Primary Village

"Wait! How did you guys know about what happened that night?" Izumi asked shocked as she keeping her voice low as much as possible.

"That's a secret, at least for now!" Tsu grinned said

"We know lots of thing about you and goggle head. But too bad we can't share it!" Koko said

"I can't believe that! Takuya already confessed to you!" Koji confusing said

"So do I" Izumi replied

"But why you not tell us that. Isn't that something to talk with the others?" Koji said. This caused of a death glare that he received from the warrior of wind. Sweat drop appeared on Koji's bandana with nervous hit him "Alright! Alright! I won't tell them! Even to Koichi!" Koji swore through his nervous to be hit by Izumi

"And to Takari-san too!" Koko added. Koji slowly nodded

"Okay! Especially Junpei!" Koji followed "But I wonder what kind of reaction that Junpei will give"

"I bet he will be furious to Takuya!" Tsu said

"No wonder about that" Koko agreed

"By the way! To be clear, we just confessed that we love each other, but that does not mean that he's already my boyfriend." Izumi said to the three.

"Since when Takuya have to tell you that not!" Koji said, again he received a death glare from the warrior of wind.

It happened eight days ago. Izumi Orimoto didn't tell to Takuya about that, since goggle head is always with Takari for an unknown reason to them all. Ten days has been passed since they leave the village of Gekomons and when they met a young girl named Alice, who didn't have memories of her life before she met Takari on Shibuya station.

The gang are walking right now on a field where no railroads for Trailmons. Everyone has stopped when they saw that the road is separated on two ways, both forests.

"So... What now?" Tsu asked "where we have to go?"

"Maybe..." Takuya started

"There!" Takuya and Izumi said together, but they're pointing on different direction. Takuya on the right while Izumi on the left. Sweat drop form in the two teens' head

"W... wait Izumi!" Takuya started again still pointing on the right

"And why you choose that?" Izumi asked to male brunette with goggle

"My instinct told me!" he answered while facing his (unofficial) girlfriend, crossed arms.

"Me too!"

Silence... And they both turned to Takarithat with Koji and shout together this to her "Takari WHAT DO YOU THINK!" Of course this make the female brunette take a step backward

"WAIT! SINCE WHEN I BECOME YOUR PEACE MAKER?!" Takari asked with sweat drop.

"What about your digivice? It can detect crests, right?" Koji asked

She looked at him "No luck! The only crest that appearing in my digivice is only your Crest of Friendship, Koichi's Kindness and my Light" The headphone girl reported.

"Well I guess, it will be convenient if we take both ways," Koko said

"But to do that we must separate into two group" Renamon said. Koichi nodded

"Or else we just waste our time if we stick into one" he said

"But how we can be together again if we parted our ways?" Alice asked.

This passed ten days she became more talkative and friendly to the digidestineds, especially to Koichi. She also learned some details about the digimons, Digital World and the business of the digidestineds.

"We have d-scanner. We can contact each other to meet up in a place" Junpei said.

"Junpei's right! So... let's decide who'll be in the groups!" Tomoki said and they all nodded.

"Let's split up with equal members" Renamon said and dedigivole into viximon "But I will always be with this two" As it's referring to Tsu and Koko, Viximon then jumped on Tsu's shoulder.

"I'll go with Izumi-chan!" Takari answered.

"I feel like to go there!" Tomoki said as he pointing the left direction "And I don't want. Takuya-niichan's instinct when it comes to this!" he whispered, low enough to not notice by Takuya.

"Me too, I felt that something dragging me there!" Junpei said

"Koichi and I will split. I'll go with Izumi-chan's group" Koji said. His older twin nodded

"And that brings me into Takuya's group!" Koichi said

"So all that remains is me, Alice, Tsu, Koko and Viximon, and we're going to the right way, while you guys go on left way!" Takuya cleared. All of them nodded.

"Koichi take care of Alice!" Takari said to Koichi. He nodded

"And please take care of my brother, Takari-san!" The warrior of water nodded. And the group parted.

On the direction of Izumi's team went, they arrived at a place with colorful small buildings. The team saw lots of digieggs and it gave to Koji, Izumi, Junpei and Tomoki confusion

"Why on the earth that there's so many digiegg here?!" Junpei asked.

Silence... Then Takari excitedly shouts "THE PRIMARY VILLAGE!" While running towards of the village, leaving her friends more confusion.

"Primary Village?" Koji questionably said. No one answer and he expected this; Junpei just shrugged his shoulder saying

"Don't know" and the four remaining kids followed her.

While the four walking towards of the small village, Takari stopped and sat in front of a digiegg with a symbol that identical to her Crest of Light.

"This egg? How on the earth?" She questionably said.

