Previously on Digimon Frontier 02::

"Welcome to Primary village, our beloved Digidestineds!" Elecmon greeted the digidestineds.

"Thank you stupid brats! You actually guided me towards of the crests and to this stupid secret village!" Myotismon said

"You do not change. You still an evil as ever MYOTISMON!" Takari calmly said.

"We still have a battle that needed to be start!" The digidestineds and Elecmon looked up to Myotismon

"We must protect the Primary village and the crests from him!" Izumi said

Trust, Courage, Light

"SPIRIT... EVOLUTION!" The chosen children chanted as they scanning their digicode






"So these kids were in the legend. The kids who inherited the spirits of ten legendary warriors" Elecmon thought after saw the evolutions of human kids turned into digimons.

The battle started between the five digidestineds versus Myotismon.

Meanwhile on Takuya's team place. They just finished on searching for any signs of crests or enemy. But they doesn't discover any of it, unlike Izumi's team that found a secret village, two crests that still unknown to the kids and a creepy enemy.

The team has waiting on the outside of the forest for the other team to come out with good news.

"Why've they taken so longggg!" Takuya bored said

"Maybe they discover something interesting" Alice guessed

"Hope so!" Koichi replied.

Then a loud explosion they heard from the other forest where Izumi's team was. They all get alert

"What is that?" Tsu worried asked

"Let's find out" Takuya said and they nodded then run towards of the other forest.

Meanwhile the digidestineds who's in the village are already dedigivolve back to their original form and they very exhausted, they all lied in the floor of the village. While the enemy, Myotismon laughing at them. The Primary village has almost destroyed because of the battle; Most of the unborn digimons was already came out their data's, some is still safe, but some of it is already open not because that the digimon inside has born but they already destroyed.

The children are really careful in fighting to avoid any disaster on the village but their enemy is not like them. Myotismon was blindly attacking them that he didn't even consider the digieggs. And Elecmon is fully wounded because of protecting the two weird digieggs.


Takari sat up, look very exhausted but smirk form in her lips "Yeah that's true. That the first group of digidestineds gets a hard time at beating you..." Koji, Izumi, Tomoki and Junpei sat up even they also exhausted "But... They still beat you! Myotismon don't you know? That the new generation is far stronger than the old ones! So WHO ARE YOU NOW THAT WE CAN'T BEAT?!" On their eyes determination can be read at it

"We will not... let you to do... any of you PLEASE!" Izumi exhausted yet determined said

"We will protect... all of the DIGIMONS!" Koji followed

"We're going to protect our FRIENDS!" Tomoki

"We're fighting for the sake of DIGIMONS AND HUMANS!" Junpei.

They all got on their feet

"Because we're DIGIDESTINEDS!"

Then a blinding light coated the whole village. Meanwhile Takuya's team stopped when they saw the blinding light

"Wh... what is that light?" Koko asked while covering her eyes.

Junpei Shibayama, the warrior of thunder spirits opened his eyes and jumped a little when he saw the two spirits of him that in his front and a digiegg with weird symbol appeared in between of his spirits. The digiegg cracked and violet small plate came out on it.

Tomoki Himi, the warrior of ice spirits also saw his two spirits in his front. Also a digiegg with weird symbol appeared between of his spirits. It opened and an orange small plate came out on it.

"I heard your cry! To have more power to protect the others. You wish to protect them even the digimons are just made on data. I truly grateful that Digital world chose you to protect it. Now wield this crest!" a voice of a woman said to the both of them

"Who are you?" Tomoki and Junpei asked.

They didn't heard each other's voice

"Someday you will learn. Remember this chosen one of thunder/ice 'have guts to 'Never give up' and always 'stand up' in every battle against" she said "Now accept this crest(s)"

The light that coated the place is little by little becoming small. Before it gone Myotismon heard a two boy voice shouting


When the light finally gone, Koji and Izumi wide eyes as they looking at the two almost giant digimons in front of them

"Are you guys are... Tomoki and Junpei?" Koji asked to the two standing almost giant digimons

"Yes we are Koji" The Kabuterimon-like answered



An Insect Digimon and Mega-class Hybrid Digimon


Thunder Laser

Condenser Storm

Ultimate Thunder


A Cyborg Digimon and a Mega-class Hybrid Digimon.


