Dark Sky

"Nee-san, its looklike will going to rain sooner." An eight year-old child said to his older sister.

"Ah,,, you're right..." a shadowed flying object said, as it's also staring at the outside of their house through the glass window.

"What you think princess?" The shadowy figure asked.

"Something is happening at the Digital World, right now." A female voice replied.

"Whatever it be,,, I wish its not that 'guy'." The flying creature said with sad tone.

"Lets just hope... because right now, I don't have anything to use to fight agaisnt it." the female shadowy figure thought.

"A..ahh! Its going to rain soon!" Another female voice said.

This girl has black hair and blue ocean eyes.

"Its no use, even I want to send you guys there, it will take a long period of time to finish this thing. The worst part is, I can't assure you two that I can fix this in right time." Said of an older guy.

"But Uncle we must go there! Or else the two worlds will destroy completely!" Protested of a teenage guy.

This guys has black hair and red crimson eyes .

"We must do something!" He added

"All the sacrifices should not be waste. Please Uncle, we really must help them." Stated of the girl.

The old guy sigh...

"You two. You guys really reminding me of those two. Well I did warned you guys that this will take long period of time but I try my best to fix this thing that 'he' left to us."

"Come you princess, join us, as we conquering this world and bring it to total darkness."

"Will I can have friends if I help you?"

"Of course! You can have anything you desire when you help me... and to prove it to you, heres my little fellow, she'll be your partner."

"Let's go, and rid those devious rebels..."

"Its going to rain soon huh." Koji said as he staring at the dark clouds.

Koji is right now inside of a bullet train with his twin older brother Koichi.

"You're right. But why I feel uneasy?" Koichi said as he holding to his chest.

Koji turn to him.

"Are you alright, Koichi?" He concernly asked

"Yes, its not that bad. But..."


Instead of continue his own words, he just drop the idea, and smile to his brother.

"Its nothing to worry about. Its not that serious, promise."

"Fine... but if you want to talk about it, just tell me and I will listen whatever it is. But... I think we have same uneasy feeling about this. I wish its not that bad."

Koichi nodded as he turn to window.

"Yeah, I hope so..."

"What is this uneasy feeling?" Takuya wondered as he staring at the dark sky from his house.

"Hey Oniisan lets play!" Takuya turn to his little brother.

"Okay," he answer.

"Junpei, are you finish getting our laundry outside?" Old woman voice rung to Junpei's ears. While he staring at the dark clouds.

"Has everyone have same feeling like mine?" Junpei thought.

"Tomoki! Lets go home, it will soon rain!" Tomoki's older brother call out.

"Yes brother!" Tomoki answered to his older brother.

"I hope its nothing serious." Tomoki thought as holding his soccer ball and staring at the dark sky.

Then he run to his brother.

"I don't like this uneasy feeling that building up in me now." Izumi thought as she staring at the dark sky from her room.

"Hahahaha finally! Finally you're free now!" Creepy digimon happily greeted a certain digimon.

No one knows what will happen... sooner or later.