A Hero Dies under Amber Skies (MathiasNightlord01 Version)

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Prologue: Rebirth

Naruto Uzumaki, the Hero of the Fourth Shinobi World War and Jinchūriki of all nine of the Tailed Beasts, had been wandering the Great Nations for almost 10 long years after the war with Obito and Madara Uchiha's forces, the Akatsuki, and the battle with Princess Kaguya Ōtsutsuki, the first wielder of chakra and mother of the Sage of Six Paths. Over the years since he had left the village to travel the world, Naruto had dedicated himself to training and learning all there was to know about the Shinobi Arts and the History surrounding his world.

He had learned much since the Fourth War and had matured greatly during his four reign as the Rokudaime Hokage after Tsunade decided to retire when he returned from his wanderings. He then made many achievements over the course of his time holding the title, such as helping negotiating the peace agreement between the Great Nations and helping the smaller countries gain more representation politically.

The resulting peace created a virtual Golden Age for all the Great Nations and their allies. Though not everything was well, some of the former agents of the Akatsuki and Orochimaru's associates were still at large all over the continent. Over the years, the Five Great Hidden Villages actively sent teams to hunt down and eliminate all remnants of both organizations which threatened the peace they had fought and bled for during the war.

Naruto, after retiring from his position and passing on the role to his successor Konohamaru, was actively taking part in the hunts during his wanderings. However, despite their best efforts the criminals continued to elude capture and their plans of world domination.

Until now...

Ruins of Rōran, Land of Wind

Naruto walked down the stairs leading to an underground chamber he hadn't seen in over 14 years. He had grown almost as tall as Jiraiya over the years and his hair had grown to waist-length. His body was in prime physical condition, with a lean musculature and more narrow features but otherwise he looked much the same as he had when he was younger.

His outfit had also changed drastically over the years. In place of his old jumpsuit, he now he wore a chin-high collar uniform-style jacket with a red zipper and interior, black pants, and black Shinobi sandals with bandages around the shins. Over his inner clothing, he wore a custom set of crimson Shinobi Battle Armor with a distinctive white fur collar that covered his chest, waist and shoulders while his arms were adorned with ANBU-style red arm guards and black gloves. He also wore a long black bandanna-style horned hitai-ate with the kanji for shinobi on it along and a short-sleeved black coat with a red flame pattern along the hemline like a haori over his armor.

The last time he had been here was during the Mukade time-travel incident. Naruto had remembered his experiences in the past after Kurama and his bijū siblings had managed to help break the seal Minato had used to seal Naruto's memories of those events. However, today he wasn't here to reminisce. Today, he was here on business.

The intelligence divisions of the 5 great villages had managed to find the hideout of a few of Orochimaru's former associates. When they had raided the snake Sannin's former hideouts they were unable to capture several of the Hidden Sound's new leaders, who managed to escape due to the help of several unknown accomplices and fled before the allied forces could apprehend him. Over the years, they had managed to evade or kill all those who had hunted for them, including one of Naruto's former commanders, Yamato. Today, they would finally face justice for their crimes in their quest to continue while attempting to continue Orochimaru's dark legacy.

There were also rumors that these Hidden Sound remnants were attempting to revive the Akatsuki and had been trying to secretly recruit new members from all around the continent. It was because of one of these recruiting missions that one of the organization's agents, a former test subject of Orochimaru, was captured and revealed the location of the groups latest hideout within the old ruins of the city of Rōran.

After Naruto had finally reached the end of the stairs, he noticed a dark light coming from the crack between the ancient stone doors. The former Hokage narrowed his eyes as he opened the twin doors and entering the room. When he entered the room sitting at the center was a man wearing the signature cloak of the Akatsuki. Naruto frowned as looked upon the scene, something didn't feel right about this.

"Welcome Naruto-dono. I have been eagerly awaiting your arrival."

The man turned around and gave Naruto a sinister fanged smile. The man was tall with silvery blonde hair that was slicked back and tapered to a point and lacked eyebrows and reptilian-like white skin with purple eye markings like Orochimaru and Kabuto. That when Naruto noticed something else about the man's appearance that gave him pause. For Naruto saw that the man possessed the Sharingan, and not just in his eye sockets either. The man possessed a third on his forehead, and as Naruto scanned his body with his enhanced senses, at least 10 Sharingan on each arm. Naruto also detected various other things through his senses that he felt familiar with but couldn't quite identify and the terrorist's chakra also felt corrupted and vile and his emotions reeked of negative intentions, and they seemed directed toward him personally.

"I must say that your certainly looking rather young for your age Naruto-dono, I see that the stories about the Uzumaki Clan's famous longevity weren't just stories after all. If Orochimaru-dono hadn't been sealed after the war, I believe he would have been quite jealous of your youth. Even after spending almost 3 years studying that Karin girl, he and Kabuto-sama never quite managed to figure out how it worked, despite managing to perform successful genetic infusions with it. Perhaps I'll have to harvest a few samples once I'm finished here, they could be useful."

It was true, Naruto barely looked a day pass twenty thanks to his clans enhanced longevity combined with Kurama's becoming one again with his other half combined the sealing of the other bijū within him. The effect of the sealing of all nine of the bijū inside him meant that Naruto was effectively immortal thanks to the bijū enhancing his natural longevity indefinitely with their abilities and monstrous chakra levels. Much like Madara and Obito had become after becoming the Jūbi Jinchūriki. Naruto's eyes narrowed as he looked at the mysterious terrorist.