Ichigo Death

Blue Hawaii Death

Kakikaki-kun Blast

Storm Hammer Breaker

"How you guys do that?" Izumi asked

"I think it's because of the crest!" Daipenmon replied in Tomoki's voice

"My guess is the little brat got the Crest of Courage while the fat one got the Crest of Trust" Elecmon said. Even the word 'fat' and 'little brat' is more like an insult, the two digidestined that in now form of new digimon evolution did not mind it anymore.

"Let's go Daipenmon!" Rhinokabuterimon said

"OKAY!" Daipenmon agreed.

Then they once again started the battle against the evil enemy digimon.

While they're fighting for the sake of Primary village and remaining digieggs, Takari Takaishi was floating in a dark air-space. There's no one there except to herself. Then she heard a female beautiful voice from out of the nowhere calling her name

"Takari, wake up Takari!"

"Who are you?" Takari asked not intending to open her eyes

"I'm ...!" In the voice replied Takari shot her eyes wide opened in shocked

"You're..." she hesitated said

"Takari, the Primary village has destroyed because of the two forces that fighting there. Takari our Princess, use your crest of light to fix everything back to normal. Please, you're the only one who can do it. Everyone's knows that, especially your mother Hikari!"

"Here! Use this, Tk-chan" Hikari Yagami-Takaishi said, while giving her Crest of Light to her five year old daughter.

Takari holds the Crest of Light and pressed it in her chest using her both hands. A village in Digital world was destroyed because of devimon. The first generation with second digidestineds able to defeat the bad digimon but the village was destroyed. Taichi, Yamato, Takeru, Hikari and her cousin Taio saw Takari sad impression. She sad because the village destroyed and the little rookie digimon Lopmons and Terriermons got hurt. So Hikari, her mother lend to her the crest of light that in yellow tag.

"Tk-chan, wish for your... our friends!" Takeru Takaishi, her father said to her. Young Takari nodded to her father and closed her eyes and she started to make a wish.

At that time the whole village has back to its normal state and the Lopmons and Terriermons also the digimon partner of the digidestineds healed.

"Yes that's right."

"I did it before... I wished to back that village in its normal state and heal the wounds of everyone. I wished it and the crest granted it. But I can't remember on how I actually did it and what happen to me afterwards" Takari thought

"Just wish from the bottom of your heart!"

"STORM HAMMER BREAKER!" Chanted by Daipenmon

"CONDENSER STORM!" Chanted by Rhinokabuterimon

"NIGHT RAID" Myotismon chanted as his bats appeared from his cloak the bats acted as a barrier for him.

As the two digimon chosen children's attack hits the barrier that made by bats of Myotismon, it slowly losing a bat then two then three until all the bats are destroyed by the hero's techniques. Then Tomoki and Junpei inside of their digimons attacked once again the enemy vampire-like.

The two of them finally defeated the evil digimon and his digicode appeared. But it immediately scattered into bits that now began to shower on the secret village.

Finally Takuya's team arrived at the village and they saw Myotismon's data raining at the said place. The new arrival team clearly saw the dedigivolving of their two friends and they very exhausted as the two bump their butts in the cement floor.

The team Takuya reached them...

"Hey! What happen here?" Takuya asked with worried, wonder, and puzzled feeling

"Long story Takuya!" Koji answered while looking around

"What's wrong Koji?" Koichi asked his brother

"And where's Takari -san?" Alice asked

"Yeah where is she?" Koko asked also with concern tone

"I don't know. When the blinding light coated us, Takari was still with us, but when the light gone she is no longer here." Koji replied

"But Koji I'd clearly remember, just before the light coated us all, you hold Takari-chan's hand and pull her close to you!" Izumi said. Koji stopped on looking around and blushed.

Then Takuya, Junpei, Tomoki and Koichi turned into teasing mode AGAIN

"You hold her hand and pull her, Koji!" Koichi teased

"But I just did it because I want to..." Koji defend himself but cut by Takuya by continuing his words

"To protect her, isn't Koji!"

