Jack used to lived there until he got married to someone from Forget-Me-Not Valley, so he moved there, leaving his farm and old home. He asked me if i could run his farm. Of course i said yes, i've always loved gardening and growing crops ever since i was very little. Plus, I hated my old job in the cities. I don't like living in the city, there's so many cars that cause traffic jams and then later after that I'll get yelled by my boss. While I was trying to sleep, my neighbors throw an all night party, I didn't get much sleep.

The boat stop with a loud thud sound as the boat collided the dock. I stand up and get off of the boat with a little help from Zack, he's the one who sent me to Mineral town.

"Here ya go" said Zack as he put down all of my luggages.

"Thanks Zack, I'll see you around" i waved goodbye but someone grabbed my wrist that make me turned around

"I forgot to give you this map, this town maybe small but you can still get lost though" He handed me the map and smile thinly at him

"I'll come to your farm at 5 PM to show how to ship items" he said with a big small

"Sure, anyways, thanks for the map" I waved again and turned around. To my right I could see two building, one looks like a restaurant while the other looks like a regular cabin. Maybe Zack lives there. I started to walk out of the beach and stopped in the middle of the Rose Plaza. If I'm not mistaken. I growled as I struggled with the map and released a small laugh when I succeed to open the map without just ripping it all apart just because I can't open it. I sighed before walking down the path that leads to my farm. My new home. I wonder if Jack upgraded his house, I don't like living in a one room house and he knows that I don't like living in a one room house. I bet the house is empty now he moved away or maybe he left it there and but new furniture for his new house with his new wife.

As I reached my farm, there's a huge field that kind of overgrown a little but there are some turnip crops growing. Still a little sprout. I heard a ehhem sound behind me, I turned around to see a short man in a red suit and a red tube hat. What is this? the 80's?

"Hello, I'm Thomas, Mayor of Mineral Town, and you must be Jack's sister" said Thomas. His height were around my waistline. From distance he might look like a kid dressed in red.

"Hello, My name is Claire and how did you know that I'm Jack's sister?" I asked after i shook his small hands. Surprisingly it's smaller than mine

"He talked about you almost everyday" he answered. Jack probably says bad things about me

"He says that you're honest, kind hearted, forgiving, trustworthy, very kind and beautiful too, and he was right about you being so beautiful" said Mayor Thomas. I flushed, did Jack really said that about me? even though we fought a lot during the past?

"Anyways, you should introduce yourself to the folks in town, after you are finish Zack will come and teach you how to ship items. And don't worry about watering the turnips, Zack watered them this morning before he picked you up. A-and don't worry if your new house is not upgraded fully yet, Jack spent a fortune on it and the furniture, I insist on buying the furniture but he knows your taste. A-a-and…um…." Mayor Thomas tapped his chin while he thinks what he's going to say. this guy sure talks a lot. I like that a little. just a little.

"The folks in town are very friendly and helpful, please stay here as long as you want. Enjoy your stay" He finally said and waved goodbye. I took my luggages and went to my new house, fully upgraded. As I walked in I was speechless. Jack does knows my taste on furnitures. There's a flat plasma T.V, a dark wood coffee table, black leather coaches and seats, modern-ish looking kitchen with kitchen utensils, a dark wood dinning table for 6 that matched with the coffee table, carpets, plants and a our family picture hanging up high above the T.V.

That photo brings a lot of memories. My mother was wearing a blue dress that match her eyes, her long blond hair tied up into a bun, my farther was wearing a black tuxedo and his brown hair is nicely comb back which make his brown eyes stand our more. And there's my brother Jack and me, i was sitting on my mother's lap while Jack sat on my father's lap.

both of us wear clothes that matches our parent's clothes. I was wearing a blue dress and Jack was wearing a tuxedo. I really missed my parents. My parents were divorced when I was seven, both of my parents went in their separate ways. I couldn't decided who should I follow. My mother or my Father? Jack picked our aunt Kana. I wouldn't want to lose Jack more than losing my parents. Jack has always been there for me even if we fought a lot. So I chose my aunt Kana and that's where my life begins in the cities.