"Who are you? One of Orochimaru's failed test subjects?"

The mans smile disappeared as his face turned into an emotionless cold stare.

"My name is Shin. I was a former student and possible future vessel of Orochimaru-dono, but yes you could say that I was the a test subject for many of his experiments. Though, I weren't failures like most of the others. for you see, my body is rather unique in that it is able to accept any new genetic material, be they tissues, organs, or even entire limbs, without a chance of rejection. Orochimaru seriously considered me as a candidate for his next body but eventually decided that he didn't wish to possibly lose such a valuable resource once his three-year time limit between bodies was up. At first I was disappointed, but later on after Orochimaru-sama and Kabuto-sama were imprisoned, I realized that I was given a great opportunity, to accomplish what they could not and become the ultimate being and bring about a new era of human progress as they are forced to grow and adapt."

The newly identified Shin's eyes narrowed as Naruto felt the negative emotions directed toward him intensified.

"You and the other Kage have caused humanity to become stagnant and weak because of this peace of yours. You have interfered with the natural order of things by trying to remove conflict from this world. In this world, the weak must be culled and the strong survive to carry on their genes to the next generation and in so doing make Humanity even stronger than before. But because of you humanity is starting to grow weak and complacent, but soon your foolish peace shall end and the flames of war will reignite and with it Humanity shall start to become stronger again, as it always should have been.

Naruto glared at Shin, something wasn't right here. Naruto could feel that this guy possessed sage chakra but if that was so then he must have known that Naruto was coming with plenty of time to make an escape. The question was, what was the man's plan? This man didn't seem the type to have stayed if he didn't believe he was capable of surviving the encounter.

"I don't know exactly what your planning, but it won't work. Despite your unique abilities, I don't believe you'll be making it out this cavern alive."

Shin narrowed eyes glared back at Naruto darkly before giving the former Hokage a sinister smirk and raising his hand to eye-level.

"Oh? You think I would fight you without taking precautions? Indeed your power does exceed my own, and it would be foolish to fight you alone at my present level of ability. But who said anything about fighting you by myself?"

Shin snapped his fingers instantly putting Naruto on high alert before he noticed something in the corner. It was a cage filled with, for lack of a better word, creatures. Naruto turned back toward Shin.

"Alright what is this!"

Shin continued to smirk as an another voice spoke out from the shadows.

"I think I'll be the one to explain Shin-sama..."

Naruto's eyes widened a bit before they narrowed in disgust. He knew that voice.

"I should of known you were involved in this...Amachi!"

stepped out from the shadows, a smirk plastered on his face. The mere sight of the man made Naruto want to kill him then and there.

"Eh? So you do remember me. I wasn't sure you would after you ruined my plans twenty years ago! But now I'm back! Feast your eyes on the results of 16 years of research!"

The man gestured toward the cage where the captives either cringed or growled depending on the individual. Naruto's teeth bared at the man's monstrous cruelty.

"You sick bastard! what did you do to them?"

A twisted glint appeared in the man's eyes as he saw Naruto's reaction to his latest experiments.

"Oh nothing, just tweaked their genetic-structure to create a whole new set of species! Do you like? We have all sorts of breeds here! And it was all thanks to these little items combined with the power of the Ryūmyaku."

The deranged former medic-nin pulled out pulled out a electric blue stone that Naruto hadn't seen in years, A Gelel Stone, followed by a glowing purple stone that he instantly recognized as a fragment of the meteorite Hoshigakure used to use to create ninja capable of using it's special chakra.

"Yes, these two ingredients were especially helpful in integrating the genetic materials into new hosts and stabilizing the mutations to make them permanent! I just can't wait to see the results on the battlefield when the war finally begins!"

Naruto's eyes became cold as beheld the evil man and felt his vile emotions, for there was no other word to describe this foul creature.

"You just signed your death warrant Amachi."

Amachi, overconfident as always, didn't realize just how big of a mistake he just made.

"Oho! And just what are you going to-"

The insane shinobi was caught off guard mid-rant when Naruto simply appeared before him faster than anyone the man had every seen. Naruto then sent the foul man flying into the cage holding his victims. Amachi hit the cage with tremendous force, so much so that the bars completely broke under the strain, opening up a whole in the cage and Amachi landing inside the cage with his captives.

Bleeding from within due to the force of Naruto's punch shattering all the bones in his chest, Amachi was helpless as his 'creations' descended upon him, taking their vengeance. His screams filled the room as he was ripped apart by the mutated prisoners.


Naruto tilted his head toward Shin who was looking on with a detached interest as his subordinate took his last breath.

"We thank you for your contributions to Akatsuki, Amachi-san. But your services, are no longer required."

Naruto's eyes narrowed.

'What's he planning?'

The creatures had finished dealing out their vengeance on Amachi and made a break for freedom. As all of the escapees ran toward the open door, Shin made his move. The leader of the resurrected Akatsuki launched himself across the room in front of the group before ejecting dozens of snakes from the sleeve of his large cloak. However, before the serpents could reach their target they were intercepted by Naruto, who cut them all down with a swipe of his wind-chakra infused hand. He tilted his head toward the head of the group, a mutant that looked like a simian humanoid.

"Go! I'll protect you while you and the other's escape! There's a strike force on the surface that will help you once you get there."

The mutant nodded before responding in a rumbling voice.

"Thank you, Naruto-dono. We'll never be able to repay you for what you've done here today."

