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The dark figure narrowed his eyes in a worrying grimace before calling the crows away and crouching down on one knee to transfix his sight on the unconscious boy. Cautiously, he found his gloved hand reaching out to gently nudge Ciel's forehead, and when he didn't stir, an easy smile fixed onto he demon's lips. Shifting gracefully, he let the pad of his thumb brush the line of flesh just above the eye-patch and noted with a bright smirk that it was the one he laid out for him.

"It's time for my little Ciel to wake up, don't you agree, Luka?" He added conversationally even to the sleeping body, as he scooped the gentle frame into his arms. The small head was supported by Sebastian's uniform-covered chest and Sebastian could feel him twitching as if he was in a nightmare.

He had just the right time to settle his gaze on the early sunset, before moving forward to meet the rest of the crew unwillingly. It was those type of light days which didn't deserve to be called a light day, for the trees were too shady and the clouds were dominating the assumed-orange sky at this point. The temperature felt like the kind that would have bins on alleyways and stray cats padding their way past them, pausing once to scratch their furry back against the brick-laid walls.

4:01 p.m

Sebastian's face was his classical neutral as he approached the party, the majority of the bundle in he was pressed against his chest. He looked down and barely concealed a small smile.

"Oh, there he is!" As she finished dusting imaginary dirt off her dress which was now worn out, Elizabeth's tone was pitched high-wards towards the end, causing Alois to wince irritably. The blonde girl rushed to Sebastian's side, polishing her hand on her dress before lightly touching Ciel's cheek. Phantomhive's head was turned so his face was against Sebastian's chest, only his cheek viewable from his face.

Jerkily, she tossed her hand back and stared at Sebastian with a horrified expression. "Sebastian…does he have a fever? What have you done to him? Why is he unconscious?"

"Is he sleeping?" Mey-Rin squawked as she crept over to them. Finny and Bard were trying to catch a glimpse of their young master over Sebastian's shoulder—Alois and Claude staying behind the pack, abnormally silent but Sebastian drew away with a swing of his arms so they were facing the back of him.

"Young master is fine. He just needs to rest." He drawled out. "And do bother to remind yourselves; the young master we have here has no memory recollection of the past. Four years may not be a fatal amount, but if you please,"

Slight silence abnormally passed the onlookers by and a startling sniff seemed to take them all to their senses, after taking one failed glance at Ciel who Sebastian was hiding rather efficiently. The servants all whipped their heads over their shoulders to stare at Finnian with bemusement. "I'm s-sorry!" He bawled out, moaning through his tears. His gloved hand was noisily pulled out of his pocket to scratch at his sniffling nose. "It's just that—it's the young master and—" As Lizzy started to step forward in comfort, the two rest of the trio rushed in front of him and started joining in the miserable sobbing and uncontrollable tears.

And as a whoosh of wind kissed them feverishly on their faces, Sebastian supported the boy on one arm, and with quick succession, whipped off his coat and covered the boy fully with his uniform.

"You're treating him like a corpse." Alois protested, stepping forward and attempting to remove the cover. "Let me see him – I only saw his rear and the back of his head," Before Ciel's outgrown fiancé even thought of questioning why he was studying the earl's rear, she halted as Sebastian stood forward in defense.

Sebastian tightened his grip and took a step backwards. "My apologies, Earl of Trancy. I think it best not to wake him."

"I'm only just going to take a look!" Alois whined. Claude stayed silent, even as he approached his highness and touched him on the shoulder—a soft gesture, pleading him to back away.

Alois hmph'd once and hopped back from Ciel and Sebastian's personal face, delivering an ugly pout. Caught up in his actions, he failed to recognize the small look of smug Sebastian received from Claude.

"Possessive, are we?" Claude drawled, with an amused quirk of his lips.

Sebastian narrowed his eyes. "We're getting on the train. Now."

4:10 p.m

"Yeah I-I-I…love to make love to you my darling ba-uh-by..,"

"Please, please stop, Trancy. You're passing me on a mild head ache, you are." Elizabeth groaned, her legs crossed under her torn dress and was sitting, planted on a train seat—the whole cabin rocking.

"The only head ache here is you. And it's not my bloody fault your ears aren't evolved enough to adjust to my singing talent."

"Talent? Oh please."


The two ear-splitting brats rattled on in their seats, each opposite to each other. Their images in blurs of yellow hair and wide, prattling mouths as they lorded their premium seats over the servants who were forced to stand from the edge of the cabin. Ciel lay on the last, small bed, nearest the window where the curtains were drew shut.

"I'm going to be sick." Mey-Rin coughed out. Bard rushed her to a stool, and bent her forwards so her head was forced between her legs.