"Yes! NO! I mean... I tried to protect everyone, not just her!" Koji explained himself which is not help at all

"Koji! Your blush now is brighter than earlier!" Junpei teased

"Buzz off Junpei!" Koji yelled at to Junpei, sweat drop form on Tsu's head

"Heheheh poor Koji!" he commented

"STOP THAT BUSSINESS TEASERS! Why won't you go first try to look for Takari-chan! Look at your surrounding! The falling particles are not Myotismon's data anymore! This data is now from the power of Crest of Light that uses by Takari-chan" a cat-like digimon shouted at them.

The kids turned their heads and saw a white gatomon beside of the wounded Elecmon

"What do you mean, Ophanimon?" Takuya asked

"Correction I'm now a rookie Gatomon and I don't know you... Elecmon told me that your Takari-chan's friends. Anyways, Takari-chan is now using the power of her Crest of Light. When she was just five years old a village was attacked by a bad digimon. Takeru with the others defeated the digimon, but the village was destroyed and we're digimons hurt badly. Hikari my partner lend the crest to Takari-chan and she used it to fixed everything and heal the wounds of everyone" Gatomon explained

"Wow! She have that kind of power!" Junpei commented

"But after that time she lost consciousness." Elecmon added

"Wait! What happen to her?" Koji asked worriedly

"She was almost dying..." Gatomon replied

"Hey what do you mean?" Izumi asked

"Ahh! So that's what happened to me after I used it, huh!"

Takari voice rung to their ears.

Then Gatomon and Elecmon turned to their behind and saw Takari walking towards them

"T... Takari-chan!" Gatomon shockly said

Takari stopped when she reached her digimon friends and put her hand in her waist

"Don't worry Gatomon I did not use the crest this time!" Takari said

"Just wish from the bottom of your heart!" The female voice said to Takari who is in the air-space

Silence... Then

"No! I won't do it!" Takari bravely replied

"But why? Don't you love the digimons?"

"I love them so much. But... I don't let myself to be fool by someone like you! She will not let me to do it again!"

"What are you talking about?"

"I don't know whoever you are. But the real her said it to me once; No matter what happens don't use it in the middle of a war. Beside..." she smirked "You don't have the same voice as her!"

Then a light emitted from Takari's chest where the tag that holding the Crest of Light is place.

"Andddd that's what happened!" Takari told to them

"So what is this data then?" Gatomon asked calmly

Takari smiled to her "I supposed this shower of data is from... Nightomare of Chadramon" she replied

The Gatomon looked at her surrounding and saw that the building that touches by the data bits is slowly scattering into bits

"So because of Nightomare the village is now disappearing" Elecmon said as he starting scattering

"Jeez! He's really a virus to our lives!" Gatomon commented. Takari and Elecmon giggle a little

"Well! See ya again on my next life Digidestineds! I'm glad that I met you all!" Elecmon bid his farewell to them all as he completely gone

Gatomon looked up to Takari who is kneel at her and hold her hand "Well I just came to tell you something, so listen to me, okay!" Takari nodded calmly "Don't make any kind of sacrifices.. Don't do what your parents done. We don't want to lose you! That's the reason why Taichi banned you here. We all know that you're really reckless that you do anything just to protect us even it causes of your life. We love you, your smile, your laugh everything. Your cousins and Hikaru-kun is defending on you and to Taio. They look up at you as their big sister. If you lose, what will happen to them?"

"Taio will have a very big headache!" Takari commented

"Yeah he surely will. Chadramon can use the Nightomare to destroy anything so don't waste anything, ne Takari-chan" Takari nodded

"All of you, kids that chosen by the Digital world we're counting on you. Please defeat Chadramon! All of us believe on you all!" Gatomon finished with a smile on her lips. The white cat digimon's feet has starting to scattered, also the whole Primary village has turning into scattered data "We love you, Takari-chan!"

"NIGHTOMARE!" the same creepy voice chanted. Then the whole village disappeared.

"As the village gone, Takari hold her chest tightly like she controlling herself to not cry, she even come at biting her lower lip to control it...

The secret village or originally Primary village has gone, but we still here and we will continue the quest to look for the remaining crest and also to fight and defeat Chadramon and its loyal generals."


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