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Melody's POV


"These are the Radio Rebels, live from the underground." Tara said next to me.

"You don't know who we are, but we know who you are, because we're one of you." I said

"Report cards came out tonight. We both got a minus in participation, but you can't give use a minus for who we are." Said Tara

Then I said "Yeah, so, since grades are being handed out, I'll give all of us at Lincoln Bay High an F for labelling each other... Jocks, outcasts, dorks, queen bees and their fellow 'pops', and the new born 'pops'."

"Guys these are all labels not who we really are. Once upon a time being different was a good thing, now this differences just divide us." Tara said agreeing with me.

"You deserve to embrace your awesomeness, stand up for who you are, reject the status quo, we dare you." I said

I should back the truck a bit.

My name is Melody, Tara and I are cousins. I live with her because my parents died a few years ago. I have blondish brown half-curly hair between my shoulders and elbows. I'm a bit shorter than Tara but I convince myself it's because she's three months older than me. Tara and I started doing the show 'Radio Rebels' because we wanted to show everyone who we really are, but we're too shy to actually doing it (the result of us using voice modulators).


Tara closed her locker after getting out her books, and i was still getting mine. Then Audrey started talking.

"Ok last night the Radio Rebels..."

"Were awesome?" I asked knowing what she was going to say.

"As usual! 'Reject the status quo' is my new life motto."

I closed my locker and we started walking with Audrey still talking about last night's show.

"They're so inspiring, so... themselves" she said before sticking her red lollypop back in her mouth. "I wish I could be more like them." Said Tara, and I 'hmm' ed in agreement. "Hey! You should talk to your step-dad." Audrey said all of the sudden. "What? Why?" she asked starting to panic. "Uhh... he runs the Slam FM, the biggest radio station in Seattle." Audrey said like it was obvious. "Maybe he can give you girls an internship; that would be a big confidence booster, right?"

"Are you kidding me? He's been married to my mom for what? Two months? He probably thinks I'm a total step-freak." Said Tara sadly, I tried cheering her up by saying "Hey, I'm sure he thinks the same of me." She looked at me the said "I don't think so you're totally fine talking with him, while I... well I freak out when he asks me what kind of cereal I want."

We started walking in the next corridor when Tara said "I just wish I could talk to everyone the way I talk to you, I guess that's why you're my BFFs... and cousin." I gave her a sympathetic smile. "Uhh... BFFTLEWEs." Audrey said confusing us. We both gave her confused looks and she said "Best friends for totally like ever without exception." "Catchy." I said amazed by her .

"What you guys need is a relaxation technique. When I'm memorizing lines for drama I imagine I'm breathing in the words." Audrey said.

"Audrey, what does that even mean?" Tara asked confused.

She cleared her throat breathed in and then weirdly said breathing out "You need to breath.. (breath in)..your words."

"How can you even breathe at a time like this?" Barry said coming around the corner with Larry, and they pushed us to keep walking.

"Problem Barry?" I asked annoyed.

"Last night the Radio Rebels gave the biggest clue yet about their identities. They go to our school." Barry said walking past us, then backwards, then forwards again.

"They mentioned it at 14:30 at Tuesday night's podcast." Larry said as we went into the elevator.

"Wow, obsessed much Larry?" Audrey asked.

"Obsessed? Please! I- I would hardly describe myself as obsessive." Larry said, and pulled out a wipe out of his shirt, and wiped off the elevator button while muttering 'obsessive' to himself. We gave him of 'really?'.

"What? It's flu season!" Larry said.

I just nodded and decided not to take the conversation any further. We started to come out of the elevator and they were STILL talking about Radio Rebels.

"It's so exciting, people on the radio who're actually one of us!" Larry said.

"It could be them… or them… or them… or them.. th-them." Barry said while pointing at a bunch of random girls.

"No those girls are too tall. The Radio Rebels' voices sound… 5'6 to me, and their hair are red and brown. Like Tara's and Melody's." Larry said.

"Noooo! They are nothing like them." Barry said. Wow, that hurt. Not really, but you know what I mean.

"Hey!" I said in annoyance and stopping .

"Wha-what's that supposed to mean?" Tara's asked obviously annoyed as well.

"Oh, we love you guys, but you two are nothing like Radio Rebels who are definitely blondes." Barry said putting a hand on Tara's shoulder then turning to Larry when he got to the hair colour part.

"And how do you know this how?" Larry asked.

"One of the Radio Rebels is my soul mate. We're connected, for example, I also got a minus in participation." Barry said. Wow. He can be so stupid some times

"How can that be? You never shut up!" Larry said.

"Exactly," Barry said, and we rolled our eyes. I saw Tara staring at something and looked in that direction. Stacy kicked a kid's toy car out of the way. She is so cruel and mean.

"Guys how do we reject the status quo, when the status quo is so… status quo?" Tara asked, and I hmm'ed in agreement.

"Like the Radio Rebels say... be ourselves," Audrey said, and then she turned around and started walking towards Stacey. I quickly followed her to make sure she didn't get embarrassed by Stacey. The rest followed me after sharing a glance with each other.

"Hi, Stacy. How's it going?" Audrey said to Stacy.

Stacey looked at her funny and then she chuckled and said "This is what I was talking about, everyone thinks they can talk to us because of those eternally lame, Radio babbles."

"We think she protests too much," Barry said to Kim

"Yeah, we thinks… wait, what do we thinks?" Larry asked Barry.

"That maybe she's one of the Radio Rebels," Barry said motioning to Stacy.

"Please, like I would ever encourage people like you, to talk to us," Stacy said.

"Ah ha! So admit you listen to them!" Larry said making a fool of himself. I just face palmed because of his stupidity.

"This one's staring at me. Make it stop." Kim said to Stacy. Barry was still next to her but he was now staring at her carefully.

"Please, don't stand so close to us," Stacy said annoyed.

"You and I aren't any different, like the Radio Rebels sai-" Audrey started to say before she got interrupted by Stacey

"No words. You don't think we're different? Watch and learn. Principal Moreno!" Stacy said, and Principal Moreno started walking towards us and said, "Stacy! Is everything alright over here?"

"Actually, no. Audrey was trying to get me to listen to some podcast in class. Of course I said no" Stacy said. Ugh! What a liar!

"What? No! I never-" Audrey got interrupted once again but this time by Principal Moreno

"You know there is an anti-distraction policy, let me see your bag." Moreno said.

"But I wasn't even listening to it," Audrey said while letting her take her MP3 player.

"Well now you can't. Can you?" Moreno said in a mocking voice.

"You two as well, hand them over." She said Tara and I without even looking at us. I groaned in annoyance but handed my headphones to her anyways. and

"Thank you for bringing this to my attention, Stacy" Moreno smiled to her and walked away.

"Get it now? Your little DJ heroes don't know what they're talking about," Stacy said.

I looked at Tara and she looked like she wanted to say something back at her.

"Oh, does her royal shyness want to say something?" Stacy said looking at Tara. Poor her, if it wasn't for her shyness...

She tried to say something but everything just came out as a stutter.

"I thought not." Stacy said. She clicked her fingers and left with her 'pops'.

I looked at Tara with a sympathetic smile and said "Don't worry Tara; you'll do it next time."

I felt like someone was watching me but I shrugged it off thinking it was nothing. I said by to the girls and headed for my class.

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