Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them. - William Shakespeare

I'm ordinary. I'm an ordinary man. I've seen things that should never be repeated in any sense at all. But that's all. Other than those things that have been thrown at me, I'm just plain John Watson.

Sherlock Holmes isn't like that. He's always doing something that's creating some kind of reaction in others. I can't do that, so when I do something "normal" and I see Sherlock smile, I feel pretty proud of myself. It's flattering.

It's been eight months and a week, just so you know.

Bit of a life update: my entries are getting shorter due to being busy. Working with Sherlock is one of the most exhausting things I've encountered. And I thought I'd be all right with this crap after almost a year. I suppose not.

Back to the subject. Or lack of one.

I think I've adopted a sense of admiration towards Sherlock. People usually do. Until they actually meet him. Sherlock's hated by that moment. I'm one of the people that hate him, too. I tolerate him, however. It's because he's phenomenal. It's because of that damn intellect of his.

As you can tell, Sherlock's able to deduce things by just a look. Not many people can do that. Many people can, at best, suspect one thing by just looking at something or someone. For example, if a wall has dents in them, I can assume that someone has done a poor job at taking care of the wall or has been punching the wall due to anger or stress. Or both.

But Sherlock can - and has, actually - deduced a building and its features. The paint job was horrible, I can tell you that. The building's growing plants from the cracks and spaces between the bricks. Bad job assembling the building, I think. There were other things that he said about the building, but I tuned out his commentary after that.

I'm babbling. I don't know. It's late and I should get some rest, but I'm here. In front of my laptop. Clacking away at the keyboard.

In short: Sherlock Holmes is one of the most fascinating people I've met.