Before Naruto could argue Shin attacked again forcing Naruto to concentrate on keeping him away from the escapees.


The group of former test subjects didn't need telling twice and proceeded to scramble out of the room while Naruto held off Shin. When the last captive had managed to reach the stairs leading to the surface, the doors unexpectedly closed behind them trapping Naruto inside with the terrorist leader. Before he could realized it, Naruto had fallen into Shin's trap. During the fight, he had been herding Shin toward the center of the room and the source of the Ryūmyaku. Now he realized that he had been led there instead by Shin while he was focused on protecting the retreating captives.

As soon as Naruto landed in the center of the alter, Shin smirked. Suddenly all of Shin's Sharingan eyes suddenly changed to large circle around the pupil with three points, the Mangekyō Sharingan. An outwardly spiraling void appeared around Shin and from it dozens of individuals wearing Akatsuki cloaks and identical to the man he was fighting appeared from the void before moving to engage the former Hokage.

Naruto eyes closed for a few moments before flying opening as the Shin look-a-likes attacked. The attackers eyes widened when they noticed that the Hokage had entered Sage Mode before he suddenly became a blur even to their Sharingan eyes and sent most of them flying with an powerful palm thrust that created a massive amount of air pressure similar to the Gōken technique Hirudora used by Might Guy and later Rock Lee. However, this technique wasn't quite as powerful. Most of the Akatsuki fighters ended up dead after striking the walls at high-speed or falling deep into the pit while some barely survived through making a good enough landing to minimize damage to themselves but not enough to keep fighting. Naruto's eyes narrowed looking back toward Shin just in time to see him finishing a series of handseals.


Naruto's eyes widened as he noticed he couldn't move and was surrounded by vary familiar looking chains formed from chakra. Before he could call on the his chakra to break free, he noticed three new chakra signatures on the alter with them. He turned his head to see who it was and was shocked to see two people he never thought he'd see again and another that he had heard about but never met in person, his former ANBU Commander Yamato, Guren of the Crystal Style, and much to his surprise Mito Uzumaki, wife of the first Hokage and his predecessor as Kurama's Jinchūriki.

But there was something strange about them until he realized what had happened. He turned to face Shin in rage as he struggled to free himself from the chains only to find that he couldn't. He tried calling upon the bijū chakra to aid him but found that when he tried it just made the chains even stronger. The nine bijū inside Naruto tried to help him but found themselves cut off from their host by Mito's powerful seal, which would take them sometime to undo.

"You bastard! You brought them back with Edo Tensei!"

Shin chuckled vilely.

"Their abilities were most useful, it seemed such a shame to let them go to waste. And now I'll use them to defeat you Naruto-dono."

Naruto glared.

"What are you taking about?"

Shin smirked before starting a long series hand signs with each of his undead servants following suit.

"I knew I wouldn't beat you in a head-to-head battle and I'm certainly not able to kill you without access to the Six Paths Senjustu. So I decided to take a page out of your own book. I order to prevent you from interfering with my plans I decided that my only option was to seal you away permanently just like you did with Kaguya all those years ago."

All four managed to finish the hand signs at a fast pace as Naruto struggled to break free of Mito's sealing chains. As they reached the final hand seal, a sealing array appeared on the alter floor beneath his feet.

Naruto could only think one thing at that moment.


"Gōdō Fūinjutsu: Kohakuao Gokusha!"

The technique was unlike anything Naruto had ever seen before. First, Yamato launched a wave of a cobalt blue tree sap-like substance that wrapped around Naruto in a sphere. Then, Guren crystallized the substance with her Crystal Release effectively encasing Naruto in a cocoon of blue amber. Then, Shin finished the technique by drawing on the power of the Ryūmyaku to empower seal Mito placed over the sphere until it made the seal as powerful as possible without breaking it.

When the technique was finished Naruto was trapped inside a blue sphere of amber, unable to escape even with the nine bijū using their chakra which were doing their best just to keep Naruto alive. And as long as the Ryūmyaku was active, the seal would keep its prisoner detained indefinitely as Shin had already removed the only remaining descendant of the ones able to seal it away.

Shin's eye's gleamed in triumph, exhausted and panting from the effort it had taken to seal Naruto while keeping the Ryūmyaku under control. His undead servants began to fade away as their souls returned to the afterlife and the sacrifices dropped lifelessly to the floor once Shin dismissed the technique, not wanting to chance them breaking free of his control like Madara had done during the last war and releasing the seal. His Sharingan eyes also revered to normal as he beheld the seal.

'Now there is no one of consequence to stand in my way.'

Shin turned and proceeded toward the door, leaving the sphere and it's captive in his defeat. However, before they reached the entrance, the door exploded inwards shrouding the room in dust. The Akatsuki Leader reached out with his senses and suddenly felt great dread. The chakra signatures he was feeling were Kage-level and he was thoroughly drained after sealing Naruto away and he didn't have enough chakra to use his time-space jutsu to escape. He could have called upon the Ryūmyaku but doing so would risk weakening the seal enough for Naruto to escape.

Before he could try to escape in his weakened state, a shadow appeared before him and surprised Shin before he was slammed into the ground with overwhelming force. The power behind the blow sent him crashing into the floor, he looked up to see none other than the elder Fourth Raikage, A himself standing before him with rage in his eyes. Shin extended his senses and realized that the strike force Naruto referred to earlier were the Gokage.

'I'm still drained from the sealing and from the looks of things I'd have to fight all five of them to escape! This wasn't supposed to happen!'

