Part 2: the awakening of Herobrine

The legend of Herobrine

Notch pulled out his sword, and saw a familiar person in front of him "Steve!" he cried he tried to pull his arms around his son. But, his son pushed him away, with a new profound strength. Notch now saw that his son had now turned to the dark side of Minecraftica. Zombies obeyed him, spiders loved him, skeletons favoured him above other monsters, zombie pig men squealed with delight when he came to the nether. Enderman teleported to him, ghasts screamed the song of herobrine. Magma cubes, and slime cubes quivered with delight, blazes created fireworks in his name but worst of all. Hostile mobs and villagers were terrified of him. Notch ran as Herobrine chased him in pursuit for not saving him when enderman transformed him into the monster he was now.

So, notch fled to a different village this village was very special, there was a dungeon in the middle of the town the villagers loved notch for it was foretold that notch, the creator of this world would travel, for a massive amount of chunks and finally stop at this village the villagers waited for centuries on end but he did not appear. But finally after a millennium notch had come to the village called... Ica.

A massive amount of memories flooded back notch's mind about the first town he lived him it was called, minecraft these 2 towns were named after this world he created. There was a special currency in this town the villagers loved wheat. So as a gift to the village. He made a farm for the town not just any farm but a farm, so extraordinary that, it was nearly magical. Plants of every kind grew. from glistering melons, to golden apples. And even animal farms!

Soon everyone in the village new of the "legendary" notch. Notch decided to kill his son who was now known as herobrine. Notch mined and gathered all the supplies he needed, stacks of torches, some diamond armour, sword, bow and arrows, and some food notch went on for a while to collect this stuff. First he started tree punching. Then he was crafting before they knew it days went by as notch grew restless finally he got all the torches, and armour. Now he needed food.

Notch heard the distressed call of a villager.

Villager 1: it's a monster!

Notch: no it is not it is just a chicken

Villager1: no it is a horrible and vile evil creature from the nether that will only be satisfied by drinking your blood and eating your insides from the outside to kill you

Notch looked at the villager which was quite easy because the villager was in his face.

Villager 1: kill it!

Notch: no I will not it is a chicken

Villager 1: he slowly points behind him

Notch sees a zombie villager!

Villager 2: you cannot make me kill the beast I have a wife and children

Priest: no you don't you only have cats

Villager 2: but I might have one day

The villager being pushed in front of the chicken falls on the floor. And the priest locks all the doors and locks the villager's door. Notch watches intently to see what will happen.

The villager inches closer until the chicken squawks and lays an egg on the villager

Villager 2: I have been poisoned by this zombie villager from the nether

Notch: no you are not

Slowly he sees the villager slowly being consumed by rot and muck covering every inch of him

Villager 2: * grrrr* quick take this book before I * moan* become a zombie

Notch grabs the book and stabs the zombie villager in the chest

Villager 1: what does the book say?

Notch: it tells me how to find someone

Villager 1: who?

Notch: it is… HEROBRINE

Meanwhile in a stronghold…

Herobrine lurks in the stronghold and hears someone calling his name. Is it a villager? No it was his former father notch.

Herobrine sets off at night to find notch so he can take out all those years of pain when notch left him. How herobrine yearned for power. If he killed notch he would become the most powerful person on minecraftica.

So biome after biome herobrine searches for notch terrorising villages, burning in the sunlight, and commanding monsters to do his bidding. Herobrine finally finds notch's room he bursts in and finds that notch isn't there! Angry he tries to destroy the room but it is a trap thousands of villagers all named Steve in this town are armed and dangerous with all sorts of things to kill herobrine. Bows and arrows, potions, dogs, cats, swords, blocks, traps, and more!

Herobrine frightened tries to run back to the stronghold but notch's mob of villager warriors don't give up chase after a while notch and his mob capture Herobrine they trap him using unbreakable cuffs. But herobrine knows a way to get out he speaks to the enderman to get him out of here.

Notch comes to give his son an antidote to become good again notch would have to give the antidote to herobrine. So he enters the room where is herobrine he has disappeared from the jail notch knows that herobrine will try to find his way back to a stronghold so notch takes food, dirt, water bucket, his dog, rotten flesh, potions, armour, sword, bow, arrows, food, torches, and some eyes of ender.

The next day notch throws the eye of ender it falls just next to a mountain notch throws it again it lands in the same place. Notch runs back to his house to find his pick and starts digging it takes days but finally notch finds it he finds another terrifying inscription on the wall. It looks like this

..-. . .- .-. - . .- .-.. .-.. -.- . .- ... - ... . .- .-. - ... .. ... .-.-.- - .- -.- .- .-.. .-.. - ..-. -.- - ..- - .-. . - -... .-.. . .- .. - ... ..-. . .- .-. .-.-.- .. .- - ... . .-. - -... .-. .. -. . - .- -. . .-. - ..-. -.. .- .-. -.- -. . ... ... - .- ... - . .-. - ..-. -.- - ..- .-. ..-. . .- .-. .-.-.- -.- - ..- ... .- ...- . -.-. - - . - ... .. ... ..-. .- .-. - - - . ..-.. .- . .-.. .-.. .. ... .- ...- . .- -.- ..- . ... - .. - -. ..-. - .-. -.- - ..- .-.-.- .. .- .. .-.. .-.. -. . - - ..- - - ..-. - ... .. ... .- - .-. .-.. -.. .. ..-. -.- - ..- ..-. .. -. -.. -. - - -.-. ... ... - . .-. - -. - ... .. ... .-. .-. . ... ... ..- .-. . .-. .-.. .- - . - - -.-. .-.. .- .. - -.- - ..- .-. .-. .-. .. -.. . .-.. - - -.- - ..- - -. - - -.-. ... ..-. . .- .-. - -.- . -.- . ... .-.-.-

It was in block code it read:

fear me all ye who hear this. May all of you tremble with fear. I am herobrine owner of darkness master of your fear. you have come this far to me? Well I have a question for you.

I will get out of this world if you find notch step on this pressure plate to claim your prize look out notch fear my eyes.


"What was that" notch cried as he heard footsteps there was a flash of white light then fading into darkness a familiar voice said now you are my slave and will die by my wrath and.. notch heard no more the familiar inky blackness filled notch's mind as he though how could I fall for this trap as notch went out in the blink of an eye.