I shook my head violently to shake of the memory. I walked into my bedroom to unpack my clothes and just as I expected, my bedroom was amazing. A black study desk facing the window with a black leather chair, light brown carpet floors, a leather coach, a bean bag chair, closet and a large double bed? Jack is way too forward, I'm still 18 and I won't get married in another two years or so. Plus no guy will ever like me in THAT way.

I sighed and start unpacking my clothes. After I'm done unpacking my clothes, I was thinking taking a shower first, I don't want any of the folks think I'm disgusting or something. I picked up my towel, underclothes, shirt and an overall and walk inside the bathroom, a fancy one, more like a luxurious one. I sighed again, why does Jack have to spend all of his money on furnitures, decoration, and bathroom thingies? it feels like I'm in a hotel instead of a house, this is even more fancier than my old house at the city. I rather stay in a one room house. I shook off the thought out of my head and stepped inside the shower. after 20 minutes later, I stepped out of the bathroom and went out of the house.

I wonder where I should go first, I look at the map that Zack gave me. I think I should visit people who were far from my farm then to the closest to my farm.

I have met so many good people, I even make good friends with Ann and Popuri. My last stop was the Blacksmith. As I walked down the red cobblestone road, the wind blew through my hair, the flowers gently danced with the light wind, the smell of nature filled up the air. This place was way better than the city, it's so much calmer and quieter. And just a flash, I saw the Blacksmith. Just a few feet away from the door, I could smell smoke and melted metal. I took a deep breath and walked inside. My eyes teared up from the smoke but I quickly wipe in away. An old man's voice startled me as I walked in

"Well hello there, I haven't seen you before, are you new here?" He asked, he wore a black shirt, a green sleeveless sweater and some khaki pants. He also has a bald shiny head and a long white beard that goes along with his white eyebrows

"My name is Claire, I'm the one who runs the farm here" I said with a smile. It's a challenge for me to smile while you're about to coughed to death in this thick smoke

"Ah.. I see, you're Jack's sister, I've heard about you" he smooth out his beard "It's a pity Gray it's here, he usually messed up with his work but I think he could learn a lot from you since you are a very hard worker" He continued

"Maybe I'll might him someday" I said politely and the old man smiles

"Oh I forgot, My name is Sebastian but you could call me by my middle name, Saibara" Said Saibara as he extended his arm for a handshake

"It's nice to meet you Saibara" I said as I let go of his hand and walked out of the store

I looked at my watch and it's almost 5 PM, Zack might be waiting for me. I said goodbye to Saibara and I ran fast as could towards my farm, when I reached my farm, Zack greeted me and show me how to shipped things. It wasn't hard really, just toss something in there and you'll get paid every day at 5 PM but holidays. When Zack left the farm I went inside my house to get ready to go to the Inner Inn with Ann and Popuri. They said that I should wear normal clothes instead in my overalls so I wore a simple baby blue button shirt and a pair of worn out jeans.

It took about 30 minutes to the Inn from my farm and I got there I was instantly got greeted by Ann and Popuri.

"Hey Claire, you made it" said Ann as she hugged me

"To be honest Claire, we both think you forgot about our plan tonight" said Popuri

"Don't be silly, I'll never forget" I smiled at the pink haired woman while forcefully try to break free from the red head who were hugging me very tightly like a python

"Anyways, lets go inside and eat and Ann we don't want Claire to die in her first day now do we?" Said Popuri as she helped me pull away from Ann

"Hehe, my bad, anyways let's go! My dad is making pizza for us and I don't want it to get cold now" Said Ann, taking me and Popuri from the wrist and forcefully dragging us in

We sat down on a table and ate our pizza that Ann's father Doug make. It was absolutely delicious pizza I have ever tasted. After we've done eating, we started talking.

Ann talked about Cliff and how cute he is when he lost his words and Popuri talked about Kai that always travels a lot and hated how her brother Rick always complains about him.

"So Claire, have you ever meet someone you like?" Asked Popuri

"Well I do actually, I was four years old when I met him" I blushed as the memory swirled around my head

"Really? What's his name?"