"Sheesh. If you knew that train-rides didn't agree with you, you shouldn't a' came." Bard grumbled as he rubbed soothing circles down her petite frame.

"No, no!" Mey-Rin squawked, her legs wobbling underneath her. "If we're finally getting our young master back, I wouldn't miss it for the world!" She risked this moment to look up from her position and passing the two blonde quarrelling so she was looking directly at Bard and Finnian. All three shared a small, brief but beautiful smile, before Mey-Rin's face evolved into a nasty shade of green.

"Wah!" Finny rushed forward. "Are you al-!"


Though the room was dark and the only source of light were in between the slits the curtains missed to block, the summer glinted down on Sebastian's stone face, as he stood coolly beside the bed of his young master, arms folded slightly and his sight cast downwards at the human.

"I do hope you understand the risks you are taking. Not only for Ciel's sake but my master's too." Claude had his back to the wall of the cabin, one leg folded slightly upwards while he adjusted his glasses with a slim finger.

Sebastian narrowed his eyes at the man, not from anger but mere fascination. "I do in fact understand the nonexistent consequences and I'm willing to take them. If those are the means of bringing Ciel Phantomhive back, I will not hesitate to do it regardless of any risks."

Claude's lips replied before his words, as they gradually responded by a familiar curl upwards into a sneer. "I am only agreeing to do this because of my debt to you. Nothing else."

"Then you are not agreeing. Do you understand?" Sebastian's face remained passive. "You cannot disagree because your debt to me stays strong in your weak arms. I will not tolerate in weak arms. Is the message is clear, Claude?"

"You won't see me as much as lay a finger (insert sneer) on your precious young master." He reassured.

"I bloody well hope not."

4:44 p.m

A cold kiss of wind rushed forward and the boy felt his hair flow, attracted to the invitation, as well as his clothes that still stuck onto his cold, slim body. The familiar scent of high-class cabin lay down on the broad shoulder that he was flung over. It trickled up to his nose, and he nudged it into the man's neck.

His blue eye flickered open, only slightly. The man carrying him stopped so sudden, that Ciel dug his fingernails into the hard biceps.

A mere exhalation passed the older man (demon)'s lips. "Go to sleep…" He whispered.

The coaxing words filled the ear, and with his eye-lid drooping already, Ciel obliged.

4:50 p.m

"It makes me stiff all the time," Alois remarked as he held both of his pale arms above his arms and stretched. He sniffed the air and yawned. "Travelling is tiresomeeeeeee,"

Sebastian, who still had the sleeping Ciel cradled in his arms ambled forward and unbridled the door latch, elegantly pushing the door forward and waiting for the last of the crew to enter the Phantomhive mansion before stepping inside himself and closing the door silently after him.

There was nothing but whispered words that travelled from his companions as he led them to the game room, even allowing his fellow servants to rest on the comfy ottomans. He himself rested his back on a wooden chair, only after placing Ciel in his own old bedroom, changing him into his old pajamas which barely fit and slipped the covers above him.

They waited for a mere while before Alois groaned. "What exactly are we waiting for?"

Sebastian turned to the boy and hesitated shortly, as if choosing the right words in his demon head. "Friends of ours."

5:00 p.m
6:00 p.m
7:00 p.m

"Sebastian!" Soma staggered forward as soon as the doors to the game room un-hindled and rushed to Sebastian's side, Agni yelling for him to wait shortly after him. "We came here as soon as we could! Is he—is he…,"

"My Prince, please slow down." Agni placed his bandaged coated hand reassuringly on his prince's quivering shoulder. Bard, Mey-Rin and Finny rushed next to the frame of the door and automatically lowered their heads in acknowledgement of his arriving. Elizabeth, Alois and Claude risen up to greet their new visitor, while Sebastian had his face to the last inch of his eyes smiling pleasantly.

"It is indeed good to see you two. And my young master would undoubtedly say something of the same." Lied Sebastian, his lips cocked up into a small smile.

Agni nodded in reply, a tiny grin planted on his dark, handsome face. "How are you Sebastian? How is he?"

The outlines of Sebastian's eyes were thick and alight with something neither of the two had seen before. It was like he craved something—something about a man hopeless and defenseless on a hill screaming out a plea for help while Sebastian possessed something almost inhumane. He had a wicked smile when he answered.
"Young master is fine for now. He'll be ready for the procedure at nine a.m, unless something unfortunate takes its place. Until then, I will ask you two to join us for dinner, and then admit to your old rooms where you will stay the night."

Sebastian felt a small but forceful tug on his arm and curiously stared down right into those forgiving owl eyes as innocent as a stubborn mule. "Will we be able to see him? Or talk to him? Does he remember us? Sebastian-," Prince Soma whined, his voice at a desperate edge.

