Chapter 2: The Mysterious Nigel Faust

The airship continued to sail over New York City until it reached an extremely tall glass building that was located near a large lake. The glass building was over one thousand feet tall and as the sun bore down on it, it glittered with such beauty, that anyone from miles around can see the beauty of this building. Piotr gazed at the building in such wonder, but then he remembered why he was riding on the airship and continued to concentrate on the mission at hand. The airship then headed to the back of the glass building where the lake is; however, when the airship was about to land on the lake, a secret tunnel opened up in the lake and the airship started landing inside the tunnel. Piotr looked on with awe at this new development and when the airship finally landed, Piotr quickly jumped off the airship and ran around a dark corner to hide. The door to the airship then opened and Nigel Faust stepped out of the airship with two large security guards surrounding him and started walking towards a small door at the end of the tunnel. As Nigel Faust and the security guards disappeared from the tunnel, Piotr then came out from the corner and started running towards the door that Nigel entered in and he starting following Nigel and the guards through a lavish looking hallway at a safe distance. When Nigel and the guards reached a small office at the end of the hallway, Piotr quietly stood by the door to the office, trying not to be seen. Nigel than began talking to his security guards about his plans:

"Well, gentlemen, I think that we have really proven ourselves to the citizens of New York today. Those miserable aliens did not know what was coming when we arrived in the airships attacking them out of the city! However, it seems that our "negotiator" was impressed by today's performance and wants to congratulate us on a job well done."

"Performance?" thought Piotr worriedly. What was going on? Suddenly, Piotr felt a gun being pushed up his back and heard a low voice, "Back away from the wall, dirt bag."

"You do not wish to threaten me in this manner, tovarisch," said Piotr slowly.

"Oh, a guy with a funny accent, eh? What nationality are you? European or something?" sneer the guard holding the gun.

"You will see soon enough," said Piotr and then he turned his body to steel and suddenly grabbed the guard and started gripping him in a death grip where he was slightly squeezing the guard, careful not to kill him but just simply make him unconscious. Unfortunately, even though Piotr succeeded in knocking the guard unconscious, several other guards suddenly came running up towards Piotr and had him surrounded.

"Well, well, well! It appears that we have an intruder in our midst, gentlemen! Or should I say, a fugitive?" said a slick voice behind Piotr.

Piotr stopped dead in his tracks and turned around to see Nigel Faust standing right at the doorway of his office. Piotr then cursed himself for being so reckless, but said politely to Nigel, "Nigel Faust, I presume?"

"Yes, and you must be…Colossus," said Nigel coolly.

"How do you know my name?" asked Piotr.

"Oh, it's not that surprising that I see your name on the wanted posters these days. It's amazing how the law had never caught up to you yet. Although, I have a mind to call the law enforcements right now, unless you tell me what you are doing here," said Nigel quietly yet in a dangerous tone.

Piotr thought quickly and then said, "Umm…I had heard so much about your accomplishments that I wanted to visit you in person. I guess I got a bit too excited and started wandering around the building until I got lost and ended up here. I know that I should have contacted you first about my coming here, but I just could not resist meeting you in person!"

Piotr privately hoped that Nigel would buy that lie, even though he was never very good at lying. But, Nigel just looked at Piotr with a cool gaze and said, "That's alright. I didn't notice that I have many…fans. Gentlemen, please escort Colossus to the exit and make sure that the security in this building is handled much better in the future. And also do something about the guard that is lying unconscious in the hallway."

The two guards then took Piotr away and left him outside of the building and went back inside. Piotr then looked up at the building and said to himself, "This is very strange indeed. I was not able to get enough information about this man, but from what I have heard from his conversation about his "performance," he cannot be trusted. I must watch out for him."

As Piotr walked away from the building, Nigel was looking down at Piotr through the window of his office. Nigel then told his guards, "Gentlemen, it seems that Colossus seems to know too much about our plans. We must keep him…busy so that way our plans will never be discovered."

Later on…

Piotr was walking down the streets of New York City, witnessing the destruction of the city caused by the alien attack early on. As Piotr gazed around the streets, he started to remember about when he was the avatar of the Cyttorak and how he had ran rampant in the streets in order to defeat Cain Marko's reign of terror. These were memories that Piotr wished that he could forget since they were extremely painful for him. Suddenly, Piotr heard high-pitched screams coming from the top of a building and he saw yet another alien being attacking an innocent bystander.

"Another alien attack?" Piotr asked puzzled.

Piotr wasted no time in running towards the building and once he reached the top of the building, he grabbed the alien and threw him several feet across the streets. Piotr looked on with satisfaction on his face, not noticing that another alien was watching him from above. The other alien then jumped on Piotr's back and caused Piotr to struggle with the alien as he tried to get the alien off of him. As Piotr was struggling with the alien, he and the alien were suddenly blown off the build by a big explosion. As Piotr landed on the ground, he then looked up to see where the explosion came from and out from the smoke, stood an African-American man who had tattoos all over his body. When the alien, who was on Piotr moments ago, saw the man and tried to attack him, the mysterious man suddenly slashed the alien in the belly and dark purple blood squirted out of the alien's body.

Piotr stared at the man in shock and then asked, "Who are you?"

The mysterious man just looked at Piotr with a wide smile on his face and said, "Just a friend, buddy! Just a friend!"