Chalice's point of view

"I am so dead," I say. I'm standing in the middle of what was downtown amity park before. Well let's not talk about that right now.

"Dude what will you dad say when he see this?" my best friend Lauren asks me. I couldn't answer her question. What was my dad going to say? Actually more importantly what was he going to do? You see I'm the daughter of none other than Danny Phantom. Yes the Danny Phantom, the world famous half man, half ghost. The Danny Phantom, the hero that saved the world at only fourteen years old.

"I don't know but I don't want to be around when he gets…"

"Chalice Ann Fenton!"

"…here. Just my luck," I mutter under my breath. "Hi daddy, so how are you?" I ask while rubbing the back of my neck.

"Chalice, what did I say about using your ghost powers!" Oh yeah I forgot to mention, I'm also a halfa, part human and part ghost. I inherited my powers from my dad. My mum wasn't too thrilled when she found out but that's life. She should just be lucky I wasn't drinking or doing drugs.

"Well dad, see the thing that happened was boxlunch attacked! And she was like beware and swoosh, throw some meat at innocent people and I was like, hey stop doing that. And then I went ghost and totally kicked her butt," I reply.

"Chalice, do you honestly expect me to believe a nine year old could do this. Honestly for a sixteen year old you can be so… you know what come here, it's time for your punishment. We are going to visit an old friend of mine."

I nod my head and decided to follow him. For the last four and a bit years he kept threating me that he was going to give me the great punishment but I never did do anything big, last time all I did was below up the school. Twice. But Skulker did attack me the first time and the second was a complete accident but of course knowing parents he didn't believe me. We were heading towards the clock towers. Dad was really going to get Uncle Clockwork to punish me, really. I was his favourite niece. Okay only niece but still he wouldn't hurt an angel like me.

"Clockwork? Are you here?" my dad shouts out as soon as we land.

"Hello Danny, I see it is time for her punishment," clockwork says appearing in front of us. My dad turns around and places his hand to my forehead. There was a flash of light and suddenly I was back in my human form.

"Dad what did you do?" I ask, look at my right hand.

"I have blocked your powers for now, where you are going you won't need them. At least till you has learnt your lesson."

"Where are you sending me," I ask timidly. I was scared, who knows what time period he would send me to. What if he sends me to a time period before ismas was invented. I don't think I would survive.

"I'm sending you to the year 2012, to see how it was like for me growing up. Maybe then you will stop destroying half of the city."

"But you were alive then, won't it damage the future."

"It won't, it was meant to happen and to make sure you truly learn your lesson, I'm blocking your ghost powers and your memory. The will eventually return but only when you need them."

My dad then touches my forehead and the whole world suddenly goes white.