"What did you do to him!"

Kabuto turned his head to see the 22 year-old Nanadaime Hokage, Konohamaru, along with the other Kage looking down at his with barely contained rage. Shin also noticed that his other servants were already sealed up, unable to help him escape. He chuckled at the fact that instead of the complete victory he had envisioned, he was going to die at the hands of Naruto's vengeful allies. Even if he decided to fight, he would die the moment his chakra went to absolute zero, which after the sealing was just slightly above that. There was no way out for him this time, he had only one option left to him.

'Oh well, at least I have the satisfaction of knowing they'll never figure out how to break the seal.'

Shin smiled sadly as blood leaked from his mouth from his injuries.

"I guess it really doesn't matter if I tell you. Naruto-dono has been sealed away forever. The chakra of this place has strengthened the seal to the point that even he couldn't escape from it. And since I'm unable to escape, I'll just have to settle for taking you and this whole place with me."

Before they could stop him Shin performed a hand seal that drained him of the last of his chakra. Suddenly explosions from dozens of explosive tags ripped through the cavern ceiling raining down rocks on everyone inside. The Gokage were forced to flee as the ruins of the once great city began to collapse on itself, leaving Kabuto and the imprisoned Naruto alone as the ruins crumbled around them.

Ruins of Rōran (Surface), Land of Wind

When the ruins finally collapsed completely, the Gokage looked on in sorrow and grief. They may have finally managed to kill the last remnants of the Fourth Great War, but it was a hollow victory in the face of Naruto's demise.

"Naruto…" whispered Gaara, the Godaime Kazekage of Sunagakure and one of Naruto's closest friends.

"He was a hero till the end. One of the greatest Shinobi this world has ever seen." said Mei Terumī, the beautiful Godaime Mizukage.


The other four turned toward the voice of the young Nanadaime Hokage who was crying at the death of his greatest teacher and brother figure.

"He was the greatest Shinobi that has ever lived and he always will be."

The five thought about it for a moment and found that they couldn't refute the Hokage. Naruto was indeed the greatest shinobi the world had ever since since their inception, to say otherwise would be an insult to his memory. They all nodded solemnly as they took one last glance at the destroyed ruins before turning to help those that Naruto had given his life to protect.

One of the younger mutated escapees came up to Konohamaru and the Gokage.

"Excuse me, Hokage-dono. But where is Naruto-dono?"

Konohamaru looked down at the young mutate who couldn't have been more than 9 years-old. He smiled before wiping away his tears as he walked away with the child back toward the crowd of mutates.

"What is your name young lady."

The near-human girl smiled.

"It's Akemi, Hokage-sama."

Konohamaru smiled sadly as he addressed her.

"I'm sorry Akemi, but Naruto is gone. "

Akemi, as well as the other mutates who were listening, eyes filled with sad tears as when they learned their savior had died just shorty after they were freed. Akemi looked at the Hokage who seemed to be struggling from crying again himself before reaching out and grabbing the Hokage's hand with a gentle squeeze.

"We're so sorry Hokage-dono."

The Hokage shook his head.

"Don't be, he died protecting you and the world from the threat of the Akatsuki. I'm sure he wouldn't have had it any other way.

Akemi gave Konohamaru a watery smile.

"*SNIFF* Hokage-dono, can I ask you something?"

Konohamaru nodded.

"C-Could you tell us more about him? We heard stories of course...but what was he really like?"

Konohamaru and the other Gokage smiled at the question.

"It would be our honor..."

Timeskip: 10,000,000 years later

Ages passed, after Naruto was sealed away. The planet was destroyed over 3000 years later when someone foolishly tried to tamper with the planets core, causing a chain reaction that obliterated the planet along with its people. The mutate species created through Amachi's experiments and some of the regular humans managed to escape this fate by building their own ships with the help of an unknown alien race and colonizing other planets. The other natives, who didn't want to leave and extremely isolationist, sealed their doom. The scattered pieces of the planet were spread far and wide across the galaxy. Naruto's amber prison managed to survive the blast and was flung to the far reaches of space before crash landing into the ocean of the planet that would eventually be called Naboo.

Without the Ryūmyaku, the seal began to weaken over the ages as Naruto slept. Millions of years passed as Naruto continued to sleep in his amber prison waiting for the day he would finally be free.

Coruscant, Galactic Republic Detention Center (21 BBY): 5 Days After The Blue Shadow Virus Incident

Dr. Nuvo Vindi, a male Faust doctor from Adana was sitting in his cell as he awaited the Republic's punishment. To say he wasn't pleased with how the events of the last few days would have been an understatement. First, his lab was discovered by Jedi before they proceeded to disarm all of his bombs. Then, the Jedi destroyed all hope of his beautiful virus escaping when they not only found a cure but they set it aflame while destroying his lab in the process.

Now he was trapped here being interrogated the diminutive alien Jedi Grand Master, Yoda. Apparently, what he had done was so serious, so dangerous, and such a severe crime that they had to call upon the leader of the Jedi order himself to interrogate him. Inwardly, he debated whether or not he should tell the short, green being anything at all.

"Know why you are here, do you?"

Nuvo gave the aged Jedi a impassive look but did not answer.

"How make the Virus, did you? Extinct it was, come upon remains you couldn't have."

'Let's see I could tell him. If I do, then maybe they'll lessen my sentence from death by Lightsaber or a firing squad to life imprisonment where I'll conveniently have an 'accident' by falling out of an airlock. I'm doomed either way.'

