His Hands are Her Belonging.

~ And She Mean it Literally ~

Two Blasted Rabbits

Alice's violet eyes are cast downwards, not meeting her uncle's. She fidget in her seat, her action bring her back to when she was ten when her uncle got seriously mad at her for jumping from the tops of the tree branch to the ground just to test how long it takes to reach the ground. In the end, she didn't really end up on the ground but on top of her uncle who lay sprawling on the grass in his desperate try to catch her. She remembered how her uncle would limp for weeks after that since she landed on his right leg. And she was grounded just almost as long as her uncle limped, perhaps longer. No, tv, no fast food and not even play time. Unconsciously she rubbed her rear when she was reminded of the walloped that she received.

As if knowing what in her mind, her uncle gave off a slight smile. "What are you going to do next Alice?"

She rubbed the back of her neck, searching for a perfect way to tell her intention. "I'm going to move back to Sablier. You know the house where mummy and daddy brought us up? I think I'm going to move there. I have enough to support myself and this child for at least another ten years. Perhaps after I gave birth, I'm going to open a ballet class somewhere there." She smiled when she saw her uncle frowned, his lips thinning, warning her that he's unhappy with her arrangement.

"What about the father? What did he say?"

At that her confident flattered, "Um... I didn't say anything yet to the father. Well you see uncle; he's in love with someone else. I think this will be better don't you think? I don't want to ruin his relationship with her." she replied back hesitantly. Alice gave off a slow breath when she saw a slight nod from him.

"So when you are going to move back?"

"The day after tomorrow perhaps. Alyss is going to help me to move back. Don't worry much Uncle Oswald, I'll make sure to spare you a room in case you want to visit me."

"With a bright pink bedspread" She added after though, teasing her uncle.

A slight twitched at the corner of his left eye almost unnoticeable; nevertheless she caught it just the same. And that made her laugh. Still laughing, she walked towards where her uncle sitting before she hugged him. "Don't worry Uncle Oswald, it just a thirty minutes drive from here to Sablier. Surely I'll come and visit you." She reassured the man, resting her hand one on each of his shoulder. For the first time in a long, long time, she took a good look at her uncle. Seeing few strands of white hair near his temple made her smile before she bend over to hug him again. "I love you Uncle Oswald"

And she really do.

Gilbert's amber eyes soften as he watched the black haired girl beside him chatter on, hand gesturing animatedly as her face glowed with happiness. A slight smile curved on his lips as she looped her hand around his arm, hugging it close, laughing when as she skipped a little to match his long stride. Her laughter came to an abrupt stop when a toddler bumped to her leg before falling back on her bum. Thank to his reflect, the child's head is safe from hitting the pavement. Nevertheless, that child begins to whimper. Soon, her whimper turned to a long wail.


"Lacie?" called a woman, as she approached the couple, behind her a boy around the same age as the crying child toddling behind her. Without a word, she picked up the little girl, shushing her crying all the while patting the girl back. With her black hair cut into a sharp bob, her hair came undone from behind her ears where she tuck it; obstructing his view on her face as she bowed at their direction, saying her apology. "Come Oz, Lacie, let's go" her hand held out for the boy to take it before she turned around and leave.

Perhaps it's the little girl's name that made him continue staring at the mother as she weave her way through throngs of people until she completely disappear from his view.

'Lacie huh?' he thought as he was reminded of what Alice's told him years ago.

"My late mother's name was Lacie"

"Wow, it must be tough for the mother. To have twin."

He then divert his attention back to the woman beside him. He then smiled, "But it must be great to have kids in the household. Don't you want to have a child of your own too someday?" And surprisingly he felt a flash of annoyance as his date scrunched up her nose in distaste.

"No way, do want me to get out of shape?"

That is how his relationship with Dalia for two and almost half years went out in frizzle.

And ironically, he didn't even lose a single sleep because of that.

To think that he lost two weeks of sleep when he could no longer reach Alice make the situation even more an irony.

He saw her again. The same woman with her twin children. He watched with fascination as she bended down and kissed her children on each of their cheeks, laughing. Half of her face is obstruct by her straw hat adorn with red ribbon, a similar hat with much smaller size on her daughter. Her son however put on a violet baseball hat that slide off heavily in front of his face. He took in everything – her hand as she paid for the hats, the sight flicked of her wrist as she threw her wallet back in her handbag. Her action that reminds him of Alice made him continue to follow the woman from afar.

"Hat sir? Perhaps the same one as your son?" the shop keeper asked him friendly.


"Oh sorry, I just assumed that kids over there with their mother are yours. Since that little girl has the same eye color as you."

At that, he paled.

Pulling up his courage, he decided to experiment with his theory. Eyes on her, he made his way towards her, waving pass the crowd. Once he's close enough, he called her name.


