Holding a Chandelier with a Single Thread

Summary: Set directly after the last episode of season II. In a blind rage of fury, Sebastian finds a method that could finally bring the human back into his young master. But as everything goes, the process has a consequence of breaking the peace between Hannah, Luka, Alois and Claude. Alois is restored back onto Earth, and in an accident gone wrong, Luka's soul gets combined with Ciel's. Dealing with the problem, Sebastian knows the only solution is to leave his young master for three years…

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An ill-ending fate,
A sinful promise,
But don't come back, Black Butler, not yet.
Patience is a virtue.

"I hope you know that your presence is most unpleasant." Sebastian was standing from the rooftop of the Phantomhive household, his figure and stance so predatorily seeking like a crow rooting for dinner.

"Hm," The figure replied with an amused sound of acknowledgement.

Sebastian turned around, grimacing at what he dreaded most. A lively yet dead figure in front of him, her lilac hair twisting in all of her devilish ways and left Sebastian thinking how harsh her mocking would be.

"And what do I owe you, this fine night?" Sebastian asked somewhat challengingly, staring directly at those alluring orbs of smugness. "Hannah?"

Hannah crossed her arms, and smiled sickly sweet. "Isn't it so amusing; you were the one who was dominating the whole board game – and now, look at you," She lowered her eyes, and Sebastian noted a speck or red glow before it disappeared. "Trapped like a filthy fly in a spider web."

"And you," Sebastian nodded. "Less than a woman with nothing but four unsightly faces."

"You shall not speak ill of us." The demon hissed, and the glow seemed to dominate her unearthly pupils. "We are one, finally united – and no one; no one can break this bond."

Hannah lurched forward, her hands pressing into her suddenly wounded stomach, and her eyes widening painfully.
"I would – if I were you, most certainly think so," Sebastian smiled calmly. "Unless one of your residents decided you're not welcome enough to stay."

Hannah screamed a high pitched vocal that echoed into the cool night. Her head fell backwards and rested between her shoulder blades, yet her jaw reached the base of her neck and revealed the ghastly cavern of her mouth. Sebastian supported her figure, resting two hands behind her back before leaning close – nostrils flaring when he met an all too familiar scent.

"It's nice to see you resisting when you're nothing less than a cold substance floating in mid-air, Claude." Sebastian stated, when the caked in demon let out a wail in Hannah's form. Sebastian placed his two glove-coated fingers to hook Hannah's upper lip and stretched her mouth wide. He heard two triumphant clicks of her jaw and he was looking into one, a blue human eye.

"There you are," He whispered. With his mouth, he slid down the glove of his right hand and pushed his digits into the dying woman. The pain of his mark subsided, and it suddenly came to life, sprung into glowing like it had been when his master was human. Stretching forward, he grazed the eyeball with his mark and smiled his usual butler smile.

"I've been waiting for this, Hannah." Sebastian locked eyes with her and hers had responded that same illumining light. With quick succession, he pulled the eyeball out, and with it, fleshy chords that had been supporting Hannah's entire figure. Sebastian let go of Hannah, and watched her rot with an undisguised expression of disgust.

"You took my young master away," He leaned down next to the doubled over figure, and whispered those cruel words into her ear. "And now I'm finally getting him back." The cold words seemed to bite into her twisted physique.

The once captivating woman rested herself on her elbows, her face aimed at the cruel moon. Sebastian watched with amusement as her eyes begun to roll to the back of her head, and replacing those eyes – nothing, two hollowed holes. The skin began to rot in under a couple of seconds before it peeled off, and her skull was cracked and blood red. "H-how!?" The demonic voice demanded in defeat.

Sebastian pulled his glove back on and smirked. "Trust in your insolence to keep the single eye of Earl Phantomhive. Didn't a cruel philosopher once say the path to the soul starts with the eyes?" Sebastian didn't wait for an answer. His Adam's apple bobbing once before he took the eyeball into his mouth and swallowed.

2:51 a.m

Ciel jolted from his deep slumber, a deep invisible stab had protruded from inside his stomach. He gasped, his face convulsing and his single red pupiled eye expanding to dominate his eyeball.
"What the hell…" He started then felt the sick throbbing up to his throat, he gasped, winded his frail hands over his Adam's apple and proceeded to spew out his sick. His eye lids convulsed violently as he noticed the color of blood red in his vomit. He was spewing out blood.


2:52 a.m

"I came to the conclusion that you two meddling idiots were slacking off." Sebastian acknowledged coldly, and didn't bother to turn around.
Grell and Will trailed from behind him, neither seemed to mind the height of which they were standing much like the two demons.