Yoda frowned at Nuvo as the old Jedi Master sensed his feelings through the Force.

"Executions, we do not perform. For not the Jedi way, it is. Though, correct you are in assuming life in prison."

Nuvo's eyes widened.

'Did he just read my thoughts? If he isn't going to order my execution I might as well speak. My precious virus is dead and my research destroyed so there really isn't any reason for me to hold back anymore.'

The Faust male let out a sigh before telling the Jedi Master what he knew.

"A year ago, I found a strange sphere of a blue amber-like substance deep in the depths of one of the oceans on Naboo. It appeared to have crash landed on the planet millions of years ago. I'm not sure when it arrived really. When I recovered it, I was surprised to learn that there was an ancient being of unknown origin preserved inside the amber itself. I was curious and decided to extract a sample of blood from it after tediously trying to find a way to drill a hole in the hard shell encasing it.

It took many months before we discovered that only metals with the same density as Mandalorian Iron could penetrate it and even then only to a small degree at a time. Eventually we were able to drill a hole large enough to collect a blood sample and what I found was nothing short of miraculous. I discovered that this being's blood possessed properties that could revive the Blue Shadow Virus. So I simply worked with its blood and several other plants on Naboo, until eventually, I had managed to successfully recreate the virus."

This confession took the Jedi Master by surprise.

"An unknown being, you say? Trapped in amber, it was? Know now where it is, do you?"

Nuvo nodded.

"It was in a secure section of my lab, before you Jedi destroyed it. As I said, the amber shell encasing the being is extremely durable, so the probability that it wasn't destroyed is quite high."

Yoda placed a hand on his chin in thought.

"Troubling, this is. Someone who with this substance, recreate the virus they can?"

Nuvo shrugged in indifference.

"My job was to simply make the virus airborne. Anyone with the right materials, that being's blood, and background in Galactic biology could easily recreate the virus in its original form."

Yoda thanked Nuvo for the information before leaving the room and the deranged doctor behind.

Timeskip: Three Days Later

Eastern Swamps, Naboo

One of the clone troopers, codenamed 'Scraps' had been there during Nuvo's questioning had just finished telling one of his brother's all about it as they searched for Nuvo's missing amber.

"…And that's what happened."

The other clone, a commander codenamed 'Beast', due to his ferocity and prowess on the battlefield, shook his head at the story.

"Can't say I feel sorry for the guy. At least he's getting punished. I'd rather prefer him getting blown apart, but looks like that isn't an option anymore."

"Yeah…Hey do you hear that?"

There was an incessant beeping coming from a device in the commander's hand. They ran over the many piles of wreckage left over from the lab until they came upon a large cobalt blue sphere with a barely distinguishable humanoid shape inside…

"Yep. Looks like We've found our amber."

Naruto's Mindscape

(Insert OST: Naruto Shippuden OST - Shitsui)

The blonde former Hokage's eyes drifted open as he beheld the inner sanctum of his mind after eons of stasis. He looked around a few seconds before he regained his bearings enough to know where he was and noticed he was resting on something soft. Naruto smiled as he spoke to his closest companion since his birth.

"Hey there Kurama. Thanks for letting me rest on your head."

Sure enough Naruto was lying down on top of the head of none other than Kurama, Kyūbi no Yōko himself surrounded by the other bijū. The giant fox's eyes flew open as it heard it's friends voice after millions of years of silence. One by one the other bijū woke as they heard Naruto's voice.

"Naruto, it appears that you've finally awakened after all this time. We were begining to wonder if we would ever hear your voice again."

Naruto frowned in confusion at Kurama's comment.

"Just what happened guys? My memory is a bit hazy about the details."

Son Gokū, the Yonbi, frowned sadly as he replied to their host.

"You've been in a deep stasis Naruto. we've been waiting for you to wake up for a very long time. Your lucky to still be alive, especially after how much time has passed since we were sealed in this prison."

Now Naruto was really concerned.

"Guys, just how long have we been here?"

The Kurama laughed solemnly at Naruto's question as the other bijū looked down.

"My friend, we have been sealed away for over 10 million years. Our planet, along with your people and your friends have long since passed on to the pure world. You, Me, Shukaku, Matatabi, Isobu, Son Gokū, Kokuō, Saiken, Chōmei, and Gyūki are all that remain."

Naruto's eyes widened in shock as Kurama told him what happened. He thought about all the people he had left behind and the things he would never be able to say to them. Tears came to his eyes as he mourned for all his loved ones and friends, especially the ones he had fallen in love with over the years, Shion, Amaru, Sakura, Yuki, Hinata, and...Shizuka.

Naruto wept as he mourned for the woman he had truly fallen in love with during the course of his travels after the war. He had promised her that after the Akatsuki and Hidden Sound remnants were captured that they would finally get married. Now he knew that he would never be able see her again, never feel the touch of her skin or the smell of her hair as she laid against him at night. Never hear her laugh or see her smile when he told her his jokes or played his pranks. Never start a family with her and all the things they had planned. Naruto cried out like a wounded animal as the despair he felt threatened to clutch his heart like a vice until it was crushed completely beneath it's grip.

Kurama and the other bijū felt Naruto's emotions and knew how much it hurt him to know that he would never see his beloved or loved ones again. He then tried to consul his friend with what little good news he could offer him.