"I don't remember but I still remember his dark ocean like blue eyes and his short reddish blond hair, he was really shy at first but we got closer so he warmed up to me" I smiled

"How did you met him?" Asked Ann looking so stunned after what I said

"I got bullied by three boys, he hen steps in and saved me, that's when I started to like him"

"Did he ever liked you back?" Asked Popuri also to be stunned too

"I don't know, but I think he only sees me as a friend" I frowned "Sometimes I wish that I'll meet him again and confess to him like that is ever going to happen"

"Maybe you shouldn't give up, there's might be a chance he likes you too" Said Ann and Popuri in a unison

"Yeah, you guys are right but…" I trailed off and looked at my watch that says 8 PM "Gotta go guys, I had a great time, tell your dad that the pizza was delicious" I said as I hugged them goodbye to both of them. I walked on the road alone, admiring the full moon, the stars are all out tonight, it was a beautiful night. I was so distracted by the stars that I bumped into someone's chest and I almost stumble over him. who ever he is.

I looked up to see someone that I never met yet. He then looked down at me, his hat was covering his face but I could still see his ocean like eyes, it was so mesmerizing yet so familiar

"Sorry, I didn't see you there, I was looking at the stars" He said, his voice were low and husky

"It's okay, I should be the one who is sorry, I was also looking at the stars too" I said with the sweetest voice

"It's okay" he mumbled then he nodded and walked past by me.

He really looks familiar, especially his eyes, like the deepest ocean. I continued my path to my farm, thinking who was that guy, he was tall, shy but there is something inside of him, he has something locked up in him, waiting for somebody who has the key to open it. I shook my head and 5 minutes past I was on my doorstep. I went inside, wear my PJ's and went to bed

Gray's P.O.V.

"It's okay, I should be the one who is sorry, I was looking at the stars too" The blonde stranger said sweetly. Her voice sounded familiar.

"It's okay" I mumbled and walked away from her. leaving her alone.

She really does looks familiar, her long golden hair, her blue sapphire eyes and her voice was like and angel. So flawless yet beautiful… what? snapped out of it Gray! who don't know her, why would I call someone beautiful while you like someone else? I shook my head angrily and walked to the Inn.

"Oh Gray, you are late than usual" said Ann, her voice is to loud, I wish I could tape her mouth with some duck tape

"I went mining and I fell asleep by the Harvest Goddess pond while taking a break" I said simply

"I see, hey did you bumped into Claire?" Asked Ann as she turned her head to the side. Claire? who the hell is Claire?

"Claire?" I asked, feeling lost with the question

"Claire, big round blue eyes, long blond hair, her height is around your shoulder or maybe shorter than that" Said Ann

"It's okay, i should be the one who is sorry, I was looking at the stars too" So that girl is Claire huh?

"Um.. yeah. I did bumped into her" I said, feeling stupid

"Good, because I think you guys would be good friends someday and trust me, Claire is super nice, you can get along with her less than five minutes" she said, flipping her braid to her side

"Anyways, it's late now you should go upstairs and sleep" She went inside the kitchen. I growled when I walked up the stairs. I don't feel sleepy at all. I walked into my room and saw cliff my roommate sleeping on his bed. There are three beds, my one is in the middle, Cliff on my right side and Kai on my left side. Kai's my good friend even Cliff but sometimes Kai might get annoying

real annoying. I sighed and I took of my clothes and replace them with a white shirt and grey sweat pants. I lay down on my bed.

Claire….Claire….Claire…. She's so familiar to me, have I met her before?

My head hurts as I think about Claire, so many questions in my head right now, ready to be answered but I can't seem to answer them all. Ugh, stupid Claire! why does she look so familiar? I hated that I can't figure it out!

"Good, because I think you guys would be good friends someday…" I hope you're right Ann but there's something I don't like about her. She's mysterious and beautiful but my heart belongs to Mary, she's the one for me and not her. Even though Mary only sees me as a friend but someday I'll confess to her. In a few minutes I could feel my eyelids are getting heavier every second and just as I know it I fell asleep.

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