The butler cleared his throat as Agni held his prince back regretfully. "I can allow everyone to see him after dinner, but we have to be careful not to stir him awake. Or else." The demon's eyes glowed only partially and un-giving, and the duo shook with small fright before he continued: "I'm sorry to say he won't remember any of us until we regain him back his memories."

"How would you know!?" Soma demanded and detangled himself from Agni's rough grip before shaking the calm butler's uniform. "Are you some kind of doctor or what? Hey—aren't you even going to leave these to the doctors? I can call up my specialized—"

"Hang on-what?" Alois' voice rang through the whole room. "Doctors? Haven't you told them Ciel's disability is of the paranormal and you're a—"

"How very rudely of me to overlook introducing everyone to each other." Sebastian beamed. "Prince Soma and Agni, this is the Earl of Trancy and his butler, Claude. I'm sure you have met Ciel's betrothed, Elizabeth." He paused for a while to proceed with Claude and Alois' greetings. "These are friends of young master's; Prince Soma and Agni."

Prince Soma emitted a barely audible greeting as he was focused on his four-year neglected Ciel and Agni merely nodded with his trademark smile.

Soma turned to Sebastian curiously, and in a small voice, "Sebastian, what did he mean about the paranormal?"

Elizabeth piped up with a dismissive and irritable wave of a hand. "Oh, don't you worry about him. Trancy's mentally diseased or something."

Sebastian's eyes narrowed, and the audible dislike for her popped up unforgotten and worthy in his conscience. He never liked how vulnerable she was, and he sure didn't like how utterly gruesome it was when Ciel showed that bit of weakness around her. Ultimate weakness that was suppressed to caring and kindness. Such a feeling so long ago, seems so tender and raw. Even after four years. The young lady managed to keep her childish ways regardless of her naturally strict woman for a mother. How unforgivable, for his master to return to something like that.

"Surely that's not something a maiden as yourself should consider, Miss Elizabeth." Sebastian chided gently, ignoring the filthy pout he received in return.

7:30 p.m

With a warm argument, and a wisp of encouragement from Prince Soma, Sebastian stifled a small sigh and complied shortly; sitting on the furthest chair to those of higher status and joined in for dinner. Just for this occasion, he, Bard, Mey-Rin, Finny as well as Claude all received chairs for themselves to dine at the dining table. Soma and Alois were engaged in a curious, stupid, eye-roll worthy conversation that Sebastian was pretty sure started with, 'So…if you're Indian, why are you a prince?'

Elizabeth, Mey-Rin, Bard and Finny were talking carelessly about their young master—about what would he be like right now, and Sebastian could practically see them all shifting anxiously in their seats. His eyes then focused on Claude, who was gazing back just as intensely. Tears were also shed, and Claude and Sebastian flinched in displeasure. Weakness always sullies to soul, if not, just a little.

They shared a brief look of something growing before jerking their heads away from each other.

8:00 p.m

"I lost my appetite," Alois announced snootily after watching Elizabeth chew on her dinner. He smoothened out his outfit as he rose up, dabbing at his face with a napkin before tossing it over his plate. "Sebastian, show Claude and I to our rooms."

Claude stood shortly after.
The Phantomhive butler padded his handsome face with his napkin before rising up. "Very well. I must dismiss myself as well."

It was long, silent walk through the darkened hallways which Alois didn't even consider bothering to interrupt with his unsightly mouth and loud, unneeded words. Mind you, these were Sebastian's mental thoughts. It was like the blonde child was in dire need of entertainment whenever who grew bored one minute after of playing with one thing. He was exactly like a toddler, a raw amiss to one's appetite. A small crimson speck soon nearly flooded Sebastian's blood-red pupils yet he smiles pleasantly when Alois is departed into his own room.

"Well?" Alois hollered, bumping into a heap on the bed, his bottom on the sheets with his legs dangling in front of him in a painfully childish gesture. "Undress me, Claude. Won't you?" The accent rich and strangely familiar in so many ways laced with that tone and attitude and words were tingling to both sets of ears, and Sebastian shared one last look with Claude, a secretive expectation before closing the door of the Trancy, spare Phantomhive room.

Ironically, a spider was crawling its way into a small dent in the door. A swift second was knocked by an unknown gnome, and the spider convulsed its eight, dangly legs, curling into a limp, lifeless form that took a feet of ground, landing on the floor right in front of Sebastian's feet. Incidentally, it could have been more ironic as it can get, for the spider was in a curled ball in a mount of detest in front of Sebastian who was standing over him, smile in a bitter smirk and eyes glowing a dangerous red.

