"Since the Secret village vanished Takari did not show her smile but what we always saw was her fake smile. She tried her best to hide her true feelings. Koji and Koichi talked try to her one night. But when Koji asked her

'Why don't you let it out? We all know that you really hurt! Don't lock up your feelings, we're here for everyone. For you Takari.'

But Takari shook her head and look at him with that fake smile and said

'Don't worry about me Koji, I'm fully alright I already move on. Everyone was counting on us.'"

Takuya sighed in defeated after remembering the yesterday-night's event between Koji and Takari with Koichi.

Tsu and Koko were really worried to Takari but they cannot approached her . The two of them were scared if they try to approach her they will just saw her fake smile and that's really hurting them inside.

Viximon understand it's friend, that's why the digimon didn't make a word.

Izumi, Alice and Koichi, this three is worried too to Takari, but they don't know what they can do for their friend, so they just stay silent.

Tomoki and Junpei were also worried to her. After they got their respective crests they asked themselves, but they cannot find any answer.

And finally was Koji. Like everyone else, he is too worried to her. Well actually he is the most worried to her. But even he try to talk to her it didn't help anyway. So like everyone else he is too stay quiet.

They walking in silence on a clear field; thinking on how they lighten the heavy atmosphere that they're the ones who creating. While Takari was just calm and relax.

Because of heavy thinking, Takari was the only one who noticed the sudden change of flow of the wind that Izumi was the one who suppose to notice. She stopped and feels the uneasy air to her hair; she turns back to the road they've taken. When the other kids already passed her, they stopped and turn to her.

"What's the matter Takari?" Takuya asked, wondering about Takari's sudden move.

"Something coming to our way" Takari calmly replied

"Something?" Koichi wondered said

"Has coming?" Izumi followed.

They all looked at the direction that Takari staring. All of them got shocked when they saw a large high-speed tornado that coming to their way


"Let's run!" Tsu yelled.

And they all run. Yes, even Viximon who digivolved immediately to Renamon was running too.

"Let's digivolve!" Junpei suggested. But its all too late, the heroes already sucked by the tornado.

Inside of the tornado, everyone was trying to reach each other. Takuya has the one who said that.

Takuya hold Izumi's hand. Koji got his brother's hand, Koichi caught Alice's hand, while Takari got Junpei's fat hand and Junpei got Tomoki's hand and then the youngest member of the group caught Renamon's foot. Alice finally caught Tsu's hand, while the boy with crimson eyes holding his cousin's hand. Koko try to reach Takuya, Koji and Takari has trying to reach each other's hand... When Koji and Takari's finger intertwined the tornado exploded. And they all separated.

When this happened the creepy voice of the enemy once again heard, and this time it was laugh. It laughing at the heroes' new situation. VERY BAD SITUATION!

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Chapter 12:: The Awakening of Warrior of Love, Jet Silphymon!

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