"Sebby!" Grell cried out, reaching for him. Sebastian instinctively raised a finger to stop him from approaching. "Do your job." He emphasized it with his dark crimson eyes, displaying an unearthly glow.
"Ahhh!" Grell placed a dramatic hand over his fore-head. "So cold, Sebby! Like a dark night and his stallion!"

Will hmph'd and with a twitch of his fingers, he adjusted his glasses before setting his eyes in front. He glanced down at the female demon that was passing the stage of struggling for her life. "Disgusting." He spat.

"For once, I agree with you." Sebastian replied.

Will's eyes had narrowed. "We're only assisting you for the soul of Luka Macken and Alois Trancy." His menacing features melted into something approaching smugness as Sebastian nodded. "Grell." He stopped the red-head in his tracks and passed him his chainsaw.

"A-ah!" Grell patted his chainsaw like an owner pats his dog. "Obviously you can't deny our lo-o-OVE!" His neck was clamped by Will's scythe and didn't dare to swallow.

"You – shut your atrocious pie-hole and back me up. There are two minor souls there that still have not been returned."

The death God pouted. "So cruel – so cruel,"

Then Will turned to Sebastian who was still crouching near the screaming woman who had her flesh from her breasts higher peeling off. "How did you manage that?"

Sebastian's lips perked up into a smile."There's a consequence for shutting another demon into your body. Claude was resisting. Luka and Alois should be in a defeated slumber so their souls should be easy."

Will pursed his lips. "What would you know?" Then he took this moment to lengthen his scythe and stab into the woman's stomach. The skull attached to the living body let out a large moan of pain as a fountain of blood spurted from the wound and with it the story of four separate lives.

2:57 a.m

The thirteen year old Ciel clutched his shirt, as his eyes frenzied inhumanly – then as the pain got too brutal, he tore the only piece of clothing off him and he lay; his naked body pudded in his own clumps of blood that he spewed from his mouth. He reached for anything, almost losing consciousness.

There's a glass on the table, young master if you need it.

Ciel growled in frustration as he recalled Sebastian's words a few hours ago. He reached for his table and let out an inward cry of triumph as he felt for the glass. The hand clutched around the cool halo around it, and Ciel took it in with one gulp.

He was too busy screaming in distress to notice how the water burnt his palm.

2:58 a.m

Will held his scythe with a steady grip, as it started absorbing the remnants of Alois' soul. He smiled to approve Grell doing the same – busy with Luka's soul.

Sebastian glanced back at the two with mild satisfaction, and then stared at the bleeding being beneath him. "Claude, show yourself." He demanded.
As if on cue, Claude rose from the abnormally stretched mouth but transparent, no longer solid.

"Do you wish to live?" Sebastian lowered his eyes solemnly. "Do you wish to fix that one strand of web that Hannah plucked broken?"

Silently, the transparent Claude nodded once, and bowed beneath Sebastian, his eyes down cast. The demon hissed very silently; "You'll be trapped within your heart's content." Before he bit his hand, his fangs protracting to grace a slit. He rose out his arm and four droplets of the thick red liquid oozed down. They landed down on Claude's face and they dribbled down his cheek instead of falling right through him. Claude let out a breathy sound and he solidified gradually.
The yellow-eyed demon nodded once in small thanks before jumping off the roof to disappear. Sebastian was surprised to catch a glance of blonde tufts of hair in his hands before he vanished completely. That was not his problem.

"H-h-AAH!" Will lost his balance and landed on his rump when the memories of Trancy's attacked him and started to flee after Claude and into its rightful body. "H-how…Demon!" He spat accusingly.

"I understand your anger." Sebastian smiled. "But I didn't do it; Claude did."


"The tiniest fragment of young master's soul was being kept in Hannah. I ruined the mark, and devoured it, and placed my own again. When that happened, they very thing keeping him demon was -"

"Defeated." Will widened his eyes. "Because Ciel's soul returned back to him and because of that very happening-"

"Alois' contract with Hannah is broken. Claude is supporting him back into his body." Sebastian concluded. "It's none of my concern."

"We had a deal!" Will growled. "Honestly, I should have known better to trust a rodent of filth."

"We had no such thing," Sebastian corrected calmly. "I take my young master's soul back, you take whatever's left. It is not my fault that Alois had escaped."

Will gritted his teeth.

Sebastian's senses tingled, and he laughed harshly as the woman left to rot made one more attempt to lurch at him but ended up more sickly than ever as the demon stepped back. Placing one shoe at the back of the skull, he pushed down until he heard a crack before backing away, satisfied of his work.