8:59 a.m

Sebastian strayed one last check-over, idling over Ciel's guests rooms with curious, innocent individuals. A cautious, gloved hand pushed forwards, an advanced seeing ability peered forwards to find one, dark-skinned arm dangling over the bed, and ears pricking up to detect soft snoring. Smiling smally in slight satisfaction, the Phantomhive butler closed the door and headed to the last bedroom, one so vaguely familiar, to say at least.

9:00 a.m

Sebastian slid in easily, the door shutting behind him with one soft, seemly manicured palm. The butlers stood, back to wall and back to door, staring at each other with prominent dislike. Already, Sebastian was regretting his decision in bringing Claude back, as it can only promise trouble and misfortune. Such a overlooked thing, the young master would never approve of, he thought amusedly.

"Well?" Claude started impatiently, his eyes drifting forward to catch the young Ciel in his bed, a lump under the covers with nothing but his upper body in display. "Shall we?" He sneered.

"Certainly." Sebastian challenged- his stance stepping forwards as graceful as a swan trodding in water. Yet this time, the water converted into deadly air in surround of the two, dark creatures. The young master shone even through the dim light of the closed curtains which never really ceased to make any in awe of a natural beauty, so delicately fragile, like a doll. Laced teal hair that called for your fingers to stroke, and skin so white you'd have to gouge out pounds of flesh just to be sure it wasn't your imagination. The soft features on his face including his mouth that was as soft as one would imagine, if you were to rake your hand against his cheek, it will not disappoint and even then, the last particle to his eyes. The window of the soul. One cautiously soaked in restriction under the medical eye-patch and the other free and beautiful, a sapphire melting in molten fire. Eyelashes so long and elegant that it would be the greatest of torture to sit down and watch as a beast would pluck each out, one by one.

It was the kind of beauty that was impossible to imitate. He aged maturely yet was still as beautiful as the first day fate put them together. Good hell, no, fate was not the thing at stake here.

Almost surreptitiously, the butler edged forwards as Claude sauntered after him, the bed dipping downwards as Sebastian took his place next to the sleeping figure. The drowsed image was blurred as the raven lifted off the covers and crawled on top of the seventeen year old boy, straddling him in a way that displayed lack of weakness and more of dominance. A slim finger made its way up to hook under the teenager's chin and slowly tilt his face upwards. A lone look Sebastian gave just to look at one closed eye and an eye-patch so unfortunately needed. He turned his head to Claude who nodded.

Of course he would need another demon willing to battle out a vulnerable state he would offer for reluctant souls to gather in this precious body. A life debt needed to be fulfilled, yet still Sebastian was found gazing at him for four uncertain, hard minutes. He returned his gaze to the young master, and his demon teeth were bared. Long, inhumane canines ready to rip flesh out was revealed, and his mouth was gradually opening to its full potent. Claude didn't dare watch. To another human, you can't bear look away. It was like a horror story unraveling right in front of you.

Sebastian's eyes widened as a surge of heat unfailingly perched through his physique. Claude, straight faced and smirking backed away as the experienced demon growled once and prowled forward. When Claude's back hit the surface of the wall, he stared right into those deathly eyes, and an image of death was once again perceived.

"Who!?" Sebastian spoke in hellish tongue. "Your disgusting little weasel?"

Claude narrowed his glassed covered eyes. "You would think that I were to betray you with a consequence of lifelessness? My weasel, as you so bluntly put it has been perched in his room ever since his depart."

The raven demon stayed a murderous silent, the more seconds passed, the larger the spider demon's smirk became.

"Looks like you miscalculated yet another result."

Claude placed one hand on Sebastian's wrist, and clamped tightly. Sebastian, barely flinching at the given contact found it hard to resist as their eyes glowed in sync, sniffing out the earliest of activities as if hound dogs. Sebastian detested those vile creatures.

"I only just want to see him, Agni let me go! I demand you!"

"Please, my prince. Mr. Sebastian told us not to stir him. What if something were to happen to Ciel?"

"Oh, go on!" The curly blonde girl rushed forwards through the slightly opened doors. "Sebastian didn't even let us see him. Maybe if we could just—Augh! Put me down, you fiend!"

"Agni," The prince calmly stated his exotic features hardening into something even more terrifying. "Put me down."

Agni was mesmerized by those eyes, even so that it didn't register him that the prince withheld his grip and scrambled forwards to unravel the thin covers that were shielding Ciel. A loud gasp was sounded through two pairs of ears as Soma toppled backwards to fall on his rump, eyes widened to see that one sapphire orb that was already awakened.

"I'm sorry, my Prince!" Agni apologized loudly before pulling the Lady Elizabeth and both his master out of the room, slamming the door in a hurry.

Red met red.

"It seems that we need yet another miraculous ritual. Otherwise, the underling stays while the main needs to recover. Another dangerous plot you put yourself in, hm?"

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