The digiegg that Takari found was placed in a desk with pillow for support was in some house. Five years old little Takari has been staring in the digiegg and she sighed

"What's wrong sweety?" Asked by her mother

"I hope she/he will awake soon" Little Takari replied sadly

"Don't worry, she/he will surely back to us again. Just like the old times, right Hikari?" said by her father. Hikari nodded to her husband Takeru.

Then Patamon flew on Takari's side "just watch and see!" the orange cute rookie digimon said to her. The five year old girl just nodded...

Takari lost in her thoughts when someone tapped her shoulder, she slightly jumped in surprise and immediately turn to Koji.


"Is there any problem, Takari?" Koji asked with a tone of concern. Takari shook her head with smiled and she stood up

"Everyone?" She asked. Koji looked at the different direction, she followed his sight. She saw the other three friends approaching them.


"You know what Izumi-chan. I noticed those two has become really close to each other" Junpei said, referring Koji and Takari.

"I noticed something more about them!" Izumi replied.

Takari held out her d-scanner and the map showed. This time there's four different color orb appeared on the map.

"There are two crests sleeping here!" Takari announced while the others getting near at them. The trio heard her announcement so smile carved in their face

"Really Takari-nee!" Tomoki excitedly asked. Takari nodded to the warrior of ice.

Izumi's team started to walk towards of the direction that map saying. On one of the small buildings they saw a Elecmon that sat there like a puppy and waiting for its master. The kids stopped and looked at to the red digimon.

DIGIVICE:: Elecmon

Is a Mammal Digimon. It retained Tsunomon's mammal-like elements and digivolved. It's very curious and lively, and inherited its prank-loving personality from Tsunomon. Also, Elecmon possesses nine tails, and during battle, it fans out its tail like the plumage of a peacock to intimidate its opponent.

"Welcome to this Village, our beloved Digidestineds!" the digimon greeted the group of chosen ones. Then the red digimon looked at to Takari "And long time no see Takari -chan!" Takari nodded

"It's been a long time Elecmon!' She replied

"You know this digimon Takari?" Junpei asked. The female brunette nodded

"Elecmon is the guardian of this village since then" she answered

"And I've met her father and his partner while back he was just a child. I think Takeru was much younger back then than you!" Elecmon proudly said, referring Tomoki

"Takeru?" Tomoki wondered

"That's my father's name..." Takari answered "Anyways Elecmon! Do you know where the Crest of Knowledge and Courage is?" Takari asked to the little digimon.

"Yes I know where are them" it replied.

But before Elecmon direct the crests to them, a loud laugh heard from the above of village.

The digidestineds with Elecmon become alert. When they looked on the sky they saw a human creepy digimon with red/black cloak. The laughing digimon stopped in its bussiness and...

"Thank you stupid brats! You actually guided me towards of the crest and to this stupid 'secret' village" the evil digimon speech to the digidestineds, then its eyes concentrated to brunette head phone girl "And welcome back our beloved Princess! The only human who born here in Digital World Princess Takari, o' our Princess!" he greeted to her that not she enjoying at all.

"So you do not change. You still an evil as ever and now you become one of six generals, loyal or more of one of the loyal dogs of Chadramon, aren't you MYO-TIS-MON!" Takari calmly said.

DIGIVICE:: Myotismon

Is an Undead Digimon. It was resurrected through the dark arts and obtained mighty powers. Originally a brutal computer virus which destroyed the computer data it absorbed, it possessed the ability to revive the destroyed data as malignant computer viruses. As the owner of an extremely cruel and cunning personality, it is exceedingly difficult to destroy this Digimon. However, it cannot demonstrate its powers outside of the night, and its power is cut in half during the daytime.


Grisly Wing (Night Raid): Manipulates a countless swarm of bats, and begins a surprise attack.

Crimson Lightning (Bloody Stream): Uses a stream of blood like a whip.

Nightmare Claw (Dead Scream): Sends out a black, ghost-like entity that turns the victim black and paralyzes them.

Nightmare Wave: Fires electricity which amplifies the target's doubts and mistrust.

"He's one of six generals!" Junpei said

"He appeared earlier that I expected!" Izumi commented

"Dogs? You were calling us dogs, Princess!"

Takari smirked "Just accept it. You guys are only 'poor loyal dogs' of Chadramon. Nothing more, nothing less!" she insulted the digimon.

"Wait Secret village?" Tomoki puzzled asked. Elecmon nodded

"This village has become Secret village since the crests chose to sleep here. And to protect the village a barrier covered the whole village that become impossible to anyone or anything to saw or detect" Elecmon explained

"That's explains of why my digivice didn't able to detect the crest earlier" Takari said, suddenly ignoring their enemy "Anyways... We still have battle that itching to start!"

The four companion kids and red digimon looked up to Myotismon

"We must protect the Primary village from them and protect also the crest until Takuya's team came!" Izumi speech


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