Tucker's POV

Finally I get a say in this story. Even when I'm major people still don't want to hear my side, but whatever.

It's Friday evening, me, Danny and Sam were outside the nasty burger waiting for Chalice to show up. Danny and Sam were doing couples things and me well I was just left there alone with my PDA. Ahh my PDA, man has she been through it all, the ghost zone, battles with skulker, technus and even the South Pole. She was the only thing aside from my two best friends I could rely on. I check my e-mail to see another one complaining about the damages around town. I let out a sigh but look up to see Chalice coming towards us and the girl walking next to her… oh my god, I think I have just seen an angel. She had light Carmel skin, her long raven hair was blowing behind her, despite the lack of wind. Her face, wow nothing could describe her face, it was just simply beautiful. She was wearing bum shorts which showed off her long smooth legs. My jaw hang open but I didn't care, they eventually reached us.

"Hey guys sorry we are late, Danny, Sam this is my friend Kylie," Chalice said. Wait this was the Kylie I have been texting, wow. I thought it was just some random girl at the other side of the country that didn't know what I looked like. "Tucker you remember Kylie don't you?"

"Tucker Foley, TF as in for too fine," I say while standing up. Wait why did I just say that, that never works, crap I have blown my chance with her. Kylie lets out a little giggle covering her mouth, her grey eyes lighting up at what I just said. Wait again did she just giggle at what I said. Chalice stares at me with are you a stupid face. I slide my PDA, looks like I won't be needing her tonight.

"Come on guys the movie will be starting in the next half hour, let's get a move on," Sam says acknowledging that Chalice had arrived. "I heard this new movie has got more blood and violence then the last one." Kylies face scrunched up from the mention of blood.

"I'm guessing by that face you don't exactly like violent movies do you?" I ask Kylie.

"It's not that I don't like them, it's just I would prefer to watch something else," she replies. My gosh even her voice sounded heavenly. We stand in complete silence for a couple of seconds. Before chalice eventually breaks the silence.

"Guys shouldn't we get a move on before we miss half of the movie," she says turning on her heels and walking down the street.

Chalice's POV

We had just made it to the movie. I'm sitting on the inside isle, Kylie next to me and Tucker on the third chair. Danny and Sam had disappeared somewhere. Great I had gone from the fifth wheel to a third wheel. Why I'm I saying that were, the whole walk here Tucker had been 'flirting' with Kylie. Why I'm I putting flirting in quotes, because they were sad, I mean really sad lines. We were half way through the movie. Blood splattered onto the screen but of course Kylie didn't notice, she was too busy talking to Tucker. Being bored I mutter something about going to the bathroom, but of course they didn't hear me. I push up off my sit and walk off to the exit, I slip past the door, across the white tiled floors and entered into the bathroom, sighing I stand in front of the mirror. I felt a cold shiver run up through my body before the signature blue mist escaped from my mouth. "Great… which ghost is it now?" I ask to no one particular. Suddenly I felt my phone being pulled out of my tight black jeans. I spin around to see my phone flying towards the door. "Oh just my fucking luck," I mutter starting to chase after my phone. I rush through the door and look around seeing my phone heading towards the double doors to the outside world. I run after it, accidently bumping into someone. "My popcorn!" I hear someone shout but I didn't bother turning around to apologize or to help. Bursting through the doors I see my phone floating down the street, I growl. If I catch this ghost, I'm going to make it wish it never messed with me. I chase the ghost for a good block. Before eventually trapping it in a dead end road. The ghost suddenly becomes visible, turning around I can see it is wearing an old black gangster like suit, probably made in the early 1930's, a black Fedora and sharp black shoes. He was green and had a white beard.

"You know kid, I got to give it to you, and you got moxy. Not a lot of people would chase after a flying phone. Only the famous Danny phantom would, and because of that I give you my respect, but because of that I got to punish you, imagine the news, teenage girl found dead, evidence shows was killed after falling half a kilometre from the sky," the ghost says in a heavy new York gangster accent. The ghost takes off after me. Grabs me by my arms and takes off. Oh shit what have I gotten into, the ghost continues flying towards dismal heights. He eventually stops. "Oh well kid, it's been a good stealing from you, and I would like to officially welcome you to the afterlife," he says letting go of me and allowing me to fall towards the ground. I fell, towards the ground, the wind rushing through my hair, I wanted to scream but I couldn't. I had already come to the conclusion I was going to die. I close my eyes and mentally prepare myself for the impact. My mind goes still when I felt a strange sensation pass through my body. It felt like my body was changing but it wasn't painful. The wind stopped. Was I dead? I open my eyes to see the clouds above me. I learn up and felt my body push off nothing. A bird flies next to my head. Wait what was going on, I looked down and see the ground a good 600m below me, was I flying? How is that possible? I looked at my clothes and noticed the have change. I was now wearing a white jumpsuit. With black stripes down the inside of my arms. The was a black C on my chest. I had on white fingerless gloves and wearing white combat boots. The wind blows and my hair flairs in front of my face. Wait my hair is white. "What the fuck!" I scream. "okay calm down chalice, first thing first get back onto the ground and figure out what is going on." I look down towards the ground. I could make out a couple of policemen. Okay maybe heading down there now wasn't the best of ideas, I look towards the horizon and make out a hill just past the city maybe if I get there I could figure out what is going on. I learn forward and was surprised to actually feel my body move through the air.

Tucker's POV.

"Hey, what happened to Chalice?" Kylie asks me.

"Don't know I think she went to the bathroom."

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