The crack hit Grell like a switch and he immediately turned around and gasped. "You bitch! Get your filthy hands of my man!" And then he started to reach for Sebastian, dropping his scythe in the process.

"Grell you idiot!" Will roared as he tried taming the remnants of Luka Macken's soul and he narrowed his eyes and sighed when a soul-tentacle grasped him around both wrists. He closed his eyes.

Grell gaped as he turned around once more before wailing. "Oh no!" He started to reach for his chainsaw but his knees buckled when the film tape swished into the air, ready for attack.

2:59 a.m

Ciel's lips were clamped shut as he welcomed the feeling of being filled to the core – a recognizable bright light that had sealed itself into Ciel's open wound on his stomach. Somehow, his soul was back, and Ciel was coughing, lashing out violently, and the crimson splatter of his eyes started to fade.

This wasn't possible…

Ciel collapsed onto the bed his eyes dreary and his feet at the puddle of blood. His head was rested onto the pillow and was about to give way any moment. He squinted his eyes and distantly wondered why there was yet another bright light coming forward…forward…pushed into his body.

Earl Phantomhive cried out and hollered, gripping strands of his own hair. "No…NO…I'm already filled, stop…" Sucking a breath in and regretting it instantly; the stake at his stomach begun to delve deeper. "AGGGHHH!"

2:59 a.m


Sebastian paused and eyes widened in horror. "Young master!" As graceful as a demon such as Sebastian can be, he hopped off the roof of the mansion, eyes convulsing into glowing pupils as he held onto a railing and smashed into his young master's room, shattering the glass in the process.

Grell and Will felt a sudden force pulling them towards the dark male and they followed him; followed the soul.

The crow demon leaned over the foot of his bed, and placed his hand over Ciel's wound on his stomach. Almost instantly, the wound started to heal and a flash of anger found its way into Sebastian's head. "No…" He cursed.

"What is it?" Will asked just as seriously, as he and Grell stood alongside each other at the surface of the window.

Sebastian swallowed once before explaining. "I knew young master would be parched and of needing something to drink when he felt his soul being released – when he realized his soul which was not meant to exist hovered above him. I instructed one of our servants to place a glass of holy water on the table, and being the child he is, he took it.

"As both of you know, holy water can harm a demon severely and was used for an ancient purpose on one demon a few thousands of years ago. Visibly, it will not only open up a wound – but it will strain a demon's will and composure. When those left Ciel, it left him vulnerable and it allowed his soul to return to his body. However…" He trailed off, hoping they could catch his accusation.

"However you did not think of Grell losing his death scythe and Luka's soul – felling attracted to the last piece of humanity – too filling Ciel with two souls." Will droned and dismissed Grell, using words that Sebastian chose to ignore. By the end of it, Grell was sobbing uncontrollably and chose to leave the scene.

The two dark men stood with their shoulders aligned, staring at the young boy kicking and tossing in a violent manner. "A human with two souls…tell me, demon," Will said.

"It will destroy young master's frail body." Sebastian answered, still keeping his stance and his back abnormally straight.

Will sighed exasperatedly, and crooked his glasses once more. "Well there's nothing for me to do any more. Once the boy's body is destroyed, the souls will too be burnt with it." He shrugged uncaringly and perched at the edge of the broken window. "In order for the both of the souls to live, Sebastian, one of them will have to fall into a slumber. Horrible doing business with you." Will kicked off and trailed in the same journey as Grell's had once been.

Sebastian pursed his lips, took out his pocket watched and flipped it open.

3:00 a.m

Sebastian wore a small smile. "Hm." He said.

3:05 a.m

Sebastian arrived at the Trancy household, landing on his two feet and brushed the wrinkles of his coat. Grabbing the handle of the door, he yanked it open and threw the door over his shoulder, stepping in as if he had no care in the world.


"Claude." Sebastian greeted the man with a malicious smile. "I'm assuming you knew of my arrival beforehand."

"I was expecting you." Claude confirmed, and without a word, he spun around and led Sebastian into Alois' room. Sebastian kneeled down at the side of the bed and his eyes locked with the young blonde's.

"What are you doing here?" His voice was scratchy and his face was so pale he looked to be on his deathbed.

"I need you to tell me when Luka was at total peace."

Claude stood willingly at the doorframe, his arms crossed as he spared a glance at the two.

With a burst of energy, Alois had clawed at the man, snarling and crying out. Again, he violently attempted to swipe the man, in which Sebastian had dodged. "GET OUT! I WAS FINALLY UNITED WITH HIM – AND YOU TOOK HIM AWAY!"

