This is probably stupid(and I know it changes all of L's background) and I have no idea why the idea popped into my head but I was watching Baccano! and here it is…

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Light let the smirk fully bloom on his face as he entered the room. The empty room. The screens were down, the room dark. Light glanced around the room first and stopped short when he caught sight of a figure on the couch. He frowned, wondered if his father or one of the other task force members had stayed behind for some reason.

"I wanted to speak to you…alone first."

Light froze completely at that voice, his heart rate picked up, his breath caught. He fumbled for the light switch, moving on unsteady legs until he found it and the room was finally lit up.

"You…" Light walked numbly until he could face the couch, face the man sitting there. "How did you…?"

L gave him one of those humorless smiles. "It seems that not even your death gods can kill me now. I had thought it was possible." He tilted his head. "You should sit. You seem ill."

Light's legs gave out on him as he reached the chair across from L. "How?" He demanded.

"You know…you are not the first," L said, ignoring the question for the moment. "I know that I am a bit…eccentric but does the fact that I have fallen for two insane mass murderers in my lifetime make me just as insane?"

Light suppressed a cringe at that reminder, at the remembrance of the things he and L had done while they'd been chained together and his memories of Kira had been gone. It hadn't stopped him, after all, from following through on a plan that ended in L's death….or so he had thought.

"I had thought perhaps your Death Note would be the one thing to do it. I was wrong."

"This is impossible," Light insisted.

"Impossible? How many people have you murdered by simply writing their names in a notebook? I am sorry, Light. It seems I have cheated you out of your victory."

"How?" Light asked yet again.

"It was a mistake," L revealed. He paused, chewed on his thumb for a moment. "As was falling for the conductor. I made several mistakes back then. You would think that I would learn from them."

"What are you talking about?" The surprise was wearing off, giving way to anger.

"Hiding my name and face was a necessity," L continued, once again ignoring Light's question. "I am ageless, after all. And my real name could allow a person to track down others…but I have not had a fear of death in a very long time."

"But all the things you said…"

L let a small smile out. "Yes, I have become quite a good actor, haven't I?" He stood then, hands in his pockets. "I am afraid it ends here, however."

"This is not the end of anything," Light protested automatically. "I'll…"

"You cannot kill me, Light," L stated flatly. "And I cannot let you kill anyone else."

Light sat there, fuming and terrified as L studied him.

"I think I could have loved you under different circumstances. Perhaps if you had never picked up that Death Note," L said in the same flat tone of voice. He turned and started towards the door.

Light was still sitting, frozen when his father and the rest of the task force came into the room.