Tucker's POV

"Danny? Danny can you see me?" I ask, waving into the camera on my laptop. I see the screen slowly fuzzing until Danny appears on the screen smiling as usual.
"Dude, yeah I can," he replies. Fiddling with his laptop a bit more. Man, I missed that guy.
"So dude, how is Florida treating you?" I ask.
"Dude, this place is amazing! You should come visit. I mean the facility is top class, the sites are amazing, and dude, it is just unbelievable. Look, I even got a tan," he says smiling, eyes sparkling while speaking. Wow he must be having the time of his life. "But I still miss home. Damn I miss you guys." I chuckle at his comment.
"We miss you too dude," I reply.
"Everyone is good? My mom, dad, your girl Kylie? What about Danielle? Is she settling in nicely?" he continues to question
"Yeah dude, everyone is great, Danielle is settling in nicely, she even made a couple of friends. You remember Sam's cousin Chalice? yeah she is hanging out mostly with her, Kylie, Kristian and Taylor," I reply. He smiles before frowning again.
"How is Sam?" he asks.

I shut my eyes for a moment before replying, "She is smoking again," I hear him groan. "Look Danny I didn't know what else to do, but…"
"It's okay Tuck, it isn't you fault." I open my eyes and see him chuckle, "It could be worse: she could be seeing another dude." The door opens behind him to reveal a tall brunette, with a deep tan.
"Danny, we have to go study. Can't mess up the exam tomorrow," She says
"Yeah I'm coming," Danny replies and the girl smiles before closing the door.
"Dude who's the hottie with a body?" I ask.
"Oh her, she's just my roommate, Carly," he replies.
"Dude nice," I say giving him that smile.
"What? No dude not like that! We have apartments with our own separate rooms and things, and Sam. Tucker, look man, I have to go, talk to you another time," he says giving me the peace sign. I return the peace sign and watch the screen go black. I get up off my chair and grab my PDA. I haven't hang out with Sam in a while. I checked the time; 15:30 (3:30). She's most likely at home since it's a Saturday. I was planning to meet up with Kylie at eight to watch a movie. I head out the door and grab the keys for the car from the bowl by the front door. I slide inside and start the car and head off for Sam's house.

I pull up in front of Sam's house and step out. I make my way up the stairs and was just about to knock on the door when it opens. Danielle and Chalice step out of the house. "Danielle?" I ask.
"Hey Tucker. If you're looking for Sam, she is up in her room," she replies. Her baby blue eyes directing me towards the staircase.
"Tucker, dude, I have a theory: if I was to put weed in cereal, would I get high?" I hear Chalice ask and see Danielle slap her forehead.
"Just ignore her; she is high. Anyways, we going to get some Chinese food, you in?" Danielle asks.
"Yeah, why not? You guys go ahead and get the food. Sam and I will catch up with you," I reply.
"Yeah okay, hey is that your car?" she asks pointing to my pride possession.
"Yeah, why?"
"Let me drive it down to the restaurant. I don't think it is going to be easy keeping her under control," she says pointing to Chalice, who was now standing looking up at the sky with a weird expression.
"Fine but take care of it."

I toss her the keys and she flashes me a smile then guides Chalice to the car. I was just about to step into the house when I remember something. "Hey Danielle wait! Do you have your license?!"
"No!" she shouts back as the car speeds off down the road. Crap! I groan before turning and heading into the house and making my way to Sam's room. I knock on the door before opening it and find Sam laying down on her bed, music was blasting from her stereo system. "Sam?" I ask.
"Tucker, do you know the name of this song? It's called 'Love Suicide,'" She then proceeds to sing along, "Tell me the reason why, you committed a love suicide, I think you want our love to die," Wow she had an amazing singing voice.
"Sam do you want to talk about it?" I was treading into unknown territory but she is my best friend.
"I messed up Tucker. I got mad at Danny for a stupid thing and now he's gone. All I have left is these stupid blunts and stupid music," she says, her head falls over the side of the bed and she stares at me. "And to make it worse, I have been all negative to Danielle. It isn't exactly my fault though. It is those damn blue eyes, they are so much like Danny's."
"Sam, listen to me. Danny loves you and he doesn't care about that thing. He isn't gone forever. He is coming back eventually and when he gets back, he is going to forget about that stupid fight. Trust me he really misses you," I say walking over and sitting down on the bed.
"He does?"
"He really does. Now, get up and get dressed. We are going to get some Chinese food," I reply. "And can we use one of your cars?"

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