"That needed to be done." Sebastian answered calmly. "In order to get my young master's soul back."

"What does this have to do…with L-Luka?" The pale face was squirming with tears that run down the rotting, pale flesh.

"Luka's soul, due to my ignorance had combined itself with young masters. I assure you I will not be leaving this house until you tell me how long Luka's soul was at piece."

"WHY?!" Alois hissed. "Ciel is better off dead. Even if that means Luka has to die with him."

"Your butler is weakened at the very most, and I don't suppose you even have the ability to stand up at the moment." Baring his teeth, Sebastian gripped Alois by the jaw and tilted his head up painfully – satisfied to head a few strands of hair snap. "I demand you tell me right now, or I will –"

"Three years, three years!" Alois gasped as salty tears streamed out from his eyes. "Three years Luka was pure until the darkness crept into his heart." He swallowed once more and let out a sob.

Claude stepped in and Sebastian let go of his iron grip, letting the boy faint and sleep soundly.

"Three years Luka's soul has to dominate on Ciel's body. Three years that Ciel's side has to slumber. I understand that, though I do wish to know why this isn't any different to when Ciel and Alois had shared souls." Claude remarked, and smoothened his hand over his master's soft blond locks that he so longed to touch for a harsh period of time.

"I don't own you anything," Sebastian snapped. "Tell me why I should give you the intelligence."

Claude raised a hand dismissively. "If it was not for my rebellion, Hannah would have lived on, with her lips sealed shut."

Sebastian pursed his lips, hesitating, it seemed before he smiled through his eyes; his lips managing to keep a straight, cold line on his face. "When Alois had intruded on Ciel's body, you were the one that weakened his will and composure to let him come forth. The souls were represented by two solid rings, allowing them to share the same body. However, because Alois was the intruder, young master had more power.

"In this case, holy water was involved. (Claude snorted) And because of total foolishness, I was too determined to overlook the happening of Luka Macken's soul crawling inside the body as well as the fitting soul."

Claude began to pick it up. "You're telling me that their souls practically combined? That they are one for the rest of eternity?"

Sebastian nodded solemnly. "Unfortunately, because this has never happened before our time, it is impossible to extract one soul from another when they are already bounded up."

"And this…" Claude pointed back at his young master. "Why did you seek the days of peace for Luka Macken?"

"I assumed Hannah only stored the goodness of Luka's soul as we all do for our victims. For three years, Luka kept his innocence, and three years after, the darkness of his heart began to dominate."

"But this means..." Claude started.

Sebastian proceeded to lean against the wall with a somber expression crossing the handsome features of his face. "This means we are to leave the young master for three years. No contact that might bring Ciel's old memories over Luka's. We have to let Ciel's soul rest for that time, and Luka's to take control."

"For three years." Claude followed.

"Do you understand what I'm ordering you?" Sebastian narrows his eyes as he asked.

"Of course." Claude nodded.

Everyone Ciel Phantomhive had known must leave him for three years in order for him, and Luka to live together in peace.

9.00 a.m

Over the crowd of people from the town hall, humans would witness Sebastian instructing Prince Soma and Agni,

To leave the young master for three years.

And he told the servants, Mey-Rin, Finnian, Bardroy and Tanaka.

And he told Elizabeth, her mother and their maids.

And he told Lau, and Ran-Mao.

And he told the death Gods,

He told the detectives.

And he told everyone who'd listen.
Many tears were spilled.

The young master will be sent to an all-boys school, and the school, under the impression that the boy was severely damaged as a child, will keep him safe from oncoming attacks, but trapped from the past. Clueless, but ready. And hopefully, in three years time, he won't be soft enough to take the whole thing as weight on his shoulders.

9:30 a.m

Sebastian walked in a calm manner, towards the stairs where his polished-black shoes clicked firmly on the surface of the protruding steps.

From where he was standing, he could see the top of Mey-Rin's blazing hair, as she dabbed the cleaning cloth over the hand railings. She didn't dare look up, as she feared he'd see the puffiness from her eyes to alert him that Mey-Rin had been crying endlessly.

Sebastian didn't dare confront her, as he had heard her cry over the thinness of the walls.

Finnian had bolted out from the door, sat on his flowerbed and wept.

Bardroy was addressed as chef several times and didn't even celebrate.

7:00 a.m

Dinner ended up in Mey-Rin and Finny crying on Bard's shoulders as Bard too, wept along with them. Sebastian smiled smally in amusement. They were treating it as if they'd never see him again.

And so began the first day of household care without the master.

"Don't ever leave me." Young master had once said. This wasn't leaving. Ciel Phantomhive was his first and only major priority.

