"The six generals are Mummymon, Daemon, Arukenimon, Spinomon, Myotismon and a person called Ojou tsuki or Moon Lady" Takari said to Takuya's group

Five of six generals are gather to a creepy dark castle's meeting room with an unknown digimon figure, the missing general is the human that no one of them know the identity. All they just know is it's the sixth general is a human: It if is boy or a girl or how old it is they do not know and they don't have any intention to know.

Arukenimon that in her human form like Mummymon is stood there perfectly while playing a piece of a black flower. The silence broke when Mummymon spoke up.

"First was Marinedevimon, Myostismon's servant and now Blackwargreymon! They are just only a group of kids with spirits! How could they to able to defeat those two?!"

"According to one of my servants the members of that group is; the six kids who defeat Lucemon and Cherubimon; Two kids is have unknown digivices and can also evolve too; a Viximon that have ability to evolve without any human's help; and one of them is the baby who born here in our world." The figure digimon informed.

"The princess? Princess Takari is finally back! HAHAHH HAHAHH!" Mummymon overjoy said. Myotismon smirked "Finally I can get now my revenge for what the digidestineds done to me!"

While the happiness flow to their vines, the only ((we can say)) female general keep staring at her black flower.

In the depths of a forest somewhere in Digital world a Blackagumon is running for his life away from the ten Ogremons who hunting him.

In his breath can hear desperation to be able to escape from the bandits, exhaustion because of running and pain because of the wounds that he received while he is on Ogremon's custody.

The poor digimon tripped his feet in a vine that in the way. He scared to be again captured by them.

Before the Ogremons get near at him, webs immediately wrapped at the ten bandits. Then a human in red clothes and hat with sunglasses appeared between Blackagumon and the ogremons

"A-Arukenimon!" One of the ogremons recognized the character

"You guys are not look delicious... And I don't have intention to keep you... So I guess I just make you all explode into bits right now" Arukenimon bored said to the ogremons.

Meanwhile Blackagumon is just staring at his savior, while ogremons' digicode appeared

"NO! NO! NO! NO! PLEASE DON'T KILL US! SPARE OUR LIVES WE BEGGING YOU!" the bandits pleaded. Arukenimon smirked

"U... No!" she sangly replied "You bandits been torturing this kid for long time, right~ So there's no reason to spare you... Bye bye!" as she said that the ogremons' digicode exploded into pieces.

Arukenimon confront the black dino digimon who is now scared to her

"Don't worry kid! You're safe now. Make sure to not cross to the likes of them way again, okay!" Arukenimon said. Then she walked away, not that far to not hear the blackagumon's voice saying these words


The savior turned back to him. She saw that the digimon is kneeled and bow to her respectively.

After a long years...

Blackwargreymon kneel to her front while his hand in fist and placed in his chest

"I vow to you that for the rest of my life I'm your eternal servant! I will not betray you; even our position change and I evolve to my ultimate level! I will give my life to you, to serve you and to protect you, forever!"

"My cute, no... My handsome trustful loyal servant I will avenge your death. I will kill those brats!" As Arukenimon vow to her loyal servant, she destroyed the black flower. "Just watch me, 'My beloved Blackwargreymon!"

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