"There is one small bit of good news. About three thousand years after we were sealed, an unknown alien race found our planet and helped the descendants of those people you saved along a with a some of your own people by giving them passage off planet to settle on new worlds. After the planet was obliterated, the others and I spent a lot of our chakra to help us survive the destruction and needed to rest if we were to stay alive. So we slept waiting for the day you would wake again. And I feel the world around us has changed much since our time...

Naruto smiled through his tears as he saw how the monster fox tried to cheer him up. He wiped away his tears before he jumped down next to Kurama's snout and surprised the demon when Naruto hugged him by the fur of his neck.

"Thank you...all of you. You truly are some of my greatest friends. As long as we are together nothing none of us will ever truly be alone again."

Kurama and other bijū's eyes softened with compassion. Which Kurama had relearned through Naruto so many eons ago. The Kyūbi had ever truly cared for two humans in his long lifetime. The first was his and the other bijū's 'father', the old man Rikudou Sennin, the other was Naruto. the nine beasts all nodded to each other before Kurama addressed their Jinchūriki.

"And we will always be here. And that my friend is a promise of a lifetime."

(Track End)

Venator-class Star Destroyer Resolute, Unknown Room.

A few hours after finding the amber sphere, the strange object was brought onboard Anakin and Ahsoka Tano's Flagship for testing and transport back to the capital. The three Jedi sent to retrieve the object, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, and Ahsoka Tano watch with interest as the scientists they brought with them worked to determine the nature of their find. All of them were curious as they had never seen anything like it before. Ahsoka was the first to ask the question that was on all their minds.

"What do you think it is?"

Her master, Anakin, was the one who answered.

"I don't know Snips. But whatever it is, Nuvo used it to make his virus. So we can't allow the Separatists get there hands on it "

Obi-Wan scratched his beard as he puzzled over the strange sphere.

"I wonder who or what this being was or what world it came from. If you look close enough the only thing your able to discern is that its definitely humanoid but the amber casing is to clouded to make out anything else."

Anakin shrugged.

"Who knows."

One of the scientist's handed a datapad to a clone as sent him over to Obi-Wan.

"General Kenobi. The scientists have finally managed to get that information you wanted."

Obi-Wan nodded as the other two turned their attention to the clone.

"So how old is it?"

The clone shifted his helmet in a confused manner.

"Well, sir. To be honest, I'm thinking we found some kind of lost artifact. Nuvo wasn't kidding when he said this thing was a fossil. The carbon dating the scientist's performed on it showed that this thing is around ten million years old and the symbols on it don't match anything in the Galactic Historical Societies archives. Whatever this thing is, it was around long before the Columi, The Chevin, or every other known sapient race in the galaxy. Quite frankly, It's the oldest thing anybody's ever found. It's priceless. Even if Doctor Vindi hadn't decided to use it as a weapon, he could have probably succeeded in using it in some get-rich-quick scheme on the black market."

The reactions of the three Jedi present were entertaining for the clone soldier, to say the least. All three of them stood there looking at the trooper dumbstruck by what they had just heard. If there had been a family of flies in the room they would have had ample opportunity to set up shop in the mouths of the Jedi who couldn't seem to shut them at that moment.

Deciding he had seen enough, the trooper knocked them out of there stupor.

"Um, sir?"

Obi-wan was the first to finally snap out of his stupor.

"Um right, thank you for that. You may return to your post."

The clone saluted before walking back out of the room.

All was silent once more before Ahsoka voiced their thoughts.

"Ten million years!"

Anakin was blinking as was still trying to process the magnitude of such a thing.

""That's...that's just so unreal."

Obi-Wan was now thoroughly excited.

"Yes. Honestly, I truly didn't believe it was possible for anything to survive for that long. Apparently the doctor actually managed to do some good."

Naruto's Mindscape

Naruto sat in a meditative pose on top Kurama's head drawing on the Natural Energy around him only to find that there wasn't much to be found.

"Strange, I can't feel any natural energy."

Kurama, being able to sense things around them more than Naruto or the other bijū due to his sensory abilities was able to at the moment, was immediately able to find out the reason for Naruto's problem.

"You probably wouldn't considering we're floating around in space far from the natural energy found on planets."

Naruto and the bijū eyes widened at that.

"Can you tell us where we are?"

Kurama eyes looked up at him.

"From what I can sense through the feelings of the beings around us, we are onboard some kind of war vessel headed toward their capital."

Naruto frowned at that information.

"Kurama, do you think the seal has weakened enough for our chakra to break it."

The fox was silent for a moment before answering.

"Yes, it's power has been drained over the eons and is almost close to breaking. All it needs is a large concentrated pulse of chakra to completely break it and set us free. However, It could possibly leave you weakened for a few days."

Naruto sighed sadly.

"We really don't have much of a choice. It has to be done."

Providence-class carrier/destroyer Invisible Hand, The Bridge

Across the Galaxy, the cyborg Supreme Commander of the Droid Army of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, General Grevious, was communicating with the Confederate Head of State and Sith Lord, Count Dooku about the recent events surrounding Nuvo's capture at the hands of the Jedi.

"General Grievous, it appears that the Jedi have acquired an artifact of some kind that my master would desire to have in his possession. Your mission is to retrieve it and eliminate any Jedi you find. Commander Ventress will accompany you."

The Supreme Commander bowed his head.

"As you wish, my lord."

The Hologram of the aged Sith Lord nodded before cutting the transmission. The cyborg general turned toward the pilots of his flagship.

"Set course for Naboo, the Jedi won't be far from it!"