Elizabeth was wearing grey as she came to visit.

exactly one day and two hours later

Ciel wept silently as he rocked on his heels, shrinking under the menacing glare of the police officer. The door opened and shut like an unanswered question and the constable swept into the room, piling a mess of files and resting his chin on a clipboard as he sat down on his fitting chair.

Then was it he only noticed Ciel standing helplessly to one side. Ciel brought his un-tamed eyes to the man's name tag. Constable Kenneth.

"What do we have here, Officer Jordan?" He asked, his eyes twinkling in kindness and an undoubtedly fondness of children.

The dark-haired woman huffed, patted her thighs instinctively as she leaned against her boss's desk. "Some kid who claims to not know anything."

"Now now, Mary Jordan -"

"It wasn't an insult! This kids messing around with me; s'been telling me things like he don't know what his damned name is."

"Mary!" Kenneth James chided for her lack of respect. Then he stared kindly into the blinking blue eye of the boy. He noted the eye patch that covered the kid's right eye. "Now child, are you lost?"

"In all meanings of the word." The boy replied, his shoulders shaking and bubbly tears standing in his eye.

"Where are your parents?"
"I…don't know…"

"Can you please tell me the names of your parents, then?"
"I'm sorry, I-I don't know," His voice cracked at the last word, and a single tear strode its way down.

Kenneth James faced his officer firmly. "Where exactly did you find him, Jordan?"

The tanned woman simply shrugged. "Roaming down the streets. When I offered my help, he clung onto my sleeve and wouldn't let go, so I brought him here."

Constable James shared a bemused expression with the woman, tugged on his shirt peevishly before facing the young Ciel again. "Please boy, do you know your name?"

"I-" Ciel swallowed a lump on his throat and gazed bravely at the bulbous man. "I don't know."

"Do you know anyone that would be happy to take you in?"

"No. I don't know anyone."

"Do you remember anything?"


"How old are you?"

The boy hesitated, and a small flicker of hope gleamed in his eyes. "Thirteen, sir."

"Alright. Do you think you can recall your four times tables?" The constable asked, ignoring Mary's snort.

Ciel took a deep breath. "Ones four is four. Twos fours is eight. Threes fours is twelve -"

"Very good, young man. And do you; by any chance remember who taught you these?"

"N-no…" Ciel screwed up his eyes as if he were in pain.

Then his blue flickered open. "Sir…I think I know what my name is…"

The chubby man chortled. "Well, by all means!"

"I think it's Luka Macken…"

Three years later. . .

3:00 a.m

Ciel who was now known to the people around him, as Luka, rubbed his eyes wearily and changed into his pajamas. Making sure to fold his clothes and place them on his bedside table, he bid his foster parents goodnight and let his eyes shut.

Sebastian was nothing but a dark shadow at the corner of the room, and he watched and waited as his young master finally slept. The moment came, and the mattress weighed down as Sebastian sat beside the sleeping figure, and lightly traced his cheek bone.

The butler reached inside his pocket and pulled out a black coated eye patch, and left it atop Luka's clothes, matching the darkness the surrounded.

"Sleep well…, Ciel Phantomhive."

9:00 a.m

Sebastian stood with Finnian, Bardroy and Mey-Rin at his side, Finnian flinching when the door of the four horse carriage opened. He strode forward with the coolness of an alley cat.

Claude Faustus escorted his young master to the mouth of the mansion, nodding at Sebastian with something approaching like. Alois had learnt to adapt to his own body – and adopted the sway of his hips as if nothing ever happened. His cheerful smile was as cold as ever, and his body had matured a lot, as the three empty years stood and passed.

"Wow, you're actually really cute,"
Finny jumped back as the tips of his hair got plucked by the curious Earl Trancy.

"I, ahh, I uhm -"

"Please, Earl of Trancy." Sebastian droned. "Even as we are of lower status, the servants are to be treated with respect. Do. Not. Touch." His nostrils even flared as Alois pouted.

The two demons had their chests aligned and he looked pointedly, almost challengingly at the Trancy butler's eyes. "Well?"

Claude launched into speech. "Your young master was enrolled into Caudor High, under the name Lukas Macken."

Alois pursed his lips. "This is going to be weird."

"School finishes at 3:30 p.m. At four, we collect him. At precisely 9:00 a.m, we bring his memories back."

"Well then," Sebastian snapped his gloves back so they stayed securely on his skilled hands. "Let's collect our young master." He said as the servants cheered.

Elizabeth who grew to be a fine young lady bolted from out her room and to the meeting location with only a robe on. "Wait! I want to come too!"

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