p style="text-align: center;" data-p-id="a649b52f4d7b6051340d5de4f0e46aa6"emstrongDigimon Frontier 02/strong/em/p
p style="text-align: center;" data-p-id="a649b52f4d7b6051340d5de4f0e46aa6"emstrongPrologue/strong/em/p
p style="text-align: center;" data-p-id="a649b52f4d7b6051340d5de4f0e46aa6"emstrongDark Sky/strong/em/p
p data-p-id="a649b52f4d7b6051340d5de4f0e46aa6" /p
p data-p-id="a649b52f4d7b6051340d5de4f0e46aa6""Nee-san, its looklike will going to rain sooner." An eight year-old child said to his older sister./p
p data-p-id="2a5b8c5e042ec8ea424d85c0679234c1""Ah,,, you're right..." a shadowed flying object said, as it's also staring at the outside of their house through the glass window./p
p data-p-id="3c3635d1199c76782f3631d2fe47a68d""What you think princess?" The shadowy figure asked./p
p data-p-id="5406e05f179df39de8c179cd6aa08a59""Something is happening at the Digital World, right now." A female voice replied./p
p data-p-id="88a1195ae1e796025b73cd96bff45a14""Whatever it be,,, I wish its not that 'guy'." The flying creature said with sad tone./p
p data-p-id="b03915d433ee79e6aa44f67807385342""Lets just hope... because right now, I don't have anything to use to fight agaisnt it." the female shadowy figure thought./p
p data-p-id="9efc314b65237d5d646e1b817372afc6"-/p
p data-p-id="de5318b6e4d907517524d1a36b73ee99""A..ahh! Its going to rain soon!" Another female voice said./p
p data-p-id="f8487da8c5bd9f83b6a49f61218db08b"This girl has black hair and blue ocean eyes./p
p data-p-id="49261c5a161ea27db1f05096d5633320""Its no use, even I want to send you guys there, it will take a long period of time to finish this thing. The worst part is, I can't assure you two that I can fix this in right time." Said of an older guy./p
p data-p-id="fce39d332cda8ee8c50ad88435071cbe""But Uncle we must go there! Or else the two worlds will destroy completely!" Protested of a teenage guy./p
p data-p-id="156ed115a34c5b4464859435505ad5f8"This guys has black hair and red crimson eyes ./p
p data-p-id="ed71ff5bed1de9fcc09848b29cfdcc2f""We must do something!" He added/p
p data-p-id="56b3fe93e9d81fd204509bc42e50ade2""All the sacrifices should not be waste. Please Uncle, we really must help them." Stated of the girl./p
p data-p-id="5939d1b1d66c5e579206a44208fe92e1"The old guy sigh.../p
p data-p-id="9caea10db2c0a0472e83dc949977af41""You two. You guys really reminding me of those two. Well I did warned you guys that this will take long period of time but I try my best to fix this thing that 'he' left to us."/p
p data-p-id="cfab1ba8c67c7c838db98d666f02a132"-/p
p data-p-id="72be1dd6c347d11a6124106eefaf3c50""Come you princess, join us, as we conquering this world and bring it to total darkness."/p
p data-p-id="04487f2a98ea1df693f2715ecd815464""Will I can have friends if I help you?"/p
p data-p-id="7fe93f43a43052825057df20d680beef""Of course! You can have anything you desire when you help me... and to prove it to you, heres my little fellow, she'll be your partner."/p
p data-p-id="9574155fd70753f8f534b30c06aeef70""Let's go, and rid those devious rebels..."/p
p data-p-id="ac9e2090702877812c3c8a4058034be9"-/p
p data-p-id="7ecdc588bd36fd016f9fe8fe1f841083""Its going to rain soon huh." Koji said as he staring at the dark clouds./p
p data-p-id="056f7b00b753581fb919714e9a445a6e"Koji is right now inside of a bullet train with his twin older brother Koichi./p
p data-p-id="093107e760964a60e79d5d39411f61f0""You're right. But why I feel uneasy?" Koichi said as he holding to his chest./p
p data-p-id="82492c81e600d4dbd76a8de9aefdfef1"Koji turn to him./p
p data-p-id="e30d27b4fda0922944da73981850c258""Are you alright, Koichi?" He concernly asked/p
p data-p-id="00c8ebf7b630d092e94ae4e15fc155b5""Yes, its not that bad. But..."/p
p data-p-id="301f5577fab7dd251f1799c0c0350401""But?"/p
p data-p-id="b7217e9e998309409730cc2d2d135392"Instead of continue his own words, he just drop the idea, and smile to his brother./p
p data-p-id="b9662144dba032e63c9b060133f00d33""Its nothing to worry about. Its not that serious, promise."/p
p data-p-id="d6743584c84d7e37cbd7227aa68dcdbe""Fine... but if you want to talk about it, just tell me and I will listen whatever it is. But... I think we have same uneasy feeling about this. I wish its not that bad."/p
p data-p-id="23f5608925211d79e21ae3e61076f86c"Koichi nodded as he turn to window./p
p data-p-id="c2ca521ea30bf85630604528a4eae5d3""Yeah, I hope so..."/p
p data-p-id="3400a66b19c4e33c867278aa554b2068"-/p
p data-p-id="a1c00538d14c14797bcd55b8921d7875""What is this uneasy feeling?" Takuya wondered as he staring at the dark sky from his house./p
p data-p-id="ec370be96acc4fcebf3a366459f31165""Hey Oniisan lets play!" Takuya turn to his little brother./p
p data-p-id="7051550a876ccf78736e55a888ebf546""Okay," he answer./p
p data-p-id="c38c74babaf747b0dfe25e242d95a443"-/p
p data-p-id="e381a0280adc10af3ab65e0ae8e73dfd""Junpei, are you finish getting our laundry outside?" Old woman voice rung to Junpei's ears. While he staring at the dark clouds./p
p data-p-id="4df4419fb340a7804522e4ea273b88a3""Has everyone have same feeling like mine?" Junpei thought./p
p data-p-id="2276b7398cfbdcf292e10d904c9ed9ab"-/p
p data-p-id="e15705d146ca1584da7057446c0eec8a""Tomoki! Lets go home, it will soon rain!" Tomoki's older brother call out./p
p data-p-id="0c630b86e5310eadce73b2cb4967609f""Yes brother!" Tomoki answered to his older brother./p
p data-p-id="9c55411692dbdbb34c40e921a41b0496""I hope its nothing serious." Tomoki thought as holding his soccer ball and staring at the dark sky./p
p data-p-id="7083bce18553c2516ce74d0838ce3b1b"Then he run to his brother./p
p data-p-id="298416000c77bcc59cda69a9f753c82c"-/p
p data-p-id="0c278896d0e4cfbf3552ccc318d1dc74""I don't like this uneasy feeling that building up in me now." Izumi thought as she staring at the dark sky from her room./p
p data-p-id="6532dec61cc3837fbb81a34594f84648"-/p
p data-p-id="527ad6bf3733b560882d9c06b0a79b05""Hahahaha finally! Finally you're free now!" Creepy digimon happily greeted a certain digimon./p
p data-p-id="81222421c679d13a18600ff54662d3e5"-/p
p data-p-id="310ae32cd69476fa1a88a5fb1bdf121f"No one knows what will happen... sooner or later./p