Hi! Ok, so this is a modern day AU Kataang fic. It takes place in my home town of Davis, Ca. I'm not using it to advertise or anything, only because I want to add a note of realism, and the only way I can do that is if I know the place I'm talking about. The only significant change I made to my high school is that my school is 10th-12th grade, and 9th is at the junior high, but I changed it so that 9-12 is here at this high school. I hope you enjoy, and please let me know about any thought you have concerning this.

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Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Be-

'Ugh!' Katara thought to herself as she rolled backwards after reaching and turning off her alarm clock. Looking through her window, she could see soft light filtering through the cherry tree in their yard. It was actually quite a beautiful sight, but for Katara, it was just another October morning. [6:05] her clock reads as she gently slides out from under her heavy blanket, grabbing her communicator and placing it in the pocket of her blue pajama bottoms. Perched on the side of her bed; she rubs the sand from her eyes and slips on her fluffy white slippers.

Slowly wandering through her door and diagonally across the hallway from her bed to the bathroom, she scoops her hair up out of her face and ties it with the rubber band she keeps constantly on her wrist. As she goes through her daily routine of using the bathroom, including washing her face, brushing her teeth, fixing her hair, and doing her make-up, she remains in her zombie-like state. The only thought that crosses her mind is 'another boring day at DHS'.

Now [6:20], she returns to her room somewhat more awake than before, and slides open the second drawer of her dresser, pulling out one of her favorite tops. It's blue, and in white lettering it has the 'like' symbol from Facebook, followed by the words 'a boss'. She then pulls out her favorite pair of jeans from the third drawer and a blue school sweatshirt from her closet. She quickly gets dressed and packs her backpack with the finished homework left out on her desk from the night before.

Running downstairs she sees the clock, [6:28]. 'Great, I've got 15 minutes'. She places a slice of bread in the toaster on her kitchen counter, and then walks towards the front door to find her shoes. Their house isn't one where shoes are not allowed, she just generally prefers the feeling of the carpet under her feet, and so chooses to leave her shoes by the door most of the time. Hearing the toast Pop!, she walks back into the kitchen and spreads the toast with butter. Looking at the time, [6:32], 'Where is Sokka! He's probably not even awake yet.'. She inwardly groans. Still eating her toast she runs up the stairs to her brothers bedroom, which lies across the hall from her own. Zzzzzzzzz….. zzzzzzzzzz….. zzzzzzzzzz….. Sokka's snoring rings through his door. Rushing through she grabs his shoulders and shakes him.

"Wha-" he starts, "Katara, what time is it?" He sits up dazed and drowsy. She quickly pulls her communicator from her pocket and begins to type. "10 minutes until the bus leaves. Hurry." And with that, she runs back downstairs to grab money for the both of them for the bus fare, and finishes getting ready.

At [6:40], her brother energetically runs down the stairs, extremely annoyed. Grabbing both his bag and her hand, he pulls them both out the door. "Next time, wake me up earlier. I accidentally turned off my alarm, you know I always do."

Typing quickly, "It's not my job to wake you up. And besides, it's not like I can yell at you from downstairs to wake you up, I have to take an extra few minutes out of my morning to pull you out of bed. It takes too much time, because you refuse to get up when I do, and I'm always in the middle of something when you want to wake up". She chose to give him a stern look, as they made the way to the bus stop, barely on time.

"Sis, you gotta stop using your problem as an excuse. You've been living without being able to talk for almost 8 years now, I don't think you can worry about it too much anymore" he responded. They always had the same argument, and maybe he was being a little insensitive, but what he said was true. She was well past adapting to what had been a very sudden change in her life.

She looked at him for a moment, before deciding that today was not a day she was going to fight over the topic. "I know, I just wish you could learn to wake yourself up in the morning. And it's not a problem, it's a disability." As the words finished, she gave him a partial smirk.

"I'll try", he mumbled, before pulling his phone out of his pocket and immersing himself into it, like he does every morning on the 40 minute bus ride to school.

Katara paused, looking out the window at the few people choosing to be up at this hour, before following suit and allowing herself to be engrossed in her phone.