That woman turned around, her head tilled slightly. "Yes?" Despite half of her face is obstruct by that hat, he could see the tell sign that she's shocked by his sudden appearance. The slight thinning on her lips tells him enough.

"Just when you are going to tell me that I'm a father?"

She raised her left hand, pushing the hat backwards, revealing her violet eyes that now flashed with something akin to furry. He can't help but to notice a simple golden band around her ring finger. And his chest tightens, chocking him with something that latter he came to recognized as dread. "They are not yours Raven, back off. Don't be so full of yourself going around making assumption." She hissed dangerously before she grabbed both of her children and strode off.

And he was left there staring at her fading figure.

And it pissed him off.

Like he's going to lose that stupid rabbit again after three years.

Alice bath both Lacie and Oz before putting them to sleep after dressing them in their pajamas. Once she is sure that they were asleep, she ran down the staircase in her mad dash for the phone. As she dialed for her sister's number, she thank to whatever power above.

Thank god.

Thank god she wore that fake ring that she bought at the street market earlier – never mind that bloody ring turn her finger green. She never ever going to wear that blasted ring again. Nevertheless, that fake ring did safe her from him. At least for now.

Hanging up the phone when she met with a loud beep, she sighed, sinking into the sofa tiredly. So, what if she have no one to consult with? She can take the bull by it's horn. Alone. Just like how she did three years back when she first found out that she's pregnant. Rolling up her long t-shirt sleeves, she grabbed one of the pens that lay scattered by the coffee table before reaching for an A4 paper from the printer. Sitting down beside her so-called-study table (which is the coffee table) she started to draft her plan.

#1. Buy yourself a ring. A real one this time.

Right, now where should she get the ring? Any jewelry shop will do right?


Now, the budget for the ring.

She grabbed the letters that scattered around the living room, reaching blindly until she came up with last month visa bill. Her violet eyes scan the bill, hopping that she's not yet reached her limit last month. Perhaps she have few bucks extra from last month?

She growled when she finally reached the total of her bill. She knew that she's not suppose to buy Oz and Lacie their so call wooden horse never mind that they look absolutely adorable, smiling and laughing as they played with the horse. Annoyed, she threw the toy a glare wishing all her heart that it will 'puff' and turn back to her extra cash. After five minutes having a staring show down with the wooden horse, she sighed.

Maybe she can persuade uncle to borrow her one of mummy's ring?

#2. Find yourself a husband a.s.p!

She list off the name of her potential husband, crossing out a name after another until she came out with:

Xerxes Break and Vincent Nightray (the only men that she know didn't have a girlfriend or in any kind of relationship.) Without further ado, she crossed out Xerxes Break's name. Like hell she's going to ask that stupid clown to play pretend with her. Even that psycho Vincent is a far better choice than that clown.

#3. Call Vincent

"Hey Vincent, say are you free tomorrow?" without waiting for a reply she said "Great! I'll see you tomorrow then at our usual café ok? Ciao."

Smiling, she wrote a foot note under her plan.

Note to self: If worst come to worst, just call uncle. He probably know what to do.

With that, she fell asleep on the coffee table with a smile on her lips.

Just try your best stupid seaweed head; I will win in the end anyway. No matter what you do.

For the first time in the past three years he found himself standing in front of the Baskerville Mansion. With a steady hand, he pressed the bell.

He was greeted by Alice's twin sister, Alyss with a warm beaming smile as she usurer him to the living room. She purred him tea, served him biscuit and cakes all the while making a small comment here and there about the weather. Nevertheless, the air around them reek of pretends. She is nothing more than a perfect actress playing her role as an ideal host, fully knowing that he came visiting for a reason. And he's nothing more than someone who wants something in return for playing the role of a picture perfect guest.

"So, let's cut the chase. Why are you here?" Alyss asked bluntly her act dropped the moment she sat on the sofa, her leg cross. Her lavender eyes were perching as she stared at him.

"Alice" was his only reply.

"Yes, what about her? I told you before, she's in Sablier. She moved back to our old house. "

"Where is she?"

"That's for you to find out" Alyss gave him a brilliant smile as she stood, her long hair and skirt swishing behind her as she walked away from him, leaving him alone in the living room. Sighing, he finished his tea before leaving the mansion. The moment he's in the car, he grasped for his cell phone, calling his 'contact'.

'Why didn't he think of it earlier?' he thought, smirking as his 'contact' informed him with the address that he needed.

With that he drove to the address.

Gilbert's golden eyes stared at the run down house in front him, feeling cheated and not to mention humiliated when his cell phone beep with a massage from Alyss.

You can fire your contact. He's lousy. But then, it's not really his fault. Alice is always good at covering her track. And you know how Uncle Oswald would want nothing more than to provide her with the best security and privacy :p

He then cursed towards empty air in front him

Blasted Rabbits.

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