One of the B1 droids manning the bridges communications suddenly made itself known.

"General, we've intercepted a transmission. Apparently, Skywalker and Kenobi are onboard."

If Grevious was capable of smiling at that moment he would have but even so his eyes shined with glee.

"Excellent, soon I will have two new lightsabers to add to my collection!"

Naruto's Mindscape

On top of Kurama's head, Naruto was nearly finished gathering his chakra while Kurama and the other bijū was doing the same in preparation for their jail break.

"How much time do you and the others need before your ready to meld our chakra Kurama?"

The monster fox was standing on his hind legs as he placed his human-like paws in a handsign to help focus his chakra.

"About twenty minutes. We don't want to rush this as we don't want to destroy the ship when we break the seal. I don't think you would want to find out what would happen if we did. Another thing, I wouldn't prolong any battles you might have after we break the seal. While I don't detect anything that could harm you, you'll still be weakened after breaking the seal so it's best to err on the side of caution."

Naruto nodded.

"I'll remember that. But I don't think I'll have much choice in the matter.

Kokuō, the Gobi, looked over at him in askance.

"Will you be using them Naruto-kun?"

Naruto paused before nodding his affirmation before closing his eyes.

"Yes, the time has come. I didn't want to use them too much because of the possible reactions people might of had so soon after the war, but now I don't have to worry about it. Its about time I finally use last gift Sasuke gave to me..."

Naruto opened his eyes, once a icy cobalt blue changed into a black design with red background resembling an atom with a pinwheel in the center, the Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan. Then, Naruto's eyes changed once more until a ripple-like pattern covered his entire eyes, the legendary dōjutsu Rinnegan.

"...Right guys?"

Venator-class Star Destroyer Resolute, Unknown Room.

A sudden explosion rocked the ship sending the 3 Jedi to the floor before they could brace themselves. The quickly managed to right themselves before Obi-Wan turned to Anakin.

"It's probably the Separatists come to take back the Sphere. We cannot let them regain it or they'll try to recreate the virus again!"

The Jedi Knight nodded at his former master's words.

"You and I should keep them from getting close. Ahsoka!"

The Togruta Padawan turned to her master.

"You stay here and keep anyone from taking the sphere while Obi-Wan and I route their main forces."

Ahsoka shook her head in affirmation.

"Yes Master."

Then the duo took off leaving Ahsoka alone with the sphere. A few minutes later she began hearing a hiss coming from somewhere in the room. The padawan quickly activated her lightsabers just as a part of the ceiling came down a few feet away followed by a Dathomirian woman dressed in black. Ahsoka's eyes narrowed.

"Ventress! I should known Dooku would send you."

The dark Jedi chuckled in amusement as she activated her own twin blades.

"Well if it isn't Skywalker's little padawan. If you leave now I'll let you live, I don't have time to play around with a little brat. So what will it be?"

Ahsoka whirled her blades into a classic Jar'Kai opening stance.

"In your dreams, Ventress."

Ventress didn't bother answering before surging forward in a flurry of ruby red blades.

Thus their duel began in earnest.

Naruto's Mindscape

Naruto smiled as he felt his and the bijū's chakra finally meld together with enough strength to break the seal.

"Let's go everyone!"

The underground chamber then filled with an bright golden light as forces beyond measure released their awesome power.

Venator-class Star Destroyer Resolute, Unknown Room.

Ahsoka and Ventress had been dueling for almost 10 minutes since the dark Jedi arrived. The female Dathomirian was impressed Ahsoka had managed to keep up with her so far but noticed that the young Jedi wasn't as experienced as Ventress in Jar'Kai. This little detail meant that while she could hold off Ventress for a little while, it also meant that she was more likely to fall to the weaknesses of this variation of Form VI, weaknesses Ventress herself had trained to overcome.

Ashoka had just retreated away from the dark Jedi after failing to match her opponent's strength during a saber lock. Both combatants were about to clash once more before they suddenly felt a massive presence in the force. They both looked at each other wide eyed before the sphere began to glow with a bright golden light not 10 feet from them. Both of them turned to see the shadow within the center of the sphere outlined in the light.

Strange symbols began to glowing across the surface of the sphere, seemingly straining under the effort of fulfilling their purpose before they were shredded by the power they were trying to restrain. Then the sphere began to crack...

Then several more cracks started to appear all over the sphere as the glowing got brighter and brighter...

A chucks of amber fell from the artifact and crashed onto the cold, durasteel floor.

Just when things couldn't get any stranger. Both Ventress and Tano gasped as the presence of power continued to grow more and more massive by the second until it threatened to overwhelm their senses through the sheer magnitude and power of the strange energy they felt coming from the sphere.

Then, they saw something that caused their hearts to nearly stop in surprise. As the energy inside began to reach it's peak, outlining the shadowy figure inside in golden light, a pair of strange pale grey eyes snapped open.

The amber sphere burst open with an explosive power that caused the entire Star Destroyer to rumble under its force, knocking around everything and everyone on board. Ventress and Tano were sent flying into the wall on opposite sides of the room. Both women were dazed from the impact and being so close to the epicenter of the blast but otherwise alright.

Both combatants got up and shook themselves off before realizing they were no longer alone...

Both alien women looked to see that where the sphere once was stood a man. He was an very handsome and exotic human male in his early to mid-twenties with bright blonde hair and a lean and powerful muscular frame. He also had 3 marks on each cheek giving him a feral visage. The strange being wore what they assumed was the ancient garb of his people, a chin-high collar uniform-looking jacket with a red zipper, black pants, and black sandals with bandages around his shins.