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Filing off the bus in front of her brother, they made their way to the section of lockers in the C-wing. They both had lockers in the same area, and always chose to walk to them first thing in the morning. Unlike most siblings at this school, Katara and Sokka were very close. They happened to share a great number of friends, although neither of them had anyone they would consider very close. They rarely hid anything of importance from each other; it had always been that way. Both were quite different in personality, and yet it didn't stop them from being close.

She briefly waved to Sokka as she closed her locker and walked towards her 1st period class; Math. Oh how she hated math. She always went quite early though, in hopes of getting any extra help. If she got there now, she would have 15 minutes before class to have help with the previous night's homework. Immersed in her thoughts of 'Professor Jeong Jeong needs to learn how to teach!' and 'Algebra sucks!', she almost didn't hear the rough knocking coming from her left side. Turning, all she saw was a row of lockers. Again, the knocking rings loud and clear, but now she's paying attention. It's coming from inside one of the lower lockers.

Reaching down, she notices that although the lock is in place, it is not clasped shut. Pulling at the lock, she lifts the catch, only to be knocked over as the door swung open. Instantly, a boy popped out of the locker and almost lands in her lap as she was now sitting awkwardly on the ground after she fell.

Turning and picking up her books, she stands and sees her, now standing, 'attacker'. "…uh, hi", he mumbles, looking sheepishly at the ground. "Thank you; I've been stuck in there for over half an hour. Anyways, umm… I'm Aang". He sticks out his hand to shake; at the same time, Katara is reaching for her communicator in her pocket. She begins to type. He looks at her with a very confused expression, shyly pulling his hand away to rub the back of his neck, and begins to say "I guess I'll go the-" but stops as the computerized voice flows through the air.

"I'm Katara. Don't worry, I'm not being rude, I'm mute. I use this to talk. I know sign language, but since very few non disabled people do, I tend to use this instead." She gives him a genuine smile and reaches to shake his hand. 'I don't think I've seen him around before, he must be new. A freshman by the look of it, he seems awfully young. And what pretty grey eyes he has'. Her mind began to wander to thoughts of his appearance, barely registering that he was talking to her. He's wearing simple blue jeans and black shoes, along with a bright orange jacket and a white beanie. He's about an inch or so shorter than her, maybe about 5'5".

Suddenly her mind is brought back to the voice telling her about what happened to make him end up inside the locker. "-and so I's only been on campus for about 30 seconds before he pushed me into that locker and slammed it shut. I thought I would never get out. Not exactly the best start to a first day, don't you think?" he finished. She vigorously nodded her head in response, hoping that he wouldn't notice she had only heard half of what he had said.

She glanced at him for a brief moment, before realizing what she wanted to ask him. "If you're new, what grade are you in? You look a little young, even for a freshman; no offense. And also, do you need help getting to your first class?" She looked at him curiously, waiting for a response.

"Oh, well, I am a freshman, and I guess you could say I'm a little young. I'm fourteen, and won't turn fifteen until June. I just moved here, and I guess at my old school, most of us were a little young." He looked up into her beautiful azure eyes before continuing, "If you could help me get to my next class, that would be great! I don't want to be a burden though."

"It's no problem. What class is it?" she typed quickly, glancing back at him before motioning for him to pass her his schedule.

"Algebra 2, Jeong Jeong, room N-9" he said, glancing at the schedule he held in his hand and handing it to her.

"Great. I have that class too. You can just follow me." She smiled, turned, and motioned for him to follow alongside her.

As soon as they reached the classroom, she motioned for him to stand next to her as she faced the back of a large black chair that was stationed behind a fair-sized desk. The professor seemed to be on the phone, and as soon as he finished, he turned and looked at Katara with a very blank, almost annoyed, expression.

"This is Aang. He is a new student." She typed to the professor, before turning briefly to set down her books and backpack on a small desk behind her.

The professor only stares at Aang for a moment before saying "To understand any mathematic form, especially Algebra, you must be disciplined and focused. Therefore you must first master discipline itself. You do not seem to want to be disciplined, and therefore you will fail. Unfortunately, I am not allowed to turn away any student, but understand that you will fail without discipline. Dismissed." He turned his chair away and immersed himself into a pile of papers.

Aang stood there, dazed at what had just happened. He felt Katara pull at his forearm and turn him to sit in the desk next to her own. Turning down the volume on her communicator, she typed "He's just like that. Don't worry. You should be fine with this class; he just likes to scare you. Although, I warn you that it is VERY boring. I envy my brother, he has Piandao as his math teacher, I hear he is just as strict, but also a lot more fun at the same time." And with that, the bell rang, and students began to file into the room taking various seats and the conversation was dropped for the time being.

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The rest of the morning went similarly. Aang and Katara have a number of classes together, the only difference is that Aang has 3rd period English with Professor Pakku, while Katara has Professor Tyro.

Lunch was almost entirely uneventful, except for Sokka being extremely wary of the new guy sitting at the table with himself and his sister. Only after Katara had thoroughly explained, multiple times, that he was new and had no one to sit with, did Sokka finally drop the subject. The afternoon was also very uneventful, although the two did get a few very giggly stares from classmates as Katara had accidentally ended up in Aang's lap after tripping over a backpack in 6th period Drawing and Painting with Professor Iroh.

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That afternoon, Katara was quickly sorting through her locker to find her things, so as not to be late for the bus. A voice sounded from behind her open locker door, calling her name, causing her to jump and her heart to skip. It quickly calmed as she looked to see the harmless face of the boy she rescued that same morning. "Hey Katara," he repeated, shuffling his feet nervously. "I just wanted to thank you again, for everything you've done for me today. I'll see you tomorrow." He suddenly raced off with a small wave, not even allowing her to pick up her communicator to return the goodbye.

She shut her locker and walked over towards her brother. Finding him finished at his locker as well, the pair walked in silence to the bus, and continued this manner all the way home. Only after they had passed the threshold of their house did Sokka dare say anything, and what he chose to say shocked her.

"You know, he likes you, a lot" he said nonchalantly, not even looking up from his phone.

She was shocked by this statement a moment, before remembering to take out her precious device and use it. "He doesn't like me, we're just friends. He needed help finding his way around today. Why would you even say such a thing?" She couldn't comprehend what had brought on this random statement. It even made her laugh, almost.

"Oh, I don't know, just a feeling I guess; maybe I'm wrong," he stated as he plopped on the couch in their living room and switched on the TV. 'He's being ridiculous. There isn't even a need for me to justify his comment with a response' she huffed, and with that, she picked up her bag and made her way to her bedroom to start her homework, or so her brother thought. She always told him not to disturb her for the first few hours after school, so she could complete her homework in peace. But in reality, she would really practice her water bending. Bending is illegal, and very few people nowadays can actually bend. It's a dying art form, and she only ever told one person that she had this ability, and that was her mother. Not even her brother or her father knew. Their mother had died in their house fire 8 years ago; the same fire that took her voice. This meant that, currently, no one knew.

Katara would spend hours practicing even the simplest of moves, but as she always put it, 'it's difficult to teach yourself'. With bending being illegal, she was never able to find anyone to teach her, and so had chosen to just struggle to teach herself. Afterwards she would finish her homework, and then make her way to the kitchen to cook dinner for herself and her brother, unless it was a night where Gran-Gran chose to visit.

"Sokka, dinner is ready." The computerized voice sounds as she scoops the macaroni and cheese into two large bowls and makes her way to the couch. "Have you heard anything from Dad?" she types, before reaching in to take a bite from her bowl.

"Not since Saturday. He said that this trip might take him a while, he probably will be back around thanksgiving." He responds before sitting himself next to her on the couch, turning on the TV, and furiously shoveling his food into his mouth. 'Ugh' she thought in disgust before turning her attention to the TV as well.

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That night, Katara lay awake in bed for hours. Her mind wandered to many things, but one topic kept filling her mind. Aang, the boy she rescued; the boy in the locker. She wondered what would become of them, if they would stay friends, or if he would leave her like many of her past friends. For some reason she had never been able to hold onto any close friends, only acquaintances. She had a feeling about him though. She had something, almost instinct, that was telling her that he was different.

She fell asleep dreaming of Aang, and how he may play into her future.

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