Over this he wore some kind of crimson armor with a distinctive white fur collar that covered his chest, waist and shoulders while his arms were adorned with arm guards of the same red color and black gloves. Upon his forehead he wore long black bandanna with a horned metal piece with an engraving of a some sort of symbol on it, and over the armor, a short-sleeved black coat with a red flame pattern along the hemline.

All in all, his appearance made the human look both enticing and dangerous at the same time. But that wasn't what really got their attention.

The feeling of power he radiated through was monstrous. Both women had never felt anything even remotely close to what they were experiencing standing next to this being. It was like looking directly into the heart of a class O star in the force and being mesmerized by both its beauty and power. Both the alien women were in awe of this being from a long forgotten time. The man looked toward each of them with eyes of pale rippling grey. Ventress couldn't help the chill of both excitement and fear when those eyes passed over her.

"Who are you, Ancient One?"

She kept her tone respectful as anyone could tell from looking at him that this was a being who commanded respect in his presence. The man tilted his head back toward her when he noticed her speaking. Then pointed toward her then motioned to himself before speaking in a rich deep baritone voice.

"Kinasai." (1)

Ventress raised an 'eyebrow' at the tone of request in his voice.

She didn't know what that word meant, but then again they were talking about a being whose language that has been long forgotten by time. It took a moment before she realized he was asking her to come to him. She quickly complied as she didn't want to test his patience and be on the receiving end of a possibly hostile response. When she walked over and stood before him he lifted his hand toward her forehead.

"Ii dess ka?" (2)

Ventress realized he was asking her permission for something. What it was, she hadn't a clue, but she somehow felt that it would be better if she did what ever it was willingly, so she hesitantly nodded her consent. Ahsoka, who was watching the two closely, wondered what was going on and what this strange being wanted from Ventress. The powerful being gently placed his hand on Ventress' bald head, closing his eyes in concentration.

"Arigatou, Ojōsama." (3)

Ventress was wondering what he was doing before she suddenly felt a powerful presence within her mind, shifting through whatever it was searching for. The Dark Jedi gasped at the unexpected sensation of the man's intrusion into her psyche. She stood there paralyzed and helpless as the man shifted through her memories and experiences without any means of stopping him. His mind and will were like a force of nature, unstoppable, yet she also felt the care he used not to break her mind under the sheer weight of his presence. She was completely at his mercy, and she knew it. So she bared with it, trying to withstand the force of this being's indomitable will.

Finally, after what seemed like a lifetime to Ventress, the man's presence retreated from her mind as he removed his hand from her head. The moment he released her, Ventress fell to her knees from the shock of such an experience. She had encountered and touched numerous minds over the course of her life as both a Jedi and Dark Jedi and never had she encountered someone like this. Even her master, Dooku, couldn't compare to the overwhelming power and dominance of will she had just felt.

For Ahsoka, it had only been a few minutes. She watched as the man did something that caused the Dark Jedi to fall to her knees, a look of shock and awe clearly visible on her face.

'What did he just do?'

The young padawan's thoughts were rudely interrupted when the being surprised both of her and Ventress by speaking in perfect Basic!

"I see...this explains much"

Ahsoka was now extremely wary. This person had managed to learn a whole language mere moments after touching the mind of another. Such an ability was completely unheard of. Ventress, mentally and physically exhausted from her experience, passed out moments later. The man caught the Dark Jedi before she could hit the floor and laid her down gently. He smiled sadly at the Dathomirian woman before he stood up and exited into corridor.

Ahsoka finally managed to snap out of her stupor before running after this being that had somehow managed to lay out Ventress with a single mental attack. However, when she entered the hallway the man was nowhere to be seen. Ahsoka gaped a few moments at the man's sudden disappearance. There was no possible way he should have been able to evade her mere moments before she came after him. The padawan groaned as she rubbed her forehead, how was she going to explain this to her master and Obi-Wan?

Before she could think about the matter further the comlink in her bracer came on.

"Snips! We could use some help down here! The separatists have brought an army to get that rock!"

Ahsoka mind immediately switched gears away from Ancient beings with strange powers before responding.

"I'm coming master! You won't believe what happened up here…"

Ahsoka quickly ran down the hallway to join her master and Obi-Wan. On the ceiling above where the padawan had been standing, Naruto released the Tōton Jutsu he had learned from Jiraiya during their training together in the years leading up to the war. While his master had invented it for less than honorable purposes, namely spying on naked women, it was still one of the best evasion techniques ever developed. It worked by bending the light around the user to make them almost completely invisible to the naked eye unless someone knew what to look for. he dropped down from his perch and stared after the Togruta female.

'I believe things are about to get interesting my friends.'

'I agree, if the things we saw in the woman's mind are true.' (Matatabi)

'I would have thought, that beings who had managed to find ways to travel the heavens, had evolved passed such concepts as war. But I guess it was just wishful thinking.'

'You'll find Naruto, that people will always find some reason to destroy one another, we have seen it many times in our long lifetime. People will never grow tired of war until they have had their fill of it. It is a fact that we bijū have learned to live with. You will too, if you live as long as we have.' (Kurama)

Naruto frowned sadly.

'I hope not Kurama, I hope not.'

Chapter End.

(1) "Come."

(2) "May I?"

(3) "